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UPND Legal team to institute legal proceedings against opposition FDD President Edith Nawakwi


The United Party for National Development (UPND) through its legal committee intends to institute legal proceedings against opposition Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) President Edith Nawakwi for her continued slanderous accusations against the party’s leader Hakainde Hichilema.

During a Press briefing yesterday, UPND chairman for legal and constitutional affairs Jack Mwiimbu says legal representatives of Mr Hichilema cannot sit idle and watch as Ms Nawakwi continue to issue vexatious, defamatory and inflammatory statements against our client.

“We have noted that she has been endowed with authority and audacity to go through private files of individuals which is against the law.We have responded to her challenge and ready to meet her in court where she will exculpate herself.She made desperaging remarks against my colleague who was representing Pheluna Hatembo.We are now ready to meet in court,” said Mr Mwiimbu.

He warned Ms Nawakwi to be weary of issuing statements that have the potential to injure the political feelings of Zambians saying the huge support base which the UPND leader is enjoying locally and internationally will nolonger tolerate her behaviour.

“Her motivation is that she doesn’t want Mr Hichilema to be President of this country.Her statements are hurtful and contemptuous,” he added.

And Marshal Muchende of M Associates has challenged the media in the country to advocate for political and civil rights as enshrined in the Zambian Constitution adding that the Police should immediately stop brutalising citizens.

On Nawakwi’s utterances, Counsel Muchende said the FDD leader was supposed to be ashamed for causing the death of Nsama Nsama and Joseph Kaunda who were both gunned down on 23rd December, 2020 when HH appeared at Police Force Headquarters over the Kalomo Farm.


  1. Chauvinistic tribal men harassing and bullying a helpless woman. Face us men in the election and be a man. Not going after women. You pu55ys

  2. Nawakwi is just being used and does not care the damage she causing to others and herself. The UPND legal team has done the right thing to take her to court. Just one person talking this today, yesterday and tomorrow I am sure even in her sleep she dreams nothing apart from HH.

  3. Edith Zewelani Nawakwi pulled a decoy. The UPND have taken the live bait of the Hatembos dangling on the hook. Soon they will halt her from abduction commentaries. But the damage control may just work against the petitioners. By the way, how did the $3m earlier lawsuit, by Hakainde Hichilema against Nawakwi go?

  4. Please sue madam Nawakwi,this is what she told you to do.Dont go for contempt,new allegations has come up again and let us see who is going to be bruised.Madam Nawakwi has a strong point.

  5. I thot hh was supposed to sue Nawakwi…ohh hh did that already… and what is this upnd public press exercise all about… I’m very sure these upnd guys are bored… need some press time..well done geniuses. Nawakwi has throw a bone for upnd to chew on while waiting for elections.

  6. How can the entire UPND party get so scared of a woman, and men are shivering uncontrollably really what material is she made of, I think Zambia needs such calibre of women who can shake men and scamper them in all directions well I think she must have some information UPND is banking on.

  7. Nawakwi will be totally bankrupt after these court proceedings.

    What is wrong with this woman.

    I can’t believe I once thought she would make a good president.

  8. Those who live by sword will die by the Sword. Nawakwi is being used by ECL and will soon be thrown away like a used condom. Nawakwi cannot hope to eliminate HH from the Presidential Race without serious consequences. Besides HH is the Leader of UPND the largest Opposition Party in Zambia. If ECL truly wants free,fair,credible and peaceful Elections in August 2021,then it’s mandatory that HH be allowed to participate in that Election. If ECL wants a Peaceful Election he must stop this business of trying to arrest ,harm or block HH from filing his Nomination Papers on May 17, 2021. The writing is on the wall.

  9. Nawakwi knows that the courts can only bark but can not bite her even if she lost a case even ratboy Tayali knows he has the backing of big brother…it only backfires when PF lose…just look at Chanda Chimba’s life after MMD lost all the elite lawyers ran away

  10. Nawakwi needs to be taught a lesson, instead of focusing on the current thieves she is wasting people’s time on a past legal transactions hoping to find some dirt. People are dying in the hospitals right now because of no medicines, the kwacha is losing value, the economy is tanking, high inflation and huge debt which Nawakwi should focus on, she thinks ECL is wamuyaya to continue protecting her. She is going to get a huge shock of her life when Lungu is gone and the Hatembos are going to get their payback running away from this evil woman

  11. Instead of campaigning and strategizing, they want to mute EN for the political noise.
    I enjoy seeing upndead trivial and impactless maneuvers.
    Soon another issue will pop up and we will see these tribals aimlessly sue.
    What a bunch of losers.
    Hogwash mwiibu.
    Very dull.

  12. @Back teeth lungu,no need to demean madam Nawakwi,she has challenged HH to meet at the police station or take her to court.For the mean time ba HH should also hold a press breafing and let’s hear his side.EN said what she said because upnd has said alot about her on social media,so she was just responding to that.

  13. How many times is Nawakwi going to be sued by UPND and in which courts since they have no faith in our legal system? So UPND know that Nawakwi knows something we do not know about their leader Hakainde. They (Hechilema’s Leutenants) come out gun blazing each time Nawakwi speaks. He has dared them, “come and find me at court” and they keep quiet who are they fooling now?

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