President Lungu should Fire Police Chief for failing to find the abducted Hatembos

Chilufya Tayali Addressing the Media
Chilufya Tayali Addressing the Media

Leader for the opposition Economic and Equity Party (EEP) Chilufya Tayali has called on his Excellency, President Edgar Lungu to fire the Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja for failing to find the abducted Hatembos.

Mr Tayali said during a briefing in Lusaka yesterday that the IG has been a let-down adding that failure to find the Hatembos erodes public confidence in the service.

Pheluna Hatembo and Milton are the witnesses in the case involving UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema where he is accused of fraudulently acquiring farm number 1924 in Kalomo.

The opposition leader charged that the abduction of the duo is Mr Hichilema’s doing.

Mr Tayali said there is evidence that Mr Hichilema forged documents to obtain the land.

He wondered why police are failing to resolve the issue and said if the Head of State fails to fire the police IG he will, “go naked and protest.”

“I think President Edgar Lungu ought to act especially on Kakoma Kanganja because he is on a Six (6) months Performance Contract. I want to state it categorically that he must fire Kakoma Kanganja. Ba Kakoma Kanganja has failed. Actually, he has got so much patience. The way President Edgar Lungu treats these people, you would think that they are his children,” he said.

He mentioned that he has been complaining about the performance of the IG from time immemorial.

Mr. Tayali said Mr. Kanganja does not give confidence and that the Head of State has been too lenient on him.

“Can we have confidence in the Police when you have two grown people missing? Relatives went to the Police, reported the matter…….and the Police seem to have no clue to find where they are,” he said.

“What is going on? Even the forgery case itself, they recorded a warn and caution. The warn and caution is on ice. Why is the warn and caution on ice ba Kanganja? Is it that you have found out that there is no case? I know sometimes they talk about the DPP. Has the DPP given her legal opinion that there is no case? When we can clearly see that there is forgery here. They are letting us down!”


  1. The day this rat Tayali’s paymaster Lungu goes will be the day this little boy will dance like he has fire ants in his pants. Why do we give publicity to such parasites.

  2. My chimbuya tayali loves his country so much that he gets emotional. This is normal. Don’t worry my brother, we will deal with these crooks firmly

  3. Find the Hatembos and take them where?
    Why so much interest in a case that is a non issue? We are tired of hearing nonsense from you id10ts

  4. This raises pertinent questions, it is said behind great wealth is a great crime. The missing Hatembos may have had this former Lima Bank property transferred to them to hold on to until the rightful owner can claim it back with absolutely no compensation or accusation of abuse of authority. How they came to own this property should also be investigated because I believe that’s where the crime is.

  5. The Hatembos have denied they were kidnapped or abducted. They say they are running away from Jezebel Nawakwi harassment and who is forcing them to appeal the Farm Case which they don’t want to? Why is PF and Jezebel Nawakwi forcing the Hatembos to appeal when they don’t want to? Jezebel Nawakwi has said she will not rest until HH is arrested b4 August 12 Elections and his name is removed from the Ballot Paper. The aim is to eliminate the Popular HH from the 2021 Presidential Race. The High Court in Choma has already freed Ackson Senjani and three others from Police Detention becoz there is no evidence to show that the 4 abducted the Hatembos. So without evidence why were the 4 and Queen Mukuni arrested? ZPS should stop this practice of arresting Citizens in order to investigate…

  6. The IG cannot find the Hatembos on orders from ECL. ECL knows what Political games he is playing with the Hatembos. ECL is using the Hatembos as a bait to get to HH. ECL wants to incriminate HH with the Abduction of Hatembos so that if HH is convicted in Court he can be eliminated from the Presidential Race. ECL knows that with HH on the Ballot Paper he cannot get the required 50%+1 Vote threshold. Hence ECL want HH’s Name removed from the Ballot Paper by Hook or Crook. Time will tell.

  7. What tribe is this maggot Tayali from?
    In fact Tayali and Nawakwi should be arrested for almost killing Mukuni’s wife in prison.

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