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President Lungu Commisions Longacres flyover bridge

Economy President Lungu Commisions Longacres flyover bridge

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has re-assured Zambians of determination and commitment to improve the state of infrastructure in every part of the country as highlighted in the 2021-2026 Patriotic Front (PF) manifesto.

The President said PF government will continue to invest in massive infrastructure development for economic development, job creation and ultimately poverty reduction.

Speaking when he commissioned the Longacres flyover bridge under the Lusaka city decongestion road project, President also commended cooperating partners for the support.

“I wish to reiterate my government’s sincere appreciation to the people and government of India for their support and partnership on this project as well as many other projects being implemented throughout the country. The people of Zambia will forever treasure this support and partnership as it truly brings about the transformation of lives for the Zambian people,” he said.

He said the PF government has demonstrated consistency and commitment in making the lives of all Zambians better without leaving anyone behind as evident from the number of projects being completed countrywide as well as those that are in progress.

He said improved road infrastructure is an enabler for economic activities.

“It is my government’s desire and expectations that the citizenry will take advantage of these developments to utilise the new business opportunities which arise from such infrastructure.

The areas which were not previously suitable for certain business ventures have now become easily accessible, with enhanced suitability,” President Lungu said.


  1. “making the lives of all Zambians better without leaving anyone behind” ??????????????
    Really he said this ??????????


  3. While we are pushing development Everyday,hh is supposedly locked up somewhere posting childish things on faycebook. I wouldn’t be surprised if hh is dead and they are panicking and struggling to find a tonga replacement with elections so close by

    By the way, I have a problem with people who just conclude things without evidence. Just because I said I will always love my wlfe regina, on my faycebook, some ugly bab00ns from upnd are claiming I cheated. Some of us love our wlves and show it to the world. You lack romance in your sad sexless lives. Fuseke

  4. ECL thinks Zambians eat Roads,flyover bridges etc.People are poor becoz they don’t have money to buy food, prices of Consumer goods and services are too high etc. The Economy is in a mess and People’s lives are ruined due to PF Corruption, mismanagement, misrule etc. As Tito Mboweni correctly observed the Zambian Economy is in incapable and incompetent hands. U can see incompetence at BOZ and Ministry of Finance. Under the corrupt,incompetent and Visionless ECL the Economy will get worse beyond August 12. The writing is on the wall.

  5. ECL doesn’t see what is happening in India on the Covid-19 front. Masking on its own will not stop the spread of Covid-19. Such Covid-19 Superspreader events should be avoided. We should learn from the Indian experience .

  6. While good roads are important and key to the development of the country, they must go hand in hand with national industries. A look at China and South American countries like Brazil or Chile shows that a combination of good infrastructure and strong domestic industries is the real source of explosive economic growth. Let’s see the president commissioning a local processing plant for essential quality products “Made in Zambia” next.. we’re moving in the right direction!

  7. “The President said PF government will continue to invest in massive infrastructure development for economic development, job creation and ultimately poverty reduction.”

    This man is a visionless bum even this project its funded by the Indian govt via a loan all PF govt of Lazy Lungu could manage is 15% yet they are wasting billions in corruption…all these concrete humps will be obsolete in 10 years time

  8. On August 12 Zambians have to make a decision which will affect them for the rest of their lives. They have to choose to either continue on the path of Ruin with Corrupt,incompetent and Visionless ECL or make a change with HH at the Helm assisted by his Economic and Financial literate Managers.The 61/2 years ECL has been State President has revealed how corrupt,incompetent and visionless the man is. Another 5 years of lawlessness, mismanagement, misrule , corrupt rule etc will be unbearable for Zambians. HH has the capacity and competence to turnaround this Economy and to change People’s lives for a change. Time will tell.

  9. You can a have a beautiful fly over bridge. Will this eradicate poverty and hunger that faces a family.

    A family who can’t afford two days meal. As if infrastructure spending will eradicate cost of living, high exchange rate, inflation and basic costs of food.

  10. Another one of those stupid flyovers without any facilities for pedestrians or bicycles. Wow – what a miracle! NOT!

    • Why no proper pictures mwebantu. Instead they give us pictures of Lungu yet we all should know what is important is the bridge.

  11. “commitment to improve the state of infrastructure in every part of the country” But all we see are fly-over bridges in Lusaka. Is Lusaka every part of the country?

  12. An overhead bridge in Longacres or the other two or three commissioned earlier for that matter, what connection do they actually have with meaningful economic activity that will ‘uplift’ people’s lives? By the way, what proper road structures in typical rural areas are there? A few structures in Lusaka and someone is associating it with ‘economic development’. Where are the ‘human’ development index indicators in this?

    As usual the populist is hoodwinking the gullible, in spite of the fact that they are hungry


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