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Use empowerment funds to reduce poverty – PS

Feature Politics Use empowerment funds to reduce poverty - PS

Chinsali District Commissioner, Mary Chifuna has called on cooperatives that received empowerment funds in the area from President Edgar Lungu to expand their businesses and reduce poverty amongst themselves.

Ms Chifuna said her office will soon be monitoring progress recipients have made and how their business is doing.

She added that the empowerment funds should not be perceived as campaign token but a serious venture aimed at boosting business in poverty stricken households.

“The empowerment is not political but a package aimed at reducing poverty among households and I don’t expect to hear that people have shared the items” she said.

The DC has also called for collaboration and integration saying those with incubators and hybrid chicken layers must work closely as the two are interdependent.

And Muchinga Province Cooperatives Coordinator, Vincent Banda said Chinsali has 464 registered cooperatives and 200 are linked to fertilizer support programme under the Ministry of Agriculture.

Mr. Banda explained that the 50 cooperatives that benefited from ECL Multipurpose Empowerment Programme should take business seriously so that their ventures thrive.

“Those that have been empowered need to be serious and we shall monitor progress, “Mr. Banda said.

Meanwhile, ECL Project Provincial Coordinator, Isaac Nsoneka said the empowerment given to 50 cooperatives in Chinsali must be supported with technically so that it benefits every member and contribute to the Growth of the economy in the district.

Mr. Nsoneka added that President Edgar Lungu’ vision is to ensure that no one is left behind especially in this Covid era.

Chinsali was among the nine districts in Muchinga province with 50 registered cooperatives benefited from the ECL packages.

Among the packages given out were iron sheets, incubators, sewing machines, poultry and farm pack, mini-groceries, among others.


  1. Listen to this useless D.C he thinks he is a politican…he makes it look like Lazy Lungu is uses his pocket money

  2. Very great advice. Only the f00lish upnd dog above will think otherwise. He only understands woof woof

  3. Very great advice. Only the f00IIsh upnd dog commenting above as tarino will think otherwise. He only understands woof woof

  4. Billions spent of so called empowerment funds spent ………..

    Not a single audit or progress report to date………..

    To the citizenry, get that money eat , it is dubious money from the book of lungu accounting of tax payers and borrowed money…….


  6. Thanks PF for all you’ve done, rest well n enjoy chill time with your families , we now await the inauguration of his Excellency Hakaindi Hichilema.

  7. How I miss MMD at least we had technocrats in Civil service that when Parliament was dissolved we had some sanity for 3 months…nowadays Lazy Lungu has contaminated the hole system.

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