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Chungu vows to recontest Luanshya seat as independent candidate

Feature Politics Chungu vows to recontest Luanshya seat as independent candidate

Luanshya, May 14, ZANIS—Out going Patriotic Front (PF) Luanshya Member of Parliament Steve Chungu has expressed interest to recontest his seat on an independent ticket in the August 12, 2021 general elections.

ZANIS in Luanshya reports that Mr. Chungu’s decision follows the Patriotic Front (PF) adoption of outgoing Luanshya Deputy Mayor Golden Mulenga to represent it in the Luanshya parliamentary seat.

“I have taken a position due to the demand and request from the people of Luanshya that I should recontest the seat, many people are coming to me asking me to stand saying they want me back and still need my services, hence the decision to recontest as an independent candidate, I will be a candidate for the people,” Chungu explained.

Mr. Chungu, who has served Luanshya constituency for the past ten years, said he has overwhelming support from the electorate in Luanshya adding that he cannot punish the voters by staying away from the election.

“People have seen that I have participated highly in the development of the social sector to the best of my ability and through the continued interaction and working together I have built a bond with the people which is so hard to break,” he said.

He has however said he will support President Edgar Lungu’s candidature as president in the upcoming polls.

Mr. Chungu added that, “I have been there for the people of Luanshya both in happiness and in sorrow, and the people of Luanshya still feel that I have a role to play, therefore I cannot punish the people by standing by the choice they did not make.”

Asked whether he was going to resign from the PF party, Mr. Chungu said that he would be left without a choice if that was what contesting on an independent ticket entailed.

“I will have to resign from the party if that is what contesting independently entails, but I will continue to support President Edger Lungu’s candidature,” he said.

He argued that he has served the people of Luanshya diligently and has invested highly in the social sector through the provision of service vehicles for funerals and garbage collection among other utility vehicles using his personal resources.

“Those vehicles that I have provided to the people of Luanshya will remain at their service. I will not withdraw the vehicles. they are meant to deliver a service to the people of Luanshya and they will continue to use them, the only difference you shall see is that I will rebrand the vehicles and remove all the PF symbols because I can be petitioned, am going in as an independent candidate,” he said.

Mr. Chungu has served Luanshya constituency for two consecutive terms under the PF ticket and has also served as parliamentary deputy chief whip in his term of office.


  1. This is what happens when you stop reasoning, pride occupies your head and you think Luanshya depends on one person in the name of Mr Chungu. Surely is 10 years not enough? What more do you want? Shameless and selfish Chungu. I should have expected to be grateful for the chance you were given but alas yours is self praise.

  2. If you Chungu you will ditches than potholes!
    Nathan Chanda, Golden Mulenga all failed the people of Luanshya.
    Let’s vote for the Zambia we want! Not these bunch of thieves.

  3. Stephen Chungu, Nathan Chanda and Golden Mulenga have failed the people of Luanshya.
    If you vote for any of them they will be ditches in Luanshya, so it will be from potholes to ditches.
    What have they done for Luanshya?
    People wake up!


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