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Zambia to cement relations with Bangladesh

General News Zambia to cement relations with Bangladesh

Government says it cherishes the political and military interactions that exist between Zambia and Bangladesh.

Ministry of Defense Deputy Permanent Secretary, Wesy Likeli noted that Zambia being the first country in Africa to recognize the sovereignty of Bangladesh, remains resolute to further cement the bilateral ties.

He pointed out that government will explore other areas of mutual interest in the Agriculture and health sectors in which Bangladesh is thriving.

ZANIS Reports that Mr Likeli made the remarks when visiting Bangladesh Chief of Army Staff, General Aziz Ahmed paid a courtesy call on him in Lusaka today.

“Zambia cherishes that interaction that exists between our two people both at political and military levels. You would recall that we were the first country in Africa, to recognize your independence and we remain firm to working closely with you,” he said.

And Visiting Bangladeshi Chief of Army Staff, Aziz Ahmed has called on the Zambian government to explore other areas of mutual interest with his country.

General Aziz cited the health sector among the sectors that Zambia can benefit from stating that his country exports medicines to 150 countries globally.

“Our relations date back to 1983 when President Dr Kenneth Kaunda paid a state visit to our country and we saw the bilateral ties rejuvenated last year by the visit of Zambia Army Commander to our country, a thing that has gone down in the history of the two countries. We are thriving in the health and Agriculture sectors and Zambia can benefit immensely,” he emphasized.

And General Azizi later paid a courtesy call on Zambia Army Commander, Lt General William Sikazwe, where he reiterated that his country remains resolute to furthering the bilateral ties with the Zambian Army.

He stated that so far, at least 30 officers from Zambia Army have attended military courses from his country, which he said are still on-going.

Meanwhile, Lt General Sikazwe hailed Bangladesh for having played a significant role in the training of the defense force personnel.

He said his visit to Bangladesh and General Aziz’s visit to Zambia is a clear testimony of the growing bilateral ties between the two countries.

General Aziz who arrived in the country last week, will return to his country this week.


  1. Great partnership. We welcome our Bangladeshi partners. We would rather welcome them to our country than welcome a f00lish upnd diasporan like the one above. That is why we kicked out that other bab00n called Larry mweetwa hahaha

  2. Great partnershlp. We welcome our BangIadeshi partners. We would rather welcome them to our c0untry than welcome a f00lish upnd diasporan like the one above. That is why we kicked out that other bab00n called Iarry mweetwa hahaha

  3. The UK based troll/ Impostor is itching for attention again …it is oblivious of the caste system in that part of the world where not even a black man can pull rank over the family pet. It has zero affiliation to PF.

  4. What has Bangladesh government
    Done all these years?They say they have relations with zambia
    From the days of KK?Let them
    Sontapo what they have done over all these years.

  5. This crook corrupt Aziz is in Zambia? This guy runs an oppressive mafia cartel headed by his criminal convict fugitive brothers using his senior army position and closeness to the prime minister. He must have heard about his corrupt counterparts here in zambia and is exploring money laundering business opportunities. Be very careful who you fete.

  6. So 30 officers from the Zambian army have followed courses in Bangladesh? And what have they learned there? Professional corruption? Sounds like a true PF government story! And what is this Bangladeshi general learning at Vic Falls? Professional election rigging? Well, he is in the right place!

  7. Why is Zambia always going to places to learn something. I bet you this cement will be aid from a poor country! Awe shuwa ine nalema koma mwe!


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