Sunday, June 16, 2024

Netherlands backs the buy Zambia campaign


The Netherlands Development Organization (SNV) has backed the call made by President Edger Lungu to promote locally produced food by helping farmers to grow more bio micronutrients plants on a large scale.

SNV Project Agriculturist Waunyae Limweta says pronouncements to promote local foods has cheered the organization which has started providing skills to farmers in horticulture and further provide market linkages to sell their produce.

Mr.Limweta has further appealed to Zambians to trust and support the locally grown food so as to boost the horticultural business and increase the country’s supply of variety of vegetables.

Speaking at the same meeting, District Administrative Officer, Brenda Silwembe said government is happy to work with partners such as SNV which has taken a leading role in promoting the buy Zambia campaign.

Mrs. Silwembe expressed happiness that most vegetables farmers in Chinsali had sold their produce with reasonable prices thereby motivating others to venture into vegetable growing.


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