Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Antonio Mwanza is the new PF Media Director


The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has appointed its deputy media director Antonio Mwanza as a replacement for the outgoing PF Media Director Sunday Chanda.

Mr Chanda has since thanked President Lungu for the trust and confidence placed on him when he was accorded the opportunity to serve as media director for the past 5 years.

Mr Chanda who is now the PF adopted parliamentary candidate for Kanchibiya constituency said the last five years have been the best in his political journey and that he has made mistakes but also grew with the many lessons he learned with each and every experience, and that he will always cherish my years as media director.

Mr. Chanda thanked many people including the Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila for every opportunity he accorded him to perform my duties, whom he described as a tough but supportive supervisor!

And Mr Mwanza has promised to use every ounce of his knowledge and wisdom to promote and defend the Party and the President, adding that no form of lies, misinformation or propaganda from the Opposition will go unchallenged.

“We will do our best as a team to properly market PF and ECL, ” he said


  1. Most youths are now recognised in party structures. Same trend will follow even in government after the Patriotic Front rebounds.

  2. Antonio Mwanza is irritating and a typical cadre, whilst I didn’t Like Sunday Chanda he was a bit more professional, sadly Antonio does not have adequate brain cells and is not liked very much with PF structures because he is also one person who used to insult PF and ECL when he worked with desperate Nawakwi.

  3. Congratulations comrade. This was very much expected and is well deserved. It was good toasting to your appointment last night. I am now feeling the hangover effects but I am still working today strategizing for our party.

  4. Only in Zambian politics ..one can be criticising a party and its govt as the worst ruling party in the world fast forward 4 years and the same person is now the media chief for that very political party.
    Sunday now wants to join his brother in stealing for the Chanda clan.

  5. We appreciate for your appointment, Mr director please let us have alot young energetic to counter react to those who are busy spreading lies about our beloved party and our president online with what our party is doing and the plans for future.
    We looking forward to a great team.
    KZ can not do it alone.

  6. The new media director is not sober minded. Not that the outgoing was .That position requires somebody with a lot of maturity and high levels of emotional intelligence. He is not a person who may apologise, concede and give assurances of amends if something went wrong.

  7. Sata would never allow this contamination of his party with turncoats…he only has himself to blame for leaving the position to a lazy visionless corrupt drunkard who stands for nothing.

  8. Indeed even some of us PF members believe this was not the right choice, this guy cant bring healing between us as PF and our very many injured stakeholders. If anything, he might even fuel the escalation of tension in the country, humbly asking for reconsideration of this appointment for the sake of unity and healing for the nation. He can still be very useful elsewhere in the party, Request sent in very good faith

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