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Briefcase rice buyers invade Chama district


Senior Chief Kambombo of the Senga people in Chama district has commended the government for its commitment to improve the agriculture sector in the area.

The chief said the agriculture sector in Chama has in recent years recorded high yields owing to good agriculture policies coupled with the early distribution of farming inputs.

He was speaking at his palace yesterday when Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary Davison Mulenga paid a courtesy call on him.

Senior chief Kambombo said the Patriotic Front (PF) administration has performed well in various economic sectors, which include agriculture.

He was however worried that some briefcase buyers have invaded the area to buy the farm produce, especially rice from small scale farmers.

The traditional leader said the briefcase buyers, who include foreign nationals, are taking advantage of farmers’ challenges to access markets because of poor feeder roads.

Senior chief Kambombo has since appealed to the government to ensure that small scale farmers have access to markets where they can sell their produce at a competitive price.

“Briefcase buyers have invaded the district buying agriculture produce from the small scale farmers. These briefcase buyers are offering low prices,” he said.

He also appealed to the government to expedite works on the remaining 61 kilometres of the Chama-Matumbo road.

And Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary Davison Mulenga said government considers traditional leaders as partners in development.

“As government leaders, we will continue to consult traditional leaders on various matters affecting traditional leaders and their subjects,” he said.

Captain Mulenga promised to follow up the contractor engaged to work on the Chama-Matumbo road and find out when he is going to re-mobilise.

Meanwhile, Neria’s Investments has started delivering fertilisers to Chama district for the 2021/2022 farming season.

Chama District Commissioner Leonard Ngoma told Capt. Mulenga that authorities in the district have since started identifying transporters to be engaged for the distribution of farming inputs to various places.

Mr. Ngoma said it was the plan of the district administration to ensure that farming inputs are distributed to all the areas in Chama by August this year.


  1. Better at low price than nothing at all. Half a slice of bread is better than nothing at all. Let the farmers do what they feel is right, after all, it is their farm produce.

  2. The market is coming to the farmer and this Chief is complaining instead of enlightening his farmers to obtain a good price…let the PF pay him since they have done a good job as he is saying to a civil servant!!

  3. We thank you so much for your kind words chief. We do this for our people. Our job is to ensure you and your subjects live better lives. We are glad you are happy with what we are doing. Only a tribal t.o.nga boy like tarino would be unhappy with the work of a government of a country in which he doesn’t even live In. Fuseke!!!

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