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Kitwe Mayor Aspiring Candidate to stay in PF despite calls for her to go Independent


The ruling Patriotic Front aspiring candidate for the position of Kitwe Mayor, Ms. Ashani Jayawardane, has said that she will not go independent or join other political parties after failing to secure the adoption for Kitwe Mayor on PF ticket

Writing to her support base, Ms Jayawardane said that after consultations with her political advisors, she had decided to remain in PF and support President Edgar Lungu, adding that she has also turned dow three invitations from other political parties to stand on their ticket.

Below is the full statement

Good morning my beloved friends, family and all my supporters.

I wish to finally tell you all, that after consultations with my political consultants, friends and family, I was adviced to continue supporting my president His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu and not to go independent.

All my suppoters have insisted that i go Independant and also three of the political parties have invited me to join them.
I wish to thank the three political parties who trusted me and invited me to join them. Thank you once again.

To my friends and suppoters who gave me overwhelming support when l was aspiring as the Mayor of this city of Kitwe, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I have much regard for my president Edgar Lungu and want to honour my parents and continue to work with my president and the PF party.

Though I was very popular on the ground mainly in the poor compunds and the villages where I was working to elevate the lives of the underprivileged,

the central committee made a decision for Kitwe Mayor and I wish to state that I respect that decision and will be working with the adopted Mayoral candidate, all the Kitwe MPs and the other structures.

I have formed a foundation called Ashani Jaya Community Foundation which I will be using to continue helping the communities, so do not think I have abandoned you, as I can never do that to you the people I have come to love.

I wish to state my loyalty to the party PF and to my president Edgar Lungu.

Let’s work together and bring our president on board again in this year’s elections.

May God bless you all for standing by me and supporting me..Now, let’s work hard to win in Kitwe and get the support for our president Edgar Lungu.

With much love from,

Ashani Jayawardane (Jaya)

Former Kitwe Mayoral aspirant


  1. My advice is that don’t sit back, continue to work in your Party and be known. Mpasa Mwaya is the Copperbelt Provincial Youth Chair, she’s rose through the ranks so it’s not a surprise that she’s been adopted. Members of political Parties always lament being left out in preference to those members that defect from other Parties or just appear at election time. That must come to an end. Even those structures that are constituted during elections usually divide the general membership. Strangers are picked and made campaign managers or task force chairpersons like was in the MMD. Then what’s the use of having Branches, Wards, Constituencies and Districts in Party structures? Your decision is wise, I wish you well next time. Don’t worry your time will come, God willing

  2. You are simply wasting your time in a corrupt Party …if you really care about Kitwe and its people just go independent; PF adoption system is flawed they would rather adopt incompetent people like Luo and slay queens like Iris they are intimidated by smart women.

  3. Lungu is a sinking ship. You’re wasting your time. Join any other Party if you want to step up your political career.

  4. Well done Jaya, stay with the winning ticket. We will find you a role to do in the PF… that simply explains how smart you are. Don’t listen to Tarino and his tribal donkeys.
    Stay with us and we will give you all the opportunities and resources for you to accumulate wealthy.

  5. For those who keep asking me why I have a UK flag on my profile, well the truth is I also don’t know how this happens. Maybe because my wife lives in the UK. But I’m actually based in Zambia and I have a dinner appointment with my president Lungu on Friday night at State House.
    I have houses I managed to acquire in the UK where my beautiful wife lives and works as a nurse.

  6. Tarino how does it feel to talk to yourself. Everyone can tell that you are cloning my account and talking to yourself hahaha.

  7. Wise move…all those going independent ignored the call from PF SG when advised strongly on everyone who was over campaigning even super ceding the Secretariat office itself in terms of attention, to wait for Secretariat to make announcement on who will win PF a ticket but blind loyalty eluded most hence disgruntled listening is a skill, its sad our poor masses, innocent Zambians are used blindly…Viva PF

  8. Not everyone..I was almost duped that it’s the great KZ giving advice to Jaya. But well done Ashani; this shows that you are a woman of virtue.

  9. If you really have a vision to serve people, it does not matter what ticket you stand on. If you just want to eat and serve yourself, you will go with the one who you think will make government so that you can eat with them. Unless of course you think that they have picked a better candidate than yourself, in which case, you should just keep quiet.

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