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Veep launches climate change programme


Vice President, Inonge Wina has launched the 9.3 Million Euros voices for climate change action programme in Zambia. The programme is expected to improve resilience and adaptation in some parts of Lusaka and Southern Provinces.

Mrs Wina observed that the five year project will build resilience and adaptions towards climate change in the Kafue flats.

The Vice President said this in Kafue’s Chanyanya area this afternoon, adding that there’s need to strengthen efforts to help sustain the livelihoods of people in disaster prone areas by building resilience and adaption to climate change.

And Mrs Wina has since directed Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Vice President to initiate a programme on disaster reduction with specific subsystem interventions linked to food systems.

“I therefore seek support from cooperating partners working with WWF and the consortium including the Dutch Government.” She said.

The Vice President underscored the importance of the programme, which she said will bring together stakeholders’ expertise and resources to solve common problems while bringing prosperity to the people.

She noted that government with its partners, is determined to shape a future for Chanyanya, Chikupi and Demu communities through grant contribution and investments from the Dutch Government and technical assistance by a British firm, Infraco.

She further stressed government’s commitment to addressing the plight of people who are affected by climate change effects such as floods and droughts that lead to food insecurity.

She said that efforts should be made to bring people together for a common goal by providing solutions that uplift the living standards of the people.

Mrs Wina observed that the Zambezi River basin is one of the most valuable natural resources in Africa, which she said accounts for half of installed hydro power capacity and also supports a diverse array of game, birdlife and fish species in game reserves.

She stated that the river system whose tributaries such as Kafue, are home to socio-economic livelihoods of many, adding that it is a basis for industrialisation through mining on the Copperbelt.

Mrs Wina noted that any disruption of the Zambezi River is a source of concern, as this can be seen from the huge cost of relief distributed due to crop failure as well as displacement due to floods.

“We have taken keen interest in the Zambezi and Luapula river basins because any disturbance in these two ecosystems calls for disaster risk reduction measures, ‘ she said.

The Vice President said the project embraces a brighter future, inspired by inclusiveness, resilience, prosperity and sustainability.

She stressed the importance of implementing the Chiansi concept as it will address all the five pillars of the Seventh National Development Plan.

Dutch Honorary Consul, Sander Donker stressed his government’s commitment to helping Zambia address the challenges of climate change.

Mr Donker said the Dutch government will continue to provide both financial and technical assistance to the country in order to address issues of climate change.

And WWF Country Director, Nachilala Nkombo said the five year project is intended to address some of the biggest challenge of climate change and build adaptation and resilience strategies.

“The focus of this project is the local community,” she stated.


  1. The old witch who watched a young woman get stripped next to her podium by PF thugs on Labour day , spent most of her time as VP telling lies ………

    Now at 11 o’clock, she wants to talk climate change ????

  2. Leave it to your successor to Continue your programmes.Now
    Is time to enjoy your pension and
    Retire peacefully. Stop worrying
    About climate change at 80.

  3. Two years ago during his annual speech Lungu mentioned climate change 49 times. Absolutely nothing happened. And now, less than 3 months before the election, we get a plan without any backup to fix everything. In the meantime all trees are burned into charcoal and PF introduces tax on solar equipment!

  4. This senile old hen Bo Inonge busy is wasting time in the office when it was time to work she was busy campaigning handing out money to her people as if they are dogs…please vacate the office you waste of space!!

  5. What does she even care about climate change at her age when she has never planted any trees busy cutting them down and selling water catchment areas to the Chinks!!

  6. Excellent work madam. You continue to amaze us with your diligent way of working. Meanwhile the m0r0ns in diaspora above are doing what they do best which is criticising without telling us what their fellow t.o.n.g.a demigod hh will do for the country. And then they wonder why they lose

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