Thursday, June 13, 2024

UPND Alliance rubbishes President Lungu’s ban on campaign rallies


The UPND Alliance has rubbished President Edgar Lungu’s directive on law enforcement agencies to ensure that political parties do not hold political gatherings.

President Lungu announced that he had with immediate effect banned public gathering and political rallies, a move the Alliance feels is aimed at paving way for the PF to go into the coming elections without being challenged.

And commenting on the development during a Press Briefing in Lusaka today, UPND Alliance leader, President Hichilema stated that President Lungu’s directive was aimed at disadvantaging other candidates and political parties from selling their message to the electorate freely.

Mr Hichilema also said the forthcoming elections were the PF on one hand with the people of Zambia on the other.

“What our colleague did yesterday was to take away the rights of the people. This is the people’s campaign! The Mickey mouse that he (Lungu) was doing yesterday-he lost it! Therefore, all Alliance members and all Zambians let us go out and campaign. Let us campaign and the will of the people will win on the 12th of August. Students, marketeers, bus, taxi, truck drivers, this is your campaign. Farmers, this is your campaign. Why should Mr Lungu stop you from campaigning,” said Mr Hichilema.

Mr Hichilema said the it was unfortunate that PreiLungu wanted to prevent the marginalised sections of society by preventing them from freely campaigning.

And UPND Alliance Co-Chairman, Dr Ernest Mwansa of Zambia Development and Prosperity noted that it was obvious that the PF were afraid of being dwarfed by the expected huge crowds that are likely to attend the UPND rallies.

“The UPND Alliance knows too well that Lungu is afraid of the huge number of people that are likely to turn out at our rallies. He knows too well that if we are to hold rallies, the PF’s political gatherings would be dwarfed,” he said.

Chair of the UPND Alliance, Charles Milupi called the directive “outrageous” and an infringement on the rights of citizens to express themselves and expressly to prevent the opposition from selling their political ideologies to the electorate.

Mr Milupi charged that if the PF were truly concerned about adhering to COVID-19 protocols, they wouldn’t have been holding huge party gatherings in the guise of implementing and inspecting Government projects.

Mr Milupi also stressed that it was regrettable that Mr Lungu could make pronouncements inimical to human rights violations, charging that the UPND Alliance members would ensure that they adhered to the COVID-19 protocols and guidelines during campaigns.

ZED President, Dr. Ernest Mwansa, National Democratic Congress-NDC-interim President, Josephs Akafumba and Republican Progressive Party-RPP-President, Leslie Chikuse were some of the UPND Alliance leaders who attended the briefing.


  1. The PF know that HH has no access to DeadNBC, ZANIS, Times of Zambia and Zambia Daily Mail. These media will campaign for PF candidates so the ban on rallies affects only UPND. What a sly Lungu knows is that he can still campaign while his rival cant

  2. The way to go don’t listen to this drunkard Edgar Lungu he is gone already.

    He thinks he hss absolute power and power to the people full stop.

    The electoral system says 90 days campaign period, whp is he to ban rallies?

    PF must go!

  3. When Edgar Lungu opened the doors to allow trade with the rest of the work, he also opened a few local businesses for Zambians . Who objected, saying Zambia is at health risk? It was the opposition: Harry Kalaba and Hakainde Hichilema. Today, they are eating their own words. Wonders shall never end.

  4. A second wave like India can actually get elections suspended. Election Rallies in India made the second wave even more deadly. At this point people already know who they intend to vote for. Rallies will be super spreaders that will cost lives. Zambian lives matter.

  5. Banene, Trumpian super spreaders are no worthy it. Imagine winning elections posthumously! Obey science. India says it all.

  6. Well said HH and UPND Alliance Leaders. PF launched its Campaign at Mulungushi Conference Centre attended by multitudes of their Supporters. Didn’t they realise that such an event was a Covid-19 Super Spreader? We are in a 90 day Campaign Period so UPND Alliance should go ahead with their Launch. What is Good for the Gueese is good for the Gander.

