President Lungu receives Kudos for appointing Luo as running mate


The Zambia National Women’s lobby in Northern Province has hailed President Edgar Lungu for appointing Nkandu Luo as his running mate.

Women’s lobby Provincial Chairperson and the focal point for Non-Governmental, Gender Organization Coordinating Council (NGOCC) Christine Chipimo, says President Lungu must be commended for continued support to the women’s involvement in decision making positions that include the first ever female Vice President Inonge Wina.

Ms Chipimo explained that Professor Luo is not only an ordinary woman, but she has the capacity to deliver in any position of influence as she has demonstrated before in many spheres of life.

“You know this is what we have been crying for and we have been given, the only challenge is that as women, we do not support each other, so my appeal is that please women let us support one another,” Ms Chipimo stressed.

Ms Luo was once Chairperson for the NGOCC and she delivered, that is why it is important that we render her total support.

“We shall be meeting to see what we can do for all women who have been adopted ,” she said

And Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Chairperson for Mobilization, Geoffrey Mwamba Bwalya, has praised women for the various achievements they have attained at national and personal levels, adding that the reason President Lungu has retained faith in Professor Nkandu Luo.

President Lungu has seen how Ms Wina performed as Vice President the reason he has also considered Professor Luo,” Mr Bwalya stated.


  1. To say the truth Lungu is regretting receiving bribes from Swaziland and underhand protection of Tasila’s theft of State forests. Please vote him back into office mwebantu

  2. Nkandu Luo for VP ??????Mr President ,what have you Done? Do you fully understand the implications of picking this SHETANI of a Woman as our potential Vice President?
    God forbid,,should anything happen to you,Nkandu Luo could become President of the Republic of Zambia.Perish the Thought.
    Edgar Lungu,do you actually love this country?
    What have done to deserve this ?

    August 12 Fellow Citizens WAKE UP ,WAKE UP & save our Beloved Zambia

  3. Meanwhile utupuba tu upnd tuletalika. This is why they lose elections. Upnd and its tribal members have mastered the art of losing elections. We wonder what excuse or allegation they will come up with this time around. Last time their demigod was crying like a cow that is constipated when ECL was announced as winner. This year we hope the small boy hh does the right thing and gives another person a chance, even if its another atleast it’s a start and we can say he gave someone else a chance

  4. Zambians seem not like people of quality in politics. We seem to want cheap cadres. Prof Luo is the kind of leader in politics. She is not a token of a women. She is a woman of reason and substance. She fits to be VP.

  5. A woman of reason and substance ?? With those disgusting tribal remarks she was making recently!!! Scuh people should not come anywhere near the leadership of a divided country that seeks to unite. By the way, I’m not sure Chitimukulu agrees with your assessment of Prof Luo.

  6. PF government meant well when they brought bill 10. Women’s NGOCC was in the front opposing the bill. Then last week you were complaining about not having enough women adopted. Bill 10 would have guaranteed seats in parliament for women. UPND misled u in believing the bill was about Lungu. Now that there is no bill 10 and Lungu has filed in valid documentation where are those men . They have gone into hiding and yet they had promised you that once Lungu files in they will go to court. Instead of going to court they have ganged up in UPND looking to be adopted as running mate challenging Mutale Nalumango (a woman) who has served the party with loyalty. We will not be surprised if she is sidelined. They have even denied Mazoka’ s daughter a seat ……Men!!! But Lungu whose bill 10…

  7. Really, we should be condemning the man for abrogating our constitution and seeking a third term. Also, he picked an elderly mama because he does not want a person who can challenge him in future—he is not a progressive by any stretch of the imagination. We are seeing a dictator in the making before our very own eyes.

  8. This is why I always stated that Lazy Lungu should have hosting Press conferences every-time he made reshuffles or dropped ministers …Luo indefinitely closed CBU and UNZA, removed bursaries but has been rewarded meaning everything Luo did had the blessing of Lungu. Just like Dr. Chilufya he will be brought back if PF wins as Lazy Lungu supported everything he did at MOH

  9. This Criminal Enterprise of a Government has plunged the Country into $20 Billion of Debt.
    What will be interesting this time round,will be when Edgar Lungu discloses his net Worth .Be prepared for dramatic leap.
    WAKE UP ZAMBIANS ,WAKE UP ,you can’t reward failure with another 5 years .
    How do you tell a Rotten Government/ Country?
    It’s is where Government Officials have become Millionaires, when it should really be Businessmen ,Entrepreneurs ,Manufacturers,Professionals, & Farmers .

  10. Mwebena fialo please stop insulting our intelligence and our president.
    We are happy to have Luo has VP. Let us now meet at voting and see who will win

  11. “Professor Luo said that President Lungu is a self-made man who supports women and that her role will be to support his vision.”-LT

    Dec. 24, 2019
    “But analysts said that the main reason for his departure was that he had repeatedly declared that ministry officials had misappropriated millions.
    In an unusually combative public statement for a member of the diplomatic corps, Mr. Foote had said that the Zambian government “wants foreign diplomats to be compliant, with open pocketbooks and closed mouths .” The New York Times.

    PF time out. Third term is Soft coup. We know there’s no lucrative jobs in the Republic.

  12. Kaizar is a loser. After being fired by his corrupt boss, it looks like he has nothing to do. Kamutu monga mushombo Wa GBM

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