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Kanganja warns Doctors Association President and threatens to arrest those attending illegal ZOOM meetings


Inspector-General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has warned Resident Doctors Association of Zambia (RDAZ) President Brian Sampa of arrest should he continue disregarding his three months suspension pending investigations and hearing into his conduct as a medical doctor.

Mr. Kanganja said that Dr. Sampa should not perform his duties as a medical doctor or participate in any activity related to his profession during the next three months.

Mr. Kanganja said that this was a directive by the Health Professions Council of Zambia (HPCZ) for Dr. Sampa to comply with, but he has however continued to address zoom meetings as RDAZ President.

The Police Chief added that Dr. Sampa’s behaviour is in contravention of the conditions of his suspension which are in line with the Health Professions Act of 2009.

He has warned Dr. Sampa that police will move in and arrest him should he desist.

Mr. Kanganja has also warned those attending Dr. Sampa’s meetings on Zoom platforms that they will also be picked up for attending the illegal meetings, as the police have enough capacity to do so, adding that the new law on Cyber-crime and security has made the work of the police on such matters easier.

The IG was speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday.

Three days ago, the Health Professional Council of Zambia (HPCZ) suspended Dr. Sampa’s practicing license for gross professional misconduct.


  1. Bane use Pseudo names in Zoom. Turn this into a game of brains. Then you will subdue the mighty.

  2. Is it illegal in Zambia to hold a Zoom meeting? I think the Police are overreaching here. Stop your empty illegal threats.I think position of IG should include a Masters degree , we are being disappointed time and time again by the low calibre of Inspector Generals being appointed in Zambia. Dr.Martin Malama was really good though his term was shortlived.

  3. Aka ka policeman takakwata amano. Expressing one’s views and demanding ones dues is illegal in Zambia? This hombre is a baboon just being used.

    Kanganja for once have courage and and stop intimidating citizens. Illegal zoom meetings?

  4. Also Host your meeting in VPN and apply filters on your faces. That will change the game from these guys who love threatening of arrests without knowing what law someone has broken & are scared to take them to court.

  5. It is very sad to see Doctors behaving this way in the midst of deadly virus. Doctors, give considerations to our weaknesses; 200, 000 vaccines against a population of about 20M, our inability to manufacture our own vaccine, poor quality of life. In times like this, Doctors see Zambia the way our football players see Zambia when playing for Zambia. To be honest with you in this situation, it is Zambia First and not your pockets.


  7. This HPCZ is just like IBA, both only good at taking disciplinary measures on their members but poor at addressing the concerns and welfare of their members.

  8. Brian sampa another paid upnd cadre. How does an educated person lower themselves to a mere cadre of a tribal party.

  9. “Don’t feed the trolls (aka Kaizar Zulu).” Trolls seek out emotional responses and find provocation amusing, so replying to them or attempting to debate them will only make them troll more. By ignoring a troll completely, they will likely become frustrated and go somewhere else on the internet.
    You SHOULD try your best not to take anything trolls say seriously. No matter how POORLY they behave, remember these people spend countless unproductive hours trying to make people mad. They’re NOT worth your time of day.

  10. Ba Kanganja, let the people talk. You are abusing your authority, those doctors deserve better and are equally entitled to protests. You yourself you are handsomely paid so stop intimidating the doctors who are rightfully fighting for their own money. They have already worked for it.

  11. This P.I.G ( Police Inspector General)Kanganja is talking Nonsense again.Just Pay the doctors what is owed to them.PF & government are going around dishing out cash .
    People remember this P.I.G was put on Probation & is still on Probation for failing on multiple occasions to do his job .He is simply fighting for his own survival.Send this Crocodile back to Mwinilunga,he does Not deserve to be in office.
    He ordered his men to slaughter two innocent citizens in the the streets,in broad daylight.
    That was too much even for Lungu to stomach. Instead of sucking him instantly he got put on Probation.His forced contract renewal date is up & he knows that he shouldn’t be in office,he knows that he is the worst Police Chief in the country’s history .We the people have Zero Confidence in his…

  12. Never had the slightest idea that in my 54 years of existence as a Zambian, the country would sink so low in everything and that citizens will be under constant threats by the Police for things that they are entitled in the constitution

  13. It is good to be educated and Knowledgeable but it is pointless and a waste of education if you can fail to reasonably respond to raised issues or concerns or appreciate positive development. Foul language cannot be a substitute, it is cheap. We tried to lift UNPD, we failed because they opted for violence whereas ECL has preached peace, they wished convid-19 will favor UNPD as it did to USA democrats, ECL has refused to expose us to virus [we say thanks to ECL]. As of now, PF is a better option. Right now UNPD is cherishing unreasonableness being demonstrated by the Doctors [a form of senseless opposition like encouraging violence] .UNPD d-campaigning itself. The majority are not in favor.

  14. Is this not the work of Health Profession Council of Zambia to deal with? How does this turn to be a police case.?
    Zambia is indeed a failed state.

  15. Garlic you are a Disgrace. Please Wake Up .
    Lungu must be your Uncle.
    Doctors should simply & rightfully be paid their Dues .And what do they do instead ? They Unleash the P.I.G Kanganja to arrest them.
    The PF Government are going around the country dishing out Cash Money to Voters in the streets,and yet they cannot pay Doctors their Arrears.
    Brother Wake the F… Up

  16. What is the issue? RDAZ resident was suspended by HPCZ. Kankanja is merely doing his job of reinforcing the suspension.

  17. Dr Sampa you can still hold zoom meetings with your colleagues not as a doctor but just as a mere citizen just freely discussing news items of the which might include the doctors go slow and as a mere citizen you may also give an opinion on the same. No one can arrest you for that.

  18. Indeed structures, processes and sense have failed in Zambia under this desperate regime. This is an in house issue. How does the Police come in? How insane that the Police have become a directionless tool. What’s all this warning here and warning there that has preoccupied the Police and regime even where they do not have the authority to show their snouts?

  19. Why let mole hills grow into mountains due to negligence? Pay the doctors their dues as like anybody else serving in any sector institutions they are workers providing needed labor and not a charity! There entitlements should be fulfilled as per contract of employment which both parties assented to thus government should not try using high handed approach of intimidation when it, government, is the one at fault for failing to honor the contract! PAY THE DOCTOR’S and stop threats of withdrawing their practicing licenses!

  20. In Zimbabwe, doctors underwent similar treatment by the Zanu-PF government. Doctors there were protesting poor working conditions, lack of equipment, and meagre wages in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic last year. 77 of the striking doctors were fired, worsening its hospital crisis. Other doctors on their part made sure no government official admitted to hospitals came back alive. Three (3) cabinet ministers, one Member of Parliament for Zanu-PF and several ruling party bigwigs succumbed to Covid-19 in rapid succession.

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