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Technological advancements challenges ZAMPOST business

General News Technological advancements challenges ZAMPOST business

Zambia Postal Services (ZAMPOST) says technological advancements has made the institution suffere setbacks but is determined to come back to life.

ZAMPOST Assistant Director for Operations, Tamson Banda said the coming in of Technology such as smart phones has made the institution loose business.

Mr Banda said this today during a business development forum for government departments and parastatals that was organized by ZAMPOST in Solwezi.

“We have suffered setbacks in terms of service provision but I can assure you that we have diversified in terms of our services and ZAMPOST is coming back to life,” he said.

Mr Banda added that ZAMPOST is trying to see how they can partner with government departments in the provision of the express mail service (EMS).

He said the institution, despite loss of business, has commenced revamping some of its services such as EMS, post bus, ZAMPOST car sales agency, insurance brokers and travel and tours.

Mr Banda also thanked government for the various infrastructure that it has been building for ZAMPOST with the latest being Vubwi post office.

Meanwhile North-Western Province Permanent Secretary Willies Mangimela who officiated at the meeting appealed to stakeholders at the meeting to take advantage of the competitive rates and offer business to ZAMPOST.

Mr Mangimela said this will help ZAMPOST revamp itself and provide good services to the people.


  1. That is a lazy man’s excuse. Look at how I have managed to keep my businesses making profits during unprecedented covid

  2. Here is a simple digital transformation idea – Work with ZICTA to ensure all all roads in the Country have names, post codes and zones and all houses/premises are numbered for easier door-to-door delivery services for all types of goods (You will need a fleet of bicycles, motor bikes, vans, trucks ,etc). Develop a digital marketplace (App and website) similar to ebay or Aliexpress and allow third-party resellers to sale their goods, Zampost can capitalise the cheaper delivery rates offered by your fleet and digital platform.

  3. Nobody needs street names, house numbers or post codes anymore. Use WHAT3WORDS and find any location worldwide easy! Go to the website or use the app.

  4. Alternatively utilize the “+” codes in Google Maps, easy to use and free of charge!

  5. Zampost can’t be saved period.same as these water companies once there’s competition thts the end

  6. Zampost directors busy milking the company while doing nothing to bring it in line with current trends. Look how many goods and parcels these private buses carry every day. That is loss to zampost.

  7. These ZAMPOST thieves, small International Zambian couriers are doing well as they are efficient and reliable whilst you are sat on our parcels looking for ways to open them and steal.

  8. Zampost can’t even inform a customer to Come tp the ost office to pick their parcel. As a result parcels stay For months in the post office. There was a time I was meant to receive a Xmas.present via the post. I ended up receiving it in the month of March. I doubt if Zampost will ever rise. Its the end of sn era.

  9. How can you revamp a company with criminals as parcel attendants. Just last week a parcel from Canada for my children’s birthday presents sent through your Lusaka office was opened and some items stolen under 24hrs of arrival. Shame on you.

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