Demand answers from PF on the Burning of Markets and Gassing of People-UPND SG


United Party for National Development (UPND) Secretary General Batuke Imenda has challenged voters to ask the Patritic Front (PF) government to provide them with answers regarding issues that affect them such the burning of markets and gassing of people.

Mr Imenda said there are many unanswered questions regarding purchase of fire tenders at inflated prices as well as purchase of expired drugs.
The party Secretary General was speaking in Kabwe yesterday during a mobilization exercise in three wards.

Mr Imenda recieved a total of over 900 defectors from the PF led by Chinyanja PF Councillor Gabriel Bwalya together with the entire ward officials and various branches from Luwasensa and Kangomba ward.

The Secretary General urged the people to vote for President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND on August 12th, so as to revive the country’s ailing economy.

He observed that President Hichilema is a successful farmer and businessman who will look for opportunities that will benefit the Zambian people including exporting of maize to parts of the world including China.

And UPND Chairman for Industry and Commerce Bernard Mpundu said it was time for Zambians to assess the performance of PF government and decide and allow themselves to be hoodwinked with paltry offers of mealie meal.

Mr Mpundu reminded the voters of the escalating high commodity prices and urged them to use it as the yardstick to vote the Lungu led PF regime out of office.

The SG presented the aspiring candidates who included Kwacha Percy Chato, Kabwe Central Chrisota Phiri, Mayoral Gary Domingo, Kanonmbe Briton Munyama and Munyama Jacob Njovu


  1. Kapoyongo was behind burning of markets to push through 42/42 and lungu pocketed $5 million………

    Lungu knew about the gassing of our pipo, more than 50 lynched and burned in our towns like culled animals … never seen before while lungu watched hoping the other part of the plot about $1.6 million arms deal to harm him comes to traction…..

    It all back fired spectacularly

  2. akapS- At least get your timeline right …Firetrucks were paid for were before the controversial market fires

  3. That is why ECL is burning Opposition Parties Rallies. ECL can’t give a coherent answer to burning of the Markets,Gassing of more than 50 People, killing of Civilians by ZPS and PF Cadres, PF Cardre violence at Markets, PF Cadres threatening Civil Servants with dismissal and death,PF corruption etc. PF has no answers to these crimes against humanity committed by PF Cadres. Zambians shouldn’t vote for this Corrupt,incompetent and Visionless ECL and his Panga Family. Voting for ECL and PF to give them an 5 years means continued suffering for Zambians. Infanct voting for ECL is suicidal for Zambians. Time to kick out this brutal Govt of Power. Our hope is HH,UPND Alliance and the Zambia we want. Vote for HH aka Bally will fix it.

  4. #2  Tarino Orange 
    May 30, 2021 At 3:59 pm

    “akapS- At least get your timeline right …Firetrucks were paid for were before the controversial market fires…”

    Learn to read crooks……

    the fires started after there was a crescendo buildup of mummers regarding the 42/42 price….

    Kapoyongo engineered the fires to push through and justify 42/42……..

  5. UPND just concentrate on your
    Campaign as this is your last chance to win Zambians to give you the vote. We don’t want you to
    Cry after elections if you get beaten.

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