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PF has prioritized the issue of advancing the status of Zambia being a Christian Nation-President Lungu

Headlines PF has prioritized the issue of advancing the status of Zambia being...

President Lungu says neglecting the church, is neglecting Zambians because of the role the church plays in collaboration with the government to improve people’s lives.

Speaking when he held a meeting with members of the clergy in Chifunabili district of Luapula province, President Lungu noted that the church is an integral part of the governance system.

He said it is therefore important that the clergy whose input facilitates for good policies be part of the process and asked for their support in promoting the wellbeing of the people.

President Lungu said the PF has prioritized the issue of advancing the status of Zambia being a Christian nation and that it is why it saw it necessary to create a dedicated ministry to oversee religious affairs and to construct a national house of prayer among others.

“That is why I appreciate your role as a church because, through you, we are able to know and appreciate the needs of the community, through you, we are able to walk with the community” President Lungu noted.

“That’s why I encourage you to speak out and even as we come to canvass for votes, ask us what our position is regarding the church in Zambia, ask us were we stand on issues of GBV, ask us on why Zambia should not be called a Christian country, ask us what was wrong in bill 10 of declaring Zambia as a Christian nation, ask us what was wrong in including the differently-abled and the youth in our governance system,” President Lungu said.

The head of state assured the clergymen that he is alive to issues that affect successful evangelism such as illiteracy, gender-based violence, and lack of conducive infrastructure but promised to collaborate with the church to address them.

“It is difficult for you as the church to talk to people if they are illiterate. It is the same with farming, you need to be literate to be a good farmer because you will need to have knowledge on how and when to apply fertilizer” President Lungu said.

The President also took the opportunity to introduce PF Chifunabuli aspiring Member of parliament Ms. Jullen Nyemba to the clergy and asked her, being an educationist, to take issues of illiteracy seriously in order for the district to promote high literacy levels.

He said Chifunabili being a recently created new district, requires teamwork and dedication from all stakeholders to improve its status.

And President Lungu has challenged other politicians to speak against political violence and emulate his solo voice that has consistently been advocating against violence.

The head of state assured the clergy that he will continue working with them as much as he has done in order to maintain a stable government-church relationship.

And Chifunabuli District Pastors Fellowship chairperson Dominic Mubanga thanked President Lungu for being a passionate leader whose works are visible to see in various sectors such as infrastructure.

He said the church will be praying for the head of state even as he continues to lead the country.


  1. Lungu is wrong bcoz religion is a private matter and the state has no business declaring “Christian Nation” or not.

  2. Extra judicial killings of innocent civilians by police and cadres, gassing of innocent people, nepotism of the highest degree, wanton theft of public resources and he can speak of advancing Zambia as a Christian nation?

  3. The thief comes only to steal and kill but the son of man came that we may have abundant life. PF and Christ? You be the judge.

  4. The president who trespasses on every one of the ten commandments every single day, and he wants to advance Christianity? What a joke! And shame on those church leaders for siding with the most unproductive and corrupt president ever!


  6. This moron surely has no shame …just look at the picture is that a state visit? Where is the adherence to the so called covid-19? He talks of this Christianity when it suits him…meanwhile he is bribing everyone, retaining corrupt ministers like Chilufya who stole money procured defective condoms and expired drugs. This is a very desperate man who just has to go…he is not even supposed to campaign as his candidature has been petitioned.
    This man is going to be on record as the worst president to ever set foot in State House.

  7. “PF has prioritized the issue of advancing the status of Zambia being a Christian Nation-President Lungu”-LT

    “Arguably the most easily recognizable Toyota model of all time, the Land Cruiser was born in the fifties, but its origins can be traced back to the Second World War when the Japanese military ordered the carmaker to build a four-wheel-drive light utility vehicle capable of rivaling the legendary U.S.-made Jeep.” By Vlad Radu

  8. “That is why I appreciate your role as a church because, through you, we are able to know and appreciate the needs of the community, through you, we are able to walk with the community” President Lungu noted.”-LT.

    “There are more than 8 million empty homes in rural Japan, and local governments are selling them for as little as $500 in a bid to lure residents”

  9. I’ve always believed, if there’s going to be a hit, take it and then go on about your business.” “Everything is, to some extent, a compromise. Not everything can be perfect.” “Past performance is the best predictor of success.” Jim Simon.

    PF time out.

  10. Look at the crowd that came to welcome him. Is that not a COVID 19 super spreading event? He is busy campaigning while his puppets ,the ECZ and Health authorities are telling the opposition to observe COVID 19 regulations. Can we please level the playing fields for all parties.

  11. President Lungu said the PF has prioritized the issue of advancing the status of Zambia being a Christian nation and that it is why it saw it necessary to create a dedicated ministry to oversee religious affairs and to construct a national house of prayer among others.

    What a load of nonsense surely. This is the same man who did not listen to the clergy when advised not to make Cyberbill into law. The clergy were against such a bill becoming law as it was viewed as an infringement on freedom of speech and expression. However, ECL completely ignored their advice and proceeded into signing the bill into law, Why, because he wanted to appease his base score political points. Today he says the clergy are part of the governance system, is this for real……,who is the President fooling…

  12. Knack Unity band from Samfya has shaken ba Edgar, he can’t sleep!!
    No options but to postpone elections..

  13. The relevancy of a nation is to advance the interests of the majority even as it fosters national development. The fact that we have a small number of heathens (unbelievers) does not mean that we cannot call ourselves by the majority “Christians”. Democracy was founded and built on “majoritarian rule” the heathens, as demonstrated above can shout as much as possible and lose elections as many times but the fact remains that Zambia is largely a Christian nation. Just like the countries we call Muslim countries not everyone subscribes to Muslim principles.

