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Electoral Officer calls for peaceful campaigns

Feature Politics Electoral Officer calls for peaceful campaigns

Chisamba District Electoral Officer, Titus Goma has called for peaceful campaigns by political parties ahead of the 2021 general elections.

Speaking during the 2021 nomination briefing, Mr. Goma said peaceful elections were attainable and political parties and other stakeholders such as the media and civil society needed to work together.

He emphasized the need for stakeholders to look at a bigger picture which is to serve the people of Chisamba as opposed to violence.

Mr. Goma assured the stakeholders that the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) will provide a conducive environment and that it expects peace and unity from them. He said that as the campaigns start, the commission expects a high level of respect during meetings and campaigns.

The DEO said he did not expect Chisamba to record any violence before or after the elections. He advised stakeholders to put their differences aside and do what is right.

“We are all family, and always will, if we are divided, even the community will therefore, ensure all activities are done peacefully.” Said Goma.

He urged political parties to come up with campaign time tables and submit them to his office to avoid clashes.

The DEO also reminded the stakeholders to follow the Covid 19 guidelines to prevent further spread of the disease.


  1. I suggest the ECZ directs the request to the president and his criminal cadres in the thieving PF. All violence always start with Lungu and his refusal to stop his own people

  2. We all know where the violence comes from. It is perpetrated by people who can never win a free and fair election. Without violence and rigging they can’t win an election. These are facts

  3. A system must be put in place where members serving on these supposedly non political party aligned/skewed institutions undergo ratification on recommendation by an appropriate parliamentary committee and it must be made very clear which governing body they are responsive to! The behavior of the current ECZ is one of impunity and authoritarian as it it were a government on its own.

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