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It’s Lungu na Luo as President Lungu picks Nkandu Luo as running mate

Headlines It’s Lungu na Luo as President Lungu picks Nkandu Luo as running...

President Edgar Lungu has adopted Professor Nkandu Luo as his running mate for the August general elections.

And the Electoral Commission of Zambia has accepted President Lungu’s nomination as a presidential candidate under the PF.

Unveiling his running mate at Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka this morning, President Lungu described Professor Luo as a solid, intelligent and politically strong person.

He however admitted that not all will be happy with his choice of running mate.

“I know not all of you will accept her but diversity of opinion is what makes the world go round,”‘President Lungu said.

He added, “if you are not happy, wait for your time when you will appoint the people you like as for me, I am happy with my choice.”

President Lungu said he prayed and meditated over his choice of running mate.

“She is a solid politician. She is very intelligent and forthright and this is why some people don’t like her but as for me it’s Lungu na Luo (Lungu with Luo).”

“So it’s good luck to all and lets campaign peacefully. We have taken oath to respect the electoral code of conduct and we will ensure there is law and order. Remember, I am still Head of State and Boma ni Boma and still in charge.

Meanwhile, ECZ Chairman Justice Essau Chulu announced that the nomination papers submitted by President Lungu have been fully accepted as been valid.


  1. Penalty to UPND in the 94th minute. The skipper no 9 (HH) is stepping up to the penalty box….. Davis Mwila in goal for PF yayayayaya.
    Dennis Liwewe.

  2. President Lungu is reported to have said this about Prof. Nkandu Luo: “She is… forthright and this is why some people don’t like her.” I am sure this selection must be sending shivers down the spines of executive members of UNZALARU.

  3. Excellently done. Very intelligent hardworking woman who deserves this role. I have confidence she will perform exceptionally.

    We wait for the evil u.p.n.d comments. You will all die of high BP. You tribal donkeys. Is it our fault that your demigod is a professional election loser.

  4. Wonderful, Mr President you always been very supportive to the women folk. First it was Mama Inonge Mutukwa Wina, now it is Professor Luo. This is a very good example in promoting Gender Equality. congratulations to ba professor Luo

  5. Any woman PF would give us is welcome. For there already is NSWE in the party. We just needed a female VP. Unlike other parties who are undecided looking for a Bemba to boost the votes

  6. Would Zambians accept Professor Nkandu Luo as President in the event of …
    Remember what King David said, ‘There is a step between me and death.’ Zambia has terrible bad precedents when it comes to viability of incumbents. In our taboo laden culture we shy away from reality until it catches up with us not ready.
    That is what a running mate is all about.

  7. Remember, I am still Head of State and Boma ni Boma and still in charge. “-LT

    “Why do we pay taxes? The simplest reason is that the municipal, state, and national governments implement tax laws, and taxpayers’ money pays for government services of all kinds. These governments are comprised of a few parts: the legislators (those who make laws), executives (those who enforce laws), judges (those who decipher laws), and many others.

    PF third term calls for PF time out. “Boma ni Boma”Should send chills down the spine of taxpayers and International Donors.

  8. Thank you ECL. You are a very brave man who stands for the benefit of Zambia. This Zambia needs people like this woman. Astute, intelligent,hard-working. Best choice ever! Zambia indeed in safe hands.

  9. Game over for PF and this time is the end of PF.

    We told you that Edgar Lungu is clueless and now he will be hit left and right.

    PF members are very disappointed, from Inonge Wina to Luo, what a joke of new generation of leaders?

    Edgar Lungu doesn’t want to sink alone but with expired Luo.

    My vote my power.

  10. When is HH submitting his nomination?
    Then we wait for August?
    Zambians to decide who they want?
    It’s a Two horse race others just escorting
    These two.

  11. God’s timing is the best. If my memory serves me right Nkandu Luo wanted to be Republican Vice President when Edgar Lungu was first elected President in 2015?

  12. Waiting for sangwa. Where is he? He made a promise. Never make a promise when you are happy and never make a decision when you are emotional.

  13. mmmmmmmaaaaamamamama, Iyi kwena yakosa,
    Any well meaningful youth who wanted to throw in his/her vote will beloved is going to change his/her mind. Any one from other province who has heard a pain from the mouth of Nkandu Luo about tribal remarks will change the way to vote. I wish there were other Bemba credible women which ECL could have selected as his Running mate and not ba Nkandu Luo. I mwe ba PF can you comment on this choice yenu bane.

  14. Hearty CONGRATS to President Lungu and His Running Mate Prof. Nkandu Luo for successfully filing IN your candidacies as Republican Present & Vice President of Zambia. We are delighted for this good news.
    The challenging task for PF is reassure all the peoples of Zambia that there will continuity of development in all Provinces of Zambia. We further pray the PF Govt will take best care of our beloved incumbent Republican Vice Preside Inonge Wina who deserves to retire with comfort to be facilitated by the ECL Govt during the next 5 years. CONGRATS.

  15. All Institutions of Higher Learning, Lecturers, Students, Workers etc are on notice the Luo Eagle has landed. Even something happened can u imagine President Luo in charge of Zambia? The combination of the Corrupt, incompetent and Visionless ECL and Luo is disastrous. Luo is very unpopular and so is ECL. Can this Team turnaround this Economy? Absolutely No! Zambians on August 12 have a chance to elect a Govt that will deliver “The Zambia we want”. HH and UPND Alliance should be ushered into Office on August 12. Change is the spice of life. HH aka Bally will fix it.

