Monday, June 24, 2024

Stop following myths on COVID-19 vaccine, get vaccinated – Chief Matebo


Chief Matebo of the Kaonde speaking of Kalumbila district in North-western province has called on his subjects in the province to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Chief Matebo said despite the various myths spread through social media on the vaccine people should just rely on health professionals who he said are factual.

He said this after he got vaccinated during the launch of the Astrazeneca Covid-19 vaccine in Solwezi today.

“Do not listen to false online media reports on the vaccine, but listen to what the ministry of health and other health professionals are saying on the importance of getting vaccinated”, the traditional leader said.

Chief Matebo added that he has set an example for the people in his chiefdom and that other traditional leaders in the province should emulate what he has done.

Various myths on the COVID-19 vaccine continues arising on various social media such as reducing ones immunity and destroying ones fertility, among others.

As a result, a cross section of society including front line staff such as nurses and security personal and journalists are reluctant to take the jab.

And North-western province permanent secretary, Willies Mangimela who took the lead in getting vaccinated said the vaccine has been sent to all the 11 districts in the province.

Mr Mangimela said people should not be afraid of getting the vaccine as it has been approved by the relevant authorities in the country such as the Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA).

18,300 doses have been allocated for North-western province and will be distributed to other districts respectively.

Meanwhile, Provincial Health Director, Charles Msiska has thanked the Republican President, Edgar Lungu for the support towards Covid-19 and ensuring that the vaccine reaches the people of North-western province.

Dr Msiska also echoed what chief Matebo in urging people to stop listening to falsehood that is being spread on the Covid-19 vaccine on social media.

A total of 7,407 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in North-western Province while a total of 91 people have died due to Covid-19 commutativity since the virus was reported.

Currently the province has only 2 active cases at Solwezi general hospital isolation centre.


  1. Now we need proper vaccine passports so that there are proper records for those who have been vaccinated including traveller’s because that will be the requirement in the near future.

  2. Does this chief even know that there are other alternatives to fight diseases than vaccination? Medication is just as effective and a good alternative for people who may not want to get vaccinated. After all it’s their right to choose. Medics/Antibioics for Covid infection treatment are being developed in European labs, meanwhile Africans like this chief are just sitting and waiting for the drugs to be handed out to them for free as usual instead of researching and developing their own.

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