  14. Lungu should remove the word Christianity from his mouth because he does not behave Christian at all.

  15. WHAT CHURCH DOES BA LUNGU BELONG TO? We know for example that Nkandu Luo and Lubinda are Catholics and have history with the Church just like Mr.Sata was. We know HH is an Adventist, (chimpempe) BUT BA LUNGU….????

  16. He is busy campaigning and stopping others but still talking about Christianity, the God we worship does not disappoint

  17. Sure that Man what church does he belong to? Was he Baptised and when? Did he request for forgivess to that poor Widow after Law association fimo fimo got the Licence? Ba Zambia Open your eyes scrutinise and scrutinise..

  18. The truth is that, we are a secular nation in which seemingly the majority of the people favour christianity, but live contrary (against) to the teachings, beliefs and practices of real christianity. The majority of us are pure hypocrites. It is a disgrace even to call ourselves christians, because our deeds do not represent Christ. We have caused people to misunderstand God, because do not reflect His will, but stubbornly continue to call ourselves Christ’s.
    First, be converted (repent truthfully, stop doing evil things, begin following Christ), then second, you can call yourselves a Christian nation

  19. There is no constitutionality in Zambia being declared a Christin nation. Aside that Thomas Jefferson in the American Declaration of Independence said main is endowed with certain inalienable rights amongst which are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

    This part of the Zambian constitution which declares the nation a Christian Nation abrogates the Creator/God-given right to free will, which supersedes liberty and pursuit of happiness, but not life. The law of Free Will or the Law of Confusion is sacred and should not be tampered with. We become who we are by conduct, not pronouncements. Further, in a democracy like ours where we have citizens of differing religions, principles and ideologies, we need to be solemn about what we say. Why say Zambia is  a Christian Nation. Why…

  20. We are grateful to President Edgar Lungu for not only preserving the moral values of Zambia as a Christian Nation but also teaching future generations the importance of it!

  21. This is inevitable. Going by the current political developments and clueless opposition alliance, the outcome can’t be any different.

  22. The biggest problem is presence of more than three leaders who have strong presidential aspirations. They are bound to fall apart soon.

  23. Indeed, if we remove Christianity from the nation then Zambia will have no value. It is our identity!!

  24. The manner in which HH is spreading the Covid19 virus through his rallies, the entire opposition alliance will have blood of innocent people on their hands. They are being accomplices in the mass murders.

  25. This was sealed the moment Hakainde Hichilema went for the so called grand alliance of opposition parties. It is the marriage of convenience. It won’t last long and yield desired results.

  26. What else can you expect when desperation drives the decisions? One greedy and selfish leaders dooms all.

  27. The Opposition is so messed up that those believe that it could win the elections need to consult a good psychiatrist. The opposition alliance at present is no different than a headless army.

  28. The dictatorial streak in the opposition alliance leader will be the root cause of dissent among the members. Mark my words.

  29. Mere coming together without a common ideology can’t be termed as formidable challenge. The people have realised this and they will cut this opposition to size in August.

  30. Four losers coming together can’t form a winning team. It needs public support and a tangible goal to win any battle.

  31. What result do you expect when a novice is your leader? It is surprising that how the experienced leaders agreed to work under an utterly inexperienced man!

  32. God is pouring his blessings to Zambians in the form of incredible work under President Lungu’s government!

  33. I don’t think any leader can ever be like President Lungu. He is indeed blessing to the country.

  34. We bet Hichilema to defeat President Lungu in the upcoming election, we are standing strong behind him. #ECL Beyond 2021.

  35. Traditional leaders, stakeholders, Zambians, and the majority of Zambians are with President Edgar Lungu. No lies can damage his true character.

  36. We respect the thought process of His Excellency! He brought true positive changes in Zambia along with other developments.

  37. As long as Dr. Edgar Lungu is the President of Zambia, we have to fear for nothing! Our Nation is in the safest hands.

  38. HH aka #Bally just pretends to be a follower of Christianity but in reality, he knows nothing about it and acts totally opposite. That is why it is said that truth cannot stay hidden for a long period of time.

  39. Edgar Chagwa Lungu is useless. One thing he has lived upmto is his middle name..Chagwa. Get rid of this peasant and his minions. Talema nano treating us like fools. Winangu azalea come August.

  40. From #30 to #45 uli mwana wa ndoshi. You got all the time in the world to continue with your foolishness and lack of foresight at the expense of the many suffering Zambians. Shame on you shame on you. And be careful how you use God’s name in your dirty misdirected talks. PF are a desperate party. Trying to do all they can to remain in power illegally bwafya.

  41. What a load of b.ull! Talk, talk, talk and behaving like a true hypocrite in a nation that is clearly pagan in practice. It’s despicable how religion is constantly used by the PF as a campaign tool and a means to hoodwink the gullible. He is out there in the guise of meeting the clergy when he is campaigning and has in the meantime banned other players. This country is doomed I tell you, doomed if it allows this calibre of leadership to continue.

  42. Politicians are hypocrites, pure case of this man. Where does he even get the courage to mention Christianity ? It’s really laughable.

  43. PF government and Party, you have corrupted and plundred Zambia. Chinaman thinks those huge wreckkess loans are meant to purchase Zambia. You have spilled too much innocent blood. Repent or God will slap you very soon.

  44. No shame ati christian. How many people have been killed since PF came into power, how many people have been jailed for corruption out of the massive inflatable contracts zero. Honeybee condoms, fire trucks, ZAF us$30 million,
    List is endless coz it’s do as ECL does.
    Zambians wake up get rid of this corruption thru the vote

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