  7. UPND celebrated when two MP’s Rodgers Mwewa and Mwenya Munkonge (one PF, the other independent, but viewed as PF). Parliament was club see subsequently. George Sichula of NDC thanked God for taking away the lives of these souls.
    When filling in at ECZ, Hichilema came DOUBLE clad with surgical gloves, two face masks two vests and two bombasa. If there is no Covid-19, what was his fearing? Please let’s not have these politicians fool us.

  8. UPND celebrated when two MP’s Rodgers Mwewa and Mwenya Munkonge (one PF, the other independent, but viewed as PF). Parliament was club see subsequently. George Sichula of NDC thanked God for taking away the lives of these souls.
    When filling in at ECZ, Hichilema came DOUBLE clad with surgical gloves, two face masks two vests and two b.o.m.b.a.s.a. If there is no Covid-19, what was his fearing? Please let’s not have these politicians fool us.

  9. Ok go ahead and defy presidential directive if you want to meet your maker early. If you are man enough then try testing our law enforcement officers. You will know who yesu is.

  10. UPND celebrated when two MP’s Rodgers Mwewa and Mwenya Munkonge (one PF, the other independent, but viewed as PF). Parliament was closed subsequently. George Sichula of NDC thanked God for taking away the lives of these souls. Covid was and is real.

  11. When filling in at ECZ, Hichilema came DOUBLE clad with surgical gloves, two face masks two vests and two shoes. If there is no Covid-19, what was his fearing? Please let’s not have these politicians fool us.

  12. Ba HH you said Lungu should lock down the country.Why do u want the country now to open for your selfish reasons?U wanted Zambia to be in lock down to reduce the cases but now you don’t want.It means u wanted Zambians to suffer so that u can gain political millage.Lungu is a leader who made sure that Zambia traded bcoz the economy would have been in trouble.U see now that u don’t care about Zambians.PF please use this opportunity to denounce this leader.Joe Biden campained in cars and Trump the incumbent was busy holding rallies.Opposition in USA never held rallies but won.Why are u crying bwana HH?Tell your partners that u insulted Lungu for not locking the country down when Zambia had zero case.Now cases are increasing u want govt to drop the guide?Awe u’re too emotional and lack…

  13. We need to be bold and ensure that PF and RCL are called out for what they are…they have destroyed the Country and must now move on so that real work starts!

  14. My advice to the youth is for them to stay away from such activities because they’ll be sacrificed for nothing. There’s no need to risk your life for those waiting for their turn to get into government to steal more than than what those that are there are stealing

  15. My fellow Zambians Covid is real don’t follow this foolish politician who protected himself well when filing his nomination with little care about you .No politician is worth dying for.look after number one all of them are the same ,


  17. Then let’s cancel the elections altogether. There’s no way you can hold elections without campaigning. It is unheard of. How many times have we said corona maybe with us for a long time to come? So then should we put life on hold? A lot of money has been pumped into this covid fight. Give out masks at rallies, bring the hand sanitizers. Life has to go on.

  18. Wht did government say to HH whn he suggested a lock down? Were they civil to him? It’s tricky, people. ZNBC refuses to cover the opposition. So how this be a fair election?

  19. ECL preaches free,fair and Credible Elections in 2021 but doesn’t want Opposition Parties to freely campaign during the official Campaign Period. Becoz of Corruption and disastrous PF Policies the Economy is in a mess and People are suffering .ECL is not only Corrupt, Incompetent but Visionless. He has no clue on how to turnaround this Economy. If Zambians want to continue suffering they should give ECL another 5 years. Things will get worse and your lives will be ruined forever. On August 12 Zambians have a golden opportunity to vote out ECL and PF. Zambians must vote for a Change of Govt and that New Govt of Hope should be led by HH and UPND Alliance. That is the New Zambia we want free from corruption,PF Cadre Violence etc. The Choice is yours.

