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US-based Zambian gospel singer Siphiwe is back with ‘Woyera’ and ‘Healing Hands’


US-based Zambian gospel singer and budding youtuber, Siphiwe, has had her fair share of success over the years but she had to take a break for school and now she is back with two brand new songs ‘Woyera and ‘Healing Hands’ from an upcoming EP.

“The songs I am working on are as always very personal and a testament to what God continues to do in my life and I am so humbled that he keeps working in me and through me.” She says.

Woyera is an up-tempo praise song that is in defiance of these turbulent times we live in. Siphiwe says the song should inspire people to shake off their troubles and trust God to see them through.

“While going through a pandemic I was reminded that God is the one who created all of these things and he knew about this pandemic and so we have to trust that he is the holy one, the creator, the listener, the author and the finisher of all things on this earth! The pandemic will not define us! We will sing and dance to Gods glory even in this mess!”

Siphiwe says Healing Hands, her other single from the upcoming EP is a personal song that anyone who has ever cried out to God will relate to.

“This song so personal in a sense that at some point in my life I felt so alone mostly because my family was going through some difficult times and there was a sense of helplessness that I felt…sometimes I was even mad at God but again and again through the community around me and the love of my village I was constantly reminded that Gods healing hands go far beyond what we see and comprehend. He is an omnipresent, omnipotent, ever present God. We need to depend on him even when we don’t understand. I am so glad I depended on him and his word of assurance that he would never leave us nor forsake us!”

While most of her fans know Siphiwe simply as a singer and song-writer, she has also started a Youtube channel to let them see the other side of her life, something she says was inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I was struggling with the pressure of going to school, and family and so I really needed an outlet I decided to share my ‘notes’ in life, which is why I started my youtube channel. It’s a little crazy right now because there’s so much I have experienced as a person.  My content is authentic and real.”

Fans who have followed the channel will get to see Siphiwe talk about the culture shock of arriving in the United States and other life experiences she faces on a daily basis as an African.

Siphiwe is also a nurse by profession, and the pandemic was a tidal wave of an experience as she was one of the front line workers.

“I had to work even more than usual so that was the most stressful I’ve ever felt as a nurse. Yes the pandemic definitely brought about a “new normal” because everything changed and the way of living and life took a turn. It’s been stressful but I think we are adapting and changing with the times and the lockdowns have definitely lessened but it’s a new era we are living in we embrace it with a little resistance.”

Siphiwe is almost done with school and has swung into creative mode again as she gears up for release of two brand new music videos for her songs Woyera and Healing Hands.


  1. Thanks dear Sipiwe. Yes, it’s those Hands of Jesus Christ that Heals us and are truely here to Stay.

  2. A girl who wants to hide gender by looking like a boy.I hope she is not one of them.God forbid.Nowadays, people can be anything as long as they become popular

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