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2022 National budget consultative process to yield positive results

Economy 2022 National budget consultative process to yield positive results

Government says it is hopeful that the consultative process between government and various stakeholders for the 2022 National budget will yield positive results.

Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary Davison Mulenga said the process should not only bridge the information gab of the prevailing tax environment but also serve as a forum to encourage various economic factors on how government can engage domestic resources.

The PS said this during the 2022 National budget consultative meeting at Chinsali’s civic center in Muchinga Province this morning.

Capt. Mulenga said the aim of the meeting is to discuss measures which will be considered for possible inclusion in the 2022 National budget.

He said the consultative meetings is an important one taking place in all the ten (10) provinces in the country adding that the act will help in coming up with a conclusive budget with submissions from stakeholders.

“The initiative to hold these budgeting consultative meetings is a demonstration of government’s commitment to involve citizens in decision making,” he said.

The PS added that the transparency associated with the consultations is also key in building consensus on how government can better address the challenges that the people are facing especially during the COVID- 19 pandemic.

He stated that the need to generate resources domestically cannot be over emphasized saying the act can only be achieved if stakeholders are involved in the planning of the National budget and other important matters of the Nation.

He further called on stakeholders attending the consultative meeting to make their submissions as they are important to the nation.

Meanwhile, various stakeholders made their submissions and concerns towards the 2022 National budget.

Chamber of commerce provincial president, Aggrey Musamba appealed to government to consider allocating more resources to Muchinga Province saying the Province needs urgent attention in all the sectors.

Mr Musamba said development can only be attained if resources are available and adequate.

“We need the Province to change its face in 2022 with more infrastructure in all the sectors,” Mr Nsamba said.

During the meeting a number of presentations focusing on the overview of the first quarter budget performance in 2021 and key tax measures in the 2021 National budget were presented to the stakeholders.


  1. What national budget? Zambia is constrained by high inflation,high debts,falling Kwacha and zero GDP growth meaning there’s been lack of proper planning and the budget size will be 1/2 of what it ought to be bcoz of PFools.

  2. You are printing money like Newspapers bribing everyone now you can not even balance the budget …now you think of “stakeholders” …useless lazy donkeys

  3. Lets talk about budget and the process everyone is quiet . Does it mean people only have bundles when stories are about people they life or dont like or the party they like or not?????

  4. How can you plan a budget when the Kwacha is in freefall,inflation is skyrocketing and you didn’t even have funds for Eurobond repayments?

  5. Great development. Tarino you call for people to ignore me, and yet the opposite happens. Go through all the historic articles here and you will see that all my posts attract more reactions and responses than your predictable tribal comments. You look pathetic because deep down even you know that your fellow Tonga boy will never rule this country.

  6. Budgeting is strategic planning. If you are failing to plan well in advance, then you are planning to fail.


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