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Parliament to dissolve on Friday

General News Parliament to dissolve on Friday

The Fifth Session of the Twelfth National Assembly yesterday May 12, 2021 came to an end.

Clerk of the National Assembly Cecilia Mbewe said that with regards to the dissolution of Parliament, Article 81(3) of the Constitution of Zambia states that Parliament shall stand dissolved ninety days before the holding of the next general elections.

Mrs. Mbewe said article 56(1) of the Constitution sets the date for a general election.

She also explained that article 56(1) says a general election shall be held every five years after the last general election on the second Thursday of August.

Mrs. Mbewe noted that Parliament dissolves automatically ninety days before the Second Thursday of August.

She explained that the second Thursday of August for the forthcoming general election will be Thursday August 12, 2021, 90 days before the date is Friday May 14, 2021.

Mrs. Mbewe stated that in view of that Parliament will stand dissolved automatically by operation of the law on Friday, May 14, 2021.



  1. Dissolved or not, with the corrupt PF government still in power, things can only get worse. August 12 can’t come soon enough!

  2. The power is now with the people…I hope they do the right thing and get rid of some MPs who were just empty suits and also get rid of corrupt Ministers!!

  3. Half of them will never come back into public life and half them was wasted money to used to pay their salaries and allowances! PF members of parliament were hell bent on passing bad laws! The highlight of this parliament was the defeat of bill 10 and credit should go to opposition MPs who seemed understood role of parliament.
    MPs should stop promising roads, hospitals or development projects/that is the role of government. Parliament is equal in weight with Judiciary and State House. PF sponsored too many illiterate MPs and corrupt and lacked understanding of their roles.
    Must be punished!

  4. Sata dissolved parliament when he gave a farewell speech. MPs were crying, and UPND was upset at PF for dragging a sick president in parliament. From that day Parliament was dissolved.

  5. A place were they shout Yayayaya.. even after someone who swore to up hold the constitution and lets Ministers to overstay in office the so called Mps never bothered to raise an Impeachment motion rather continued to dose and yell Yayayaya.

  6. I hope Lungu’s stinking and thieving cabinet does not cling on to cabinet posts during this ninety days. Busholi mang’ bo naminungu ba!

  7. We will be back in there. This is just mere protocol. Even a baby knows that pf are winning. We just have to follow this process to keep upnd quiet


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