Peace is Zambia’s legacy -Nundwe


Copperbelt Province Permanent Secretary, Bright Nundwe says peace is the heritage for Zambia and must be preserved.

And Mr Nundwe has called on residents across the province to respect culture, which he says has been the main accelerator for Zambia’s peace since time immemorial,

Mr Nundwe made the remarks in an interview with journalists immediately after the laying of wreaths to mark the Africa Freedom Day celebrations at the freedom square in Ndola.

Mr Nundwe emphasised the need to maintain and promote peace in the province even as political parties are busy selling their messages to the people.

He said he does not want to see or hear any commotion in any part of the province because elections come and go, but that peace needs to prevail among citizens who have co-existed from the ancient days.

“My peace of advice to the people on the Copperbelt is to maintain peace at all times. We need to promote peace. We need to display peace every single moment. In this election period, we need to ensure that it prevails in all corners of the province. Let me thank the freedom fighters who shed blood for this peace that we have today,” Mr. Nundwe said.

The Permanent Secretary added that the Copperbelt Province has witnessed massive development because of peace and that in it’s absence, there would have been no single development.

And Zambia United Freedom Fighters Association District Chairman, Julius Sinkala said Zambia should continue on its path of peace and unity.

“All Zambians should know that since 1964, we have enjoyed peace which we need to maintain. Once we lose it we can’t get it. In every fight there is a loser, but that does not mean we are divided.” he said.


  1. Best to say peace was Zambia’s legacy. I can not remember if anyone actually got killed by white settlers for being a freedom fighter or agitator as they were called. If my memory saves me right in the past two elections Zambians have been killed for wearing opposition regalia. It is being underplayed by PF has been killing and maiming Zambians! Where is peace then?

    Zambians are scared to death to voice out their grievances just because of PF militias and incompetent police. All the investment in peace over the years PF is seen to it that is eroded. I do not know what more damage they want to inflict on the Country!

  2. Styupid idyot indeed!!. He cant even mention to what extent Zambia has protected and defended the freedoms of its citizens during a so called Africa Freedom Day!!! There will be no meaningful peace when citizens are denied their freedoms!!

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