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Milenge man fined K7, 000 for breaking virginity of 17-year-old girl

Rural News Milenge man fined K7, 000 for breaking virginity of 17-year-old girl

The Milenge Local Court has fined a man for breaking the virginity of a then 17-year-old girl.

Before Magistrate Heaven Chimpandu was Golden Chimenya, 51, of Lusambo village in Chief Sokontwe’s chiefdom who sued Mulenga Songwe, 21, of Chishikishi village for having broken the virginity of his daughter.

ZANIS reports that Chimenya wanted compensation amounting to K7, 000.

Chimenya told the court that when Songwe impregnated his then 17 year old daughter in 2018, he said he was not ready to marry the girl but instead asked to be charged for damage.

“After we charged him K 7 000, he ran away from the district and has never paid any amount up to date. He came back in 2020 and claimed he wanted to marry my daughter. He paid K 70 as dowry and the two started living together as husband and wife,” he narrated.

Chimenya explained that the defendant only lived with his daughter for six months before he left her for another woman he had impregnated.

“Songwe left my daughter pregnant for her second baby. My wife and I are the ones providing for his two children including our daughter,” he said.

Meanwhile, Songwe, a small scale farmer, said after his first child was born, he went to Ndola to do some income generating activities.

“When I came back in 2020, my woman and I rekindled our love. She slept at my place one time and her parents chased her. She moved in with me. I paid dowry and we got married,” he said.

Songwe added that while living with his then wife, he worked on his in-laws farm as per culture.

Magistrate Chimpandu found Songwe guilty and ordered him to pay Chimenya K 5000.

“According to Ushi culture, working on the farm is equivalent to paying hence I have reduced the charge. Songwe, you have been disrespectful to this woman and her parents by only paying K 70 from the time you impregnated her,” he said.

Magistrate Chimpandu also gave Songwe a two months ultimatum to find a place for his ex wife and the two children.

“You can’t go on a rampage of fathering children yet you have no resources to take care of them. You are too young for this. Know that engaging in sexual activities has consequences, among them providing for the children you reproduce,” the Magistrate stated.


  1. I suppose the parents where also wrong to let this guy Scott free for the first pregnancy because the girl then was still minor. He was suppose to be jailed.

  2. I would love to here the views of the young lady …how can the let her go for K70? Parents are equally irresponsible and should have reported him when the girl was 17 years.

  3. These are upnd cadres who have been advised by their prophet to sleep with under age kids to win elections

  4. Ni village poverty life this. U town mouses ve no clue & u sound surprised. Us who are farming in these rurals r learning strange happening in these villages, worse with the poverty of PF. 15 yr Olds to 17 yrs are being allowed to marry by their parents, after impregnation each other while in school. Both are quitting schools & settling down to a marriage. And the only production that is coming out is children & more poverty. Some are even chiefs’ or headmens’ children. And parents sit down to meetings over this, but the agreed outcomes is to pay small monies & which a parent collects & heads to a pub. This is what PF poverty & ignorance is perpetuating in zambia.

  5. It’s a two way game so blame the parents and the girl as well.Girls should also learn to
    Say no or use protection.Women have to bear
    The consequence so they have to be extra

  6. There is substantial evidence that KZ had been pimping his daughter and other under age girls at state house.

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