PF grabs 4 wards after opposition fail to field candidates


The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has gotten off a good start on local government elections by scooping 4 ward seats after all the opposition and independents failed to field candidates.

In Luapula Province in Kabanse Ward in Pambashe Constituency, the PF candidate was declared duly elected after going unopposed

In North Western Province 3 Patriotic Front (PF) Councillors in Mufumbwe district went through unopposed. The three Wards in which the ruling party has gone through unopposed are Lalafuta, Kalengwa and Kashima West following the failure by opposition UPND Candidates to file in their nominations due to their failure to meet the requirements.

And in the Kalumbila district, about 4 UPND Candidates have so far failed to file in their nominations on technical grounds.

Meanwhile, PF North Western Province Chairperson MCC Jackson Kungo has described the situation as the downfall of UPND in the Province.

“And that is why I have always rubbished the claims by the UPND that this is their stronghold,” said Mr. Kungo.

He stated that if North Western was a UPND stronghold, they were NOT going to fail to have all its Candidates file in.

Chairman Kungo disclosed that all PF local government Candidates in the Province have successfully filed in their nominations.


  1. That is definitely poor organization by the UPND in those areas, being the biggest opposition political party in the country, they should be very prepared at every level to compete. Local wards are the grassroots that mobilise the party and if there is no support on the grass level to this extent, it is a worrying matter. Yes they maybe doing okay in other levels but this is a draw back because in those failed wards, hundreds of votes are lost because there is evidence that there is no support and the popularity is dwindling. Those were really easy wins for the PF even before the votes are cast!

  2. The problem is that UPND senior leaders like Jack Mwiimbu and Garry Nkombo were fighting for survival by clinging to their positions even when it was clearly apparent that they had lost ground. Hichilema also went into hiding because of his issues with Nawakwi and the Hatembos. Nalumango couldn’t take charge because she has never acted as President although she’s the 2nd in command. This is the level of disorderliness in Zambia’s main opposition Party. It’s also the disadvantage of running a centralized system. Look at the Kazungula Bridge, Lungu announced that it’ll operate up to 22.00hrs but the Botswana side closes at 18.00hrs! Will we ever do anything correctly?

  3. Yes that can be so but come 12 August we shall see on the ground floor. Let us wait and see. It is PF who are fond of saying its our bedroom. Yes you disadvantaged NW to register as voters now you see the way it is. UPND please send monitors in these areas. These are viable areas of PF vote changers because they know that no opposition monitor will be available.

  4. inzaghiFMC
    don’t be in denial, take heed to what Observer is saying. He has a valid point. Local wards are the grassroots that mobilise the party! The problem which UPND has which is their own undoing is that HH and all are so obsessed with the removal of Lungu and overlook the grassroots.

  5. And some bozo clowns are busy shouting forward. Hahaha. Come August you will cry. I remember hh crying last time in To. nga

  6. For PF to win, it means all opposition parties failed to file their nominations in those 4 wards. Why is LT only referring to UPND as if it is the only opposition party? Can LT please report with balance and truthfully.

  7. This is what happens when there is only one decision maker in any organisation. In this case HH is the only chap empowered by himself to make all the decisions. And as I have always said, Nalumango has been appointed with the hope that she could persuade one or two Bemba people to vote for HH. Nalumango is the easiest to get rrid off if UPND wins the elections unless one is so duull to not know this. So where you have power concentrated in one person everything is always and I quote,”Bally will fix it”.
    But fix what and how. If you can’t even fix your plagiarised manifesto.Mukoseko ba UPND with a one man show. It is too late you have lost again. Sorry I meant to say HH has lost again.

  8. Real elections are 2 months away and you wanted opposition to fall into the PF trap of showing off that they are still relevant? It simply means the opposition is now clever in Zambia they read the stunt. PF itself is feeling very mediocre to note that no opposition fail into their snare, it didn’t work. Kudos guys for playing it smart. No need for other elections now the focus is on 12th August 2021. If PF think they are still popular let them wait for that date.

  9. Ba LT , you are purely pro pf. To begun with yesterday we waited for LT for the news on the proceed of the nominations by the incoming president. You were conspicously quiet ! Now you are on UPND ati they failed to field candidates. pf can manage to pay for their candidates after getting sponsored by the chinese companies in Zambia.

  10. It is actually 5 wards with another one in Chasefu constituency in Eastern Province.
    UPND got 1 ward in similar circumstances in Mazabuka.
    The sad part for UPND is Mufumbwe because that is supposed to be their stronghold.

  11. Sad development. In Pambashe under Hon Chitotela UPND candidate went to hide in the bush…after fearing mob attack….days are numbered, all things and people do pass away…

  12. The UPND failure to field candidates at Ward level due to lack of suitable qualifications like full grade 12 is not a determining factor to start celebrating that PF has won already. That is wrong assumption. It was a well known fact that in some rural areas it is not easy to find some one with full grade 12 certificate because the few that have such qualifications have relocated to towns or other places where they in govt employment, private sector simply doing some other economic activities. For instance with my humble qualifications it was not possible for me to settle in my home village in Mwinilun’ga because there were no suitable industries where my services would be required. There are many of us in urban areas for economic survival but can no longer fit into our original village…

  13. Clear signs we are bouncing back and we will win by a landslide… it’s not even close. Just wait this demigod cry that the votes in those wards are stolen whe he can’t even field candidates in them.
    PF until the end of time… generations born to us in PF will rule this country forever, and yhose generations will be richer and wealthier while you and your generations wallop in poverty. Now pass me my whiskey so I can sip while I hit the ground running and campaigning for my boss. The campaign is just academic anyway because my boss Lungu and his running mate Prof Luo have already won even before the elections have been cast.

  14. The Observer reports that the UPND Nalolo parliamentary candidate also failed to file in his nominations as he had no original documents and went with photocopies. What disorganisation on the part of the largest opposition political party that wants to form government after August 12. UPND is not better prepared this time as they were in 2016 and I see them losing massively.

  15. @muwerewre Musemakweri
    we have seen born and bread people coming from urban and context in the rural area were they come from ,what was so difficult with us doing the same .we shouldn’t be covering our selves with no tangible reasons .we just failed on this one .we have got relative leaving in urban who can come and stand on our tickets .Sunday chanda is standing in kachimbiye but he stays in lusaka. what is the problem .

  16. Looks like we are stuck with PF bandits for a very long time indeed…HH hasn’t learnt anything from losing more than 6 times… do you work with known bandits KBF……this guy was disbarred from practicing law in Zambia…in 2003 KBF stole money for my late cousin….KBF is a Mufulira chap and he likes stealing people’s money

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