  20. The UPND Alliance has not rubbished President Edgar Lungu’s directive. They have just rubbished the people of Zambia and discarded their right to healthy life. The gang of crooks led by Hakainde Hichilema has just proved that they are not at all concerned about safety of people.

  21. Would these self proclaimed leaders protect the people of the country if they come to power? They are only interested in their political gains, no matter, innocent people die of Covid19. We have seen the gross disregard of Hakainde Hichilema to the lives of innocent Zambians when he and his party violated Covid19 protocol by gathering thousands of cadre at Lusaka. That will definitely prove to be fatal for innocent people as it was the most conducive situation for spread of the virus. Not only the people of Lusaka, but HH risked lives of his supporters too!

  22. Wow!! The aspiring President of the country who should be concerned about safety of people is inciting them to be a part of Covid19 spread in the country, just because he wants to campaign for his bl00dy election! He is like, let the people go to hell, my campaign must go on.

  23. How can campaigning elevate the marginalised sections if they campaigned in the election? How bizarre can he get? On the contrary, president Lungu is protecting them by imposing restrictions on public gatherings. Even PF has decided not to hold mega rallies. Why can’t you follow the rules, HH?

  24. If Covid19 is not dangerous, why did you have so much protection on while filing nomination? We have never seen you wearing gloves before! You wore double masks, feared even touching the digital pen, didn’t even touch the chair, there was a man to move it for you! If you are protecting yourself so much, then why should we risk our lives for you?

  25. Last year HH advocated complete lock down of the country and total ban on public gatherings due to Covid19. What has changed now? Oh yes…. he needs to campaign and become President. For that he is ready to kill any number of innocent people! Does it sound like a dictator talking?

  26. If you are so confident of victory, then it should not depend on rallies and campaign? If people have confidence in you, they will vote for you. Why are you getting so restless?

  27. It is not proved beyond doubt that HH and his gang is hell bent on spreading the deadly virus in the country. This is no less than genocide. I would say, it reminds me of holocaust. The difference is that there was gas chamber, and here is a deadly virus. End result is the same, death of millions.

  28. What do you mean take away the right of people? Are you trying to say that imposing restrictions to prevent spread of Covid19 to save lives was an attempt to take away the rights of people? Do you want them to die of the infection?

  29. His friends in opposition, like Joe Biden in USA, were busy encouraging masking up an indication they cared or the lives of Americans. And here is a moron in HH trying not to be smart encouraging Zambians to attend his huge rallies and leave the people die from deadly COVID19.Heartless free mason.

  30. Some political parties and their surrogate NGOs amaze me on daily basis. Football in Zambia, a people unifying factor than politics is played in empty stadia today because of “COVID 19” and none of them has ever challenged President Lungu to lift the ban or claim that the ban is favouring PF or Nkana F.C or Zesco F.C etc. We all have accepted that it’s a matter of life and death and the ban stays.
    So what has changed now? Just because of Plot One some people would want to sacrifice other people’s lives in the name of political rallies. NO NO NO TWAKANA. Social media has been used for all bad reasons in recent past, insulting political leaders, character assassination, bullying incessantly. Why not use it now to sell your manifestoes to the electorates.

    In any case USA Joe Biden held their meetings in Cars with masks on yet; Bully Tramp held huge rallies but lost the elections with many souls consequentially lost BECAUSE OF “COVID 19” (May Their Souls Rest in Peace).
    Use your MANIFESTOES to reach the Zambian people through Digital, Electronic, Print Media and or PA system.
    I.G, the Police Command, PS Ministry of Health and the Health experts do your thing and prevent the spread of “COVID 19” SO RUBBISH THE BAN AT YOUR OWN PERIL

  32. Just agree ati Covid-19 is a game changer.
    Don’t make the situation tougher than it is.
    Covid is real.
    Crowds are super spreaders.
    Don’t be thick skulled.
    You would need the same people you want annihilated though hopeless rallies.
    Covid stipulate new normals and oval head wants the old way of doing things.
    This kwindi never learns and that worries me a great deal.

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