Friday, February 23, 2024

Govt. officers urged to monitor empowerment programmes, report impact


Minister of Gender Elizabeth Phiri has urged district administrations to diligently monitor empowerment and developmental projects that government is implementing in their areas.

Mrs. Phiri said government depends on the feedback from people on the ground to notice the impact of empowerment projects.

She said there is need for the district administrations to regularly provide reports to her ministry on their findings regarding empowerment programmes.

“Today we are empowering the women of Mpulungu district. However, we want you the government officers to monitor and see to it that the equipment is being used effectively,” she said.

The minister said this when she paid a courtesy call on the district administration in Mpulungu district.

And Mpulungu District Administrative Officer Monday Chapewa thanked the minister for her commitment to empowering women of Mpulungu.

Mr. Chapewa pledged that government officers in the district will take up the challenge of monitoring projects and ensure that various empowerment initiatives are put to good use.

Mrs. Phiri was in Mpulungu on a women empowerment programme where she handed over a number of equipment to women led cooperatives.


  1. Veep was seen distributing money in Solwezi yesterday to buy votes for ECL and PF. What guarantee is there to ensure that those bribed will vote 4 ECL on August 12? ECL promised Election Monitors and Observers free, fair, credible and peaceful Elections in August 2021. Are these bribes on Camera not evidence that the SADC,AU ,EU etc Guidelines for Credible Elections are being violated. It’s a shame that the VEEP could publicly be seen dishing out money to buy votes. PF has no Election message to voters thats why they are rigging Elections openly.

  2. Empowerment is now the new buzz word. Things always disintegrate after elections. Let’s see how much mileage this will have.

  3. What is there to monitor when you are simply handing out cash like what old hen Bo Inonge was doing in Solwezi

  4. Empowerment is just the new word for BRIBE. So now district officers are getting involved in checking that ENOUGH bribes have been dished out. The corrupt PF government and their incompetent boss really have no shame!

  5. U have VEEP Wina shamelessly dishing out money to buy votes, ECL dishing out Money to Churches, 3 Ministers bribing Hon Mweetwa to defect to PF etc. This level of Corruption has never been seen in Zambia. Just Imagine giving another 5 years Term to the Corrupt and Visionless ECL. Zambia will become a Den of thieves. To avoid this corruption,mismanagement and misrule Zambians have to kick ECL and PF out of Power. Failing which Zambia will become a truly Banana Republic with ECL at the Helm. Let’s give HH and UPND A chance to turnaround this Economy and our lives. HH aka Bally will fix it.

  6. KZ says: “We have many people desperate for jobs”. Why are they desperate for jobs KZ? Maybe it has something to do with the APPALLING way the corrupt PF government has mishandled the economy, and how you got the Kwacha on its knees! From 4 to the dollar six years ago to 22 to the dollar now. That’s even worse than that other disaster of a PF president Mugabe!

  7. So how can Civil Servants monitor the use of Money she was randomly dishing out in Solwezi? The whole Veep dishing out K50 notes in Public and in full view of the Cameras. PF has no shame. It has brought Corruption to a new level.

  8. Empowerment will long be forgotten after August. Collect your “empowerment” now but remember your vote is secret.

  9. The only “impact” this government wants from the so-called empowerment funds is to win the election. Let the “hon” minister measure success by that. Simple.

    Giving out a few block machines, used clothing, and mealie meal is not real empowerment, just a buzz word.

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