Government will enhance animal clinics in all parts Zambia-Nkandu Luo

Livestock and Fisheries Minister Nkandu Luo
Livestock and Fisheries Minister Nkandu Luo

Livestock and Fisheries minister Proffessor Nkandu Luo says government will enhance animal clinics in all parts of the country to improve wealth creation through the livestock sector.

And Proffessor Luo has launched the Livestock National Electronic Data Collection System to improve data collection and ensure strict accountability of empowerment programs.

Prof. Luo observed that good animal health was key in realizing the full economic benefits that the diversified livestock farming presented.

She indicated that improved animal health coupled with a good data collection will improve the livestock sector in the country.

She was speaking yesterday when she distributed improved localized village chicken to livestock farmers under the Enhanced Stakeholder Livestock Investment Programme.

“ We are here not only to distribute livestock to you farmers, but most importantly we are here to empower you with knowledge on how to care and identify diseases in your animals for you to grow disease free livestock and ensure sustainability of these programs “ she said

The livestock minister also launched the livestock and Fisheries National Electronic Data Collection System for data collection all empowerment programs in the ministry.

“ We want to ensure that data is collected for all these projects that my ministry is rolling out, and to ensure accountability and sustainability it so important to have a computerized system that will ensure that all information is captured, “ she added.

Prof. Luo said a good data collection system will also ensure continuity and sustainability of empowerment programs.

She further said the electronic data base will also help in enhancing quick response to animal emergencies in terms of disease detection .

“ We want to see to see accountability of these empowerment programmed which are pass on projects. Also a computerized data system will ensure proper scrutiny of beneficiaries to detect fraud and avoid the same people from benefitting from all programs” she noted.

For the economy to grow there is need to grow the livestock sector, which minister said government was working on.

Prof. Luo also since handed over one computer to the Copperbelt Province livestock office and another Computers and three cell phones to the district office to be used in data collection.

Mobile phones will be used in data collection for the registration of beneficiaries to allow government to quick respond to animal emergencies.

She implored livestock extension officers to keep records of all activities relating to empowerment programs.

Officers from the department also shared information on livestock management , disease detection in chickens and other livestock , emergency response and also treatment for the diseases.

Government has also supplied all veterinary offices across the country with new castle vaccines that will be purchased at K40 , to be used for the livestock being distributed across the country


  1. Sounds all to be too good to be true, and of course it is: government money is dished out as “empowerment” and we all know what that means now: bribes being handed out to unsuspecting ordinary Zambians. Typical corrupt PF government behaviour! They really have no shame, do they!

  2. I’m ready to show Nkandu Luo the veterinary station in my village which government has abandoned completely. There is not a single government worker and houses hv been left to fall into disuse. I’m talking about a veterinary station that was built before Zambia’s independence.

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