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Churches receive K14 Million relief package

General News Churches receive K14 Million relief package

The Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs has assured the Churches, Religious and Faith-Based organizations that the recently launched disbursement of Empowerment Scheme only marked the official start of the fund distribution process.

Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs, Permanent Secretary, (PS) Howard Sikwela, said the launch by the Minister Godfridah Sumaili marked the first lot of distribution, which saw 84 successful applicants announced.

Dr. Sikwela said out of the K50 million granted by the treasury, the Ministry has so far only received K25 million Kwacha of which a total of K14 million was awarded to successful applicants yesterday.

“5 church mother bodies, 13 churches with networks, 28 Faith-Based Organisations and 38 Cooperatives and Ministers Fellowships across the country have applied and the ministry is currently scrutinizing more applicants of which successful applicants will be announced in the second lot,” he stated.

The PS said the office is committed to ensuring that the empowerment scheme is distributed equitably.

He noted that the Ministry will soon be visiting provinces to announce successful applicants from the Provincial centers and Districts.

Dr. Sikwela thanked everybody that took part in applying for the empowerment scheme.

He further stated that the government is committed to empowering the church, religious and Faith-Based organizations for the betterment of humanity.

This is according to a press statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today


  1. ZMW 14 million to buy spiritual fortification! Vote buying being spearheaded by this one! This corruption in PF has no equal, instead of buying medicine and equipment for Kidney patients who are dying in attended.

    You are truly sad people both the giver and receiver!

  2. Keen students of history know hw contaminated even the church has been. It’s nothing new to those who hv cared to examine things.

  3. How can a Govt by the People and for People waste Taxpayer’s Money on Churches while neglecting to pay Retirees their Pensions, hospitals and Clinics have no medicines,Students have no bursaries etc. ECL is bent on buying votes for the 2021 Elections. Zambians must vote wisely on August 12 and send this Corrupt, incompetent and Visionless ECL “ku wire”. We want a New Govt led by HH and UPND Alliance to be ushered in to turnaround this Economy and change our lives for the better. Good luck to HH and UPND Family.

  4. Christ for sale. Some men of god will even elope with some member with this kind of money. Good luck to them

  5. The Bible says, time is coming when transfer of wealth from the wicked to the righteous. So why curse what God has blessed.

  6. God can use anyone to bless the church. Being a politician, christian, businessman/woman, thieves, prostitute and so on. So please stop limiting God’s way of doing things.
    Even you who are against you can bless the body of Christ financially or materially.

  7. I will carefully follow these churches, and CONDEMN each and every one of them which ACCEPTS this so called “empowerment”. Because it is a SIN when you accept STOLEN MONEY.

  8. These people have no shame at all with their bribes…what relief package does a church need as its the least taxed body in society…I hope we dont this this hypocrite Godfridah Sumaili and her ministry again….this is the worst form of corruption I bet they have given themselves and their churches huge packages. This money would have been invested in education institutions but we have simple minded corrupt fooooooools for leaders.

  9. Criticizers say that PF distributes money to get votes. Least they know that their own government is distributing funds and other necessary items for benefiting Zambians throughout the year.

  10. The PF government is ruling Zambia for almost 10 years now, and till now all the members would be rich, own properties, and live luxurious life like Hichilema if PF were money eater. ECL is the best for Zambians!!!!

  11. Zambians must realize that the nation wants development and not tall talks by UPND. We must vote wisely!!!

  12. They don’t do this to get public attention because everyone knows that the ruling PF party is strong and famous in Zambia. Anyways they are going to win the upcoming elections. President Lungu initiating development and empowerment schemes only to benefit the Zambians.

  13. We are happy and excited to see President Lungu wearing the victories crown again in the August 12 elections.

  14. No infrastructure and other development, no fund distribution or empowerment schemes, etc. would be implemented in Zambia if our PF government was corrupt or money eater. HH supporters must remember this thing!

  15. Instead of focusing on the election campaign our President is busy doing development work across the country.

  16. The people of this country are benefiting through several developments and empowerment schemes from President Lungu’s administration.

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