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President Lungu expected in Muchinga Province for a two-day working visit


President Edgar Lungu is today, Wednesday, April 28 expected in Muchinga Province for a two-day working visit.

Muchinga Province Minister Malozo Sichone has confirmed the President’s visit to the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Mpika yesterday.

Mr. Sichone said while in Muchinga Province, the President is expected to grace the National Agriculture Field Day to be held in Mpika in Chief Chikwanda’s Chiefdom.

He added that President Lungu during the visit in Mpika will have time to interact with local residents.

Mr. Sichone said gracing the National Agriculture Field Day will give the President an opportunity for him to appreciate what the agriculture sector is doing.

He added that the President’s visit to Mpika District is a blessing, adding that it is also an opportunity the Ministry of Agriculture has given farmers to increase production and productivity and utilizing the knowledge the Ministry of Agriculture has been facilitating through the extension department.

The President is expected to fly back to Lusaka after his engagement.


  1. The one question as we go into august. What makes the political profile of UPND leader a campaign/marketing nightmare 15years after he joined formal politic?
    Note: Rhetoric masters FTJ and Michael Sata (RIP)
    The rest(Levy, KK, RB )including our current are not very good at open political warfare yet Zambians have accepted their pros and cons.
    Edgar was unknown yet Zambians are more comfortable with his flows that HH smart, executive, millionaire status. Why?

  2. Why endless working visits? Is he going to dish out Money to buy votes again? People should just accept the Money and on August 12 Vote him out. We stopped Chiluba’s Third Term Bid. We must stop the corrupt and Visionless ECL from stealing a Third Term. He is going to interact with the locals even though such invents are Covid 19 Superspreader. When official Campaigns start ECL will use the State Captured ZPS and Covid-19 excuse to block Opposition Rallies. ZPS should stop applying the Law selectively.

  3. Since January 2015 he’s been on the move. He’s traveled more than KK, FTJ and LPM combined. Public media has featured him everyday more than Trade King. Does he need to campaign? Yes! And that’s because he’s failed apart from being ineligible. He wants to leave the treasury more empty

  4. Always on these ‘working visits’ to the same provinces numerous of times. How about sitting under a tree in the State House grounds to answer a free for all question session on the State of the Nation?

  5. Let him be on the move, i can see how stupid he is. He doesnt qualify and he is up and down, which simply means he has no single clue of what cooking back at State House in Lusaka, In Parliament, In security wings. Which then gives us a clear picture that anyone can coup him, and very very easily, Real Dictators stay back at base and build security fences. Iam glad this monkey doesnt have any of these fences around him. Which makes our life and the one who is supposed to do a coup on him much easier. But truth of the matter is, There is no way Edgar Chagwa Lungu will be president of Zambia after August 12. Stakes are high. He has totally focused on HH and Nawakwi, and Forget abt the Army,which has always attempted to coup anyone who wants to force himself onto Zambians. They did it on KK…

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