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Zambianisation takes positive effect at Barrick Lumwana mine

General News Zambianisation takes positive effect at Barrick Lumwana mine

The government has commended Barrick Lumwana mine for reducing the number of expatriates at the mine, in accordance to its Zambianisation programme .

Northwestern province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu says it is the government’s desire to see more Zambians taking up senior positions in foreign owned companies.

“On behalf of the government, I would like to acknowledge their (Barrick Lumwana) Zambianisation programme. We have seen a drop in the number of expatriates from more than 50 in the recent past to just about less than 20, that is what government desires to see.

“We have many capable Zambians with the requisite qualifications and experience to run these jobs, like this the people of Zambia feel that they are part of these investments and that is a big plus for Barrick Lumwana management,” Mr Mubukwanu said.

The mining giant has so reduced the number of expatriates in managerial positions to about less than 20 .

And Barrick Lumwana mine General Manager, Paul Gillot said the mine will continue giving opportunities to Zambians to hold senior positions because they already have the capacity.

“It is not just about training more Zambians, what we see is that Zambians are capable already, they just need to be given an opportunity to take over the reins in the positions and that is something we are doing with vigour,” Mr Gillot said.

Mr Gillot said the mine will continue undertaking the programme with vigour by offering more training opportunities.

And speaking after he conducted a tour of the mine in Kalumbila district yesterday, Mr Mubukwanu commended the mine management for the huge step and encouraged them to continue engaging more skilled Zambians.

However, Mr Mubukwanu appealed to the mine to consider engaging more Zambian owned companies in such processes to help keep the money in circulation.

“There are quite huge sums of money going into communities through corporate social responsibility, sub-contractors and investment procurements, but we would like to see not only Zambian registered but Zambian owned companies taking part in these processes so that we help keep the money in circulation,” Mr Mubukwanu said.

He said the provincial administration is looking forward to the enactment of the local content Bill as it will give more opportunities to Zambian companies with capacity to compete for opportunities in mining firms.


  1. Whites don’t have a problem with passing the torch to Zambians……..,

    it is the indians , Chinese and leabanse who are the problem…….and who see zambia as a chance to decongest their home countries of the unemployed with immigration to zambia……

  2. Excellent fantabulous. We are the patriotic front for a reason. If hh led this country this would never happen and he would reverse this development to give all jobs to his anglo saxon masters.


  4. This mine is struggling …most of the Zambian Managers lack experience and are messing up big time.
    Yes it is easy to Zambianise admin jobs ….and those guys in admin are doing quite well…..the challenge is on the technical side of things.

  5. What a weak govt commending a foreign company for employing less foreigners in its your country instead of implementing stringent policies like in Mozambique, RSA and Botswana….you just have to look at Job Ads for Professional Jobs in Zambia placed by RSA recruitment agencies they even ask for South African Matric a form of G!2 certificate as a requirement completely eliminating Zambians.

  6. @Tarino
    Doesnt South African matric have an equivalent in Zambia? Im sure that equivalent is accepted by SA employers. There are many of us in SA who have no local qualifications whatosever but were recruited by South African companies after SAQA had assessed our qualifications

  7. Even foreign investors know that there is huge potential in Zambia which is why they are opening their companies here.

  8. I think now Zambians are getting the needed exposure that was missing in the past. We must thank ECL for this.

  9. I repeat this development could be impossible had Hichilema would be the President of this country. We stand strong behind President Lungu!

  10. Hichilema only tall talks with no plans or vision that he will give jobs to the Zambians. Someone, please show him this, the real meaning of working for people and fulfilling the promises.

  11. President Lungu and his administration always push Zambians to work hard and make the country proud!

  12. Some kind of energy, confidence, and positivity have been seen among Zambians and desire to achieve their goal. Soon, there would be 100% literacy rates as President Lungu committed to make Zambia a poverty-free nation.

  13. Education, knowledge, and training, President Edgar Lungu emphasis these three things to make Zambians stand on their feet, earn money, improve the standard of living and help the country’s economy to grow.

  14. We are forever grateful to President Lungu for giving us the needed platform to show our skills. Only because of him the world realized that Zambia has smart and talented people.

  15. Yes, more training to Zambians, more talent will be enhanced. People have the capabilities to reach the top.

  16. Indeed people are already capable and they just need an opportunity it takes over the reins in the position. This is exactly what PF administration is doing it. Then why people should vote for HH when they are growing under President Lungu’s government.

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