Minister of Energy says Government will strengthen local petroleum transporters

Minister of Energy Mathew Nkhuwa
Minister of Energy Mathew Nkhuwa

Minister of Energy Matthew Nkhuwa says the government is committed to ensuring that local transporters are empowered in order to grow the capacity of the petroleum transportation subsector.

Mr Nkhuwa says all contracted government suppliers and OMCs importing petroleum products into Zambia are expected to support the empowerment programme initiated by the government.

The Minister said it will now be required that contracted government suppliers importing petroleum in the country announce 50% of their import volumes through the Secretariat for equitable distribution to all local transporters.

This is contained in a statement made available to the media yesterday.

He noted that importers of petroleum products have been urged to engage the Secretariat through the Office of the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Energy.

Mr Nkhuwa noted that the Secretariat currently has representation from the institutions such as TAZAMA Pipelines Limited, Energy Regulation Board, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Indeni Petroleum Refinery Limited Petroleum Transporters Association of Zambia and Zambia Union of Tanker Drivers and Allied.

“ Empowerment of Zambian transporters all Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) and contracted Government suppliers importing petroleum products into Zambia are required to announce fifty Percent (50%) of their import volumes through the Secretariat for equitable distribution to all local transporters,’’ he stated.

Mr Nkhuwa noted that the mandate of the Secretariat is to ensure transparency and efficiency in non-petroleum products and Ensure the administration of transportation petroleum products is done by Zambian.

He said government is updating on all activities of Oil Marketing Companies in the transportation of Government fuel.


  1. Didn’t these transporters withdraw their services resulting in the infamously odd recent fuel shortages? The supply chain was disrupted because of alleged disparities in awarding petroleum transportation into Zambia by Zambians. Are we safeguarding drivers’ jobs by empowering operators with this 50 percent market share? I bet this is the honest cure drivers wanted.

  2. Ba minister this is good news and I have every faith in you. My trucks are ready to help in whichever way as I am patriotic. I have purchased a further 3 trucks .we are ready

    By the way, I have a problem with people who just conclude things without evidence. Just because I said I will always love my wlfe regina, on my faycebook, some ugly bab00ns from upnd are claiming I cheated. Some of us love our wlves and show it to the world. You lack romance in your sad sexless lives. Fuseke

  3. LET INDENI AND TAZAMA handle petroleum issues. These are established and reliable strategic Institutions. The issue of fuel and Drivers is scarcely. Have we ever heard of any strike at INDENI or TAZAMA? Fuel is supposed to be handled by more established and formal systems where any supply disruption is difficult.


  5. A minister with no Grade 12 certificate …overseeing a country’s energy policies…here is a typical example of a Kakistocracy govt. A state or society governed by its least suitable or competent citizens….do a keep check of the transporters and you will find his firm Matty Investments is among them.

  6. The energy policies of the corrupt PF government are baffling. One day they sign an MoU for a pipeline to Namibia, the next day they want to “empower” truck drivers – while everybody knows that in PF speak empower means bribe. They have just absolutely no idea.

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