  16. Congrats Prof Luo. What will be your position on high education in the house if elected into power?

  17. Good choice Mr President that is the way to go, however people are too jalousie of anything good done I for one feel that is an excellent choice .
    Nkandu is a hard worker and experienced politician she has proved herself that you can trust her she has what it takes to be next to the president, congratulations to professor Luo .

  18. I hope Luo will be level headed and stop tribal remarks whenever she takes to the stage. But disappointed some how with statement ati “BOMA NII BOMA” and I am still in charge, President. The statement is somehow in bad test may be he was misquoted. Other wise the opposition will be in for it.

  19. she is a strong woman .Our Russian educated iron lady.congratulations!Twalabasapa ba kalusa.
    Edgar Lungu…Viva

  20. So Lungu a person who supposedly is against tribalism goes to pick a running mate who only recently was caught on camera spewing disgusting tribal remarks!! Well, if this isn’t a present for UPND then I don’t know what is!!

  21. Styupid idyots!
    These people in Zambia likes congratulations. Congratulations can’t go to Luo.

  22. Better choice by lungu……..

    Luo is more practical and intelligent than
    90 % of avaliable PF candidates for lungu.

    It was under her tutelage at the ministry of education that UNZA riots are almost wiped out by the introduction of full cctv coverage of UNZA and CBU…….

  23. A lawyer and a professor running Zambia’s affairs.Two very educated people but remember the former hasn’t done very well so vote with discernment .

  24. Winning ticket… I like my boss and I advised him and gave him a list of potential candidates, including mama professor Luo.
    Now we await the perpetual tribal donkeys to try and beat us… we are ready; the ECZ are ready and have accepted my boss’ nomination papers as valid.
    As for those calling for a hired gun Sangwa, where will he go? The ConCourt already slammed the door shut last week and any challenge to my boss Lungu’s candidature was already decided by the Dan Pule court case.
    So no one to hide your demigod loser will lose again, and PF will rule for the next 100 years – join the winning ticket if you want to escape your poverty.

  25. We are still patiently waiting for the State Counsel, the Constitutional Lawyer Mr. JS to come and save us from the third term as he promised us. I should admit, though, that am getting a bit worried that the good old Mr. JS may have developed cold feet!!

  26. Mediocrity again rewarded by Lazy Lungu…here is someone who lamentably failed as an education minister brought misery to university students by closing UNZA and CBU.

  27. Lungu has made a shrewd choice picking a woman. It’s very unlikely that HH will choose a woman candidate, and then MANY woman votes will go to PF come August 12!

  28. By the way, I haven’t heard from the obese brothers lately, you know GBM and CK, what has happened to them? Has Lungu cuddled them to death?

  29. Useless choice by a useless Leader. She is a disgraced vulgar professor who has been unpopular in her constituency. He chose her because they are alike in demeaning people and she will follow him like a lapdog – well, only until 12th August anyway.

  30. No Corruption Zambia – In Zambia a woman’s worst enemy is another woman although the make up a large percentage of the votes.

  31. PF is full of human capital. Full of necessary human resource.
    From one iron lady to another; boy mai oh mai, look at what we have in our hands!
    Party after party; victory after victory.
    Bo Inonge handled parley that was characterized by walkouts. I am pretty sure Luo will deal with next one squarely as well.
    If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.
    U.5s will be w.hiped like kr.az.zy.yy this August!

  32. Another example of why BILL 10 was premised on lies. Do Zambians see that the president has the power to uplift women? Why were the PF lying saying BILL 10 will give opportunities to Women and the Youth. The president has the power even now to appoint these people. Thinking and reasoning of our politicians has become so dangerous and greedy.

  33. The most unpopular politician has been put as running mate….even Munali constituency celebrated her departure!!!!

  34. The difference between Mama Wina and Nkandu Luo is that mama Wina became VP with a good track record at least, But the Prof has come after stepping on a lot of poeple’s toes both in the Party and student populous.

  35. In December 1999, over 300 junior doctors went on strike demanding better conditions of service, this ground the operations at UTH and other hospitals to a halt.
    Professor Luo and President Chiluba fired all 300 doctors and replaced them with Cuban doctors who were paid hefty salaries, many times more than the Zambian doctors were crying for .
    President Chiluba subsequently moved Luo from the ministry but the damage had already been done.
    Thousands of Zambian nurses and doctors left the country to go and work in Botswana, South Africa and the UK during the tenure of Nkandu Luo as Health Minister at a time when the country was grappling with an HIV AIDS Pandemic.
    The brain drain and loss of expertise in the health sector took over 10 years to overcome.

  36. Upnd lose elections because they lack strategy and concentrate on personalities. When late president Michael data died and president Lungu stood on the of ticket, upnd laughed and called it a penalty kick. They were so sure that HH would win. Alas, HH missed the so called penalty. I suspect history is about to repeat itself! Please get rid of your bloated egos and just tell Zambian voters what you will do for them rather than disparaging Luo. It might backfire in your face.

  37. Just after her unveling at nomination day as President Lungu’s running mate the issue of banned meal allowance and closure of institution of higher learning came back on the minds of all students who were affected during that time.Imagine those students are now taking part in the voting process on Aug12th will they vote for Pf?

  38. The meal allowance was a rational decision. We can just be spending government tax money anyhow forever. Even the bursaries was turned into loans. People should learn to pay back for their education. Only brave and rational people can make such decisions. Too bad she is not the president.

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