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Government fires Resident Doctors Association President Dr Brian Sampa


The government has fired Resident Doctors Association of Zambia (RDAZ) President, Dr. Brian Sampa, from the civil service.

According to a dismissal letter dated June 1st, 2021 obtained in Lusaka, Dr. Sampa has been relieved of his duty for absenting from work for more than 10 consecutive working days.

Dr. Sampa has been instrumental in calling on the government to address the concerns of resident doctors.

Resident Doctors recently staged a go-slow to press the government to pay them salary arrears among other pending emoluments.


  1. That’s PF government for you, you mean workers should just work for free?

    Dr. Sampa look for a job outside the country, you’re not laborer but a professional qualified doctor.

    In life, one small No, is a one big Yes somewhere.

    Don’t worry Dic, this regime is finished. We are retiring this August possibly you’re already employed 4 months ti come and with a promotion in health ministry.

    PF must go!

    • He can’t look for a job somewhere when HPCZ has revoked his Practicing Licence. Let the reinstate his Licence he is too young to deserve such punishment

  2. A doctor is a ery learned individual who should not be allowed to put patients lives in danger.
    What BS!
    This kid is unethical.
    I don’t support Government’s failure to pay any worker, neither do I support an individual holding on to services that could save lives.
    Sorry to say that he deserves it. This should haunt this nigga a lesson. Corona virus is rising and he is withdrawing his service? What?
    And you firer, pay salaries. You have no excuse not pay a worker. I don’t like employers who don’t take care of workers. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  3. Why are you so excited LT??
    He is a doctor in North Western province, he will just drive across border to work in Angola. You just lost a dedicated doctor.

  4. This is sad but that is what this doctor has been looking forward to all along. He seemed to think it will put him in good light with UPND

  5. Pfis totally confused,they are paying musicians for campaign songs at the expense of improving conditions of civil servers.
    What a useless govt.

  6. PF thinks this is a move popular with voters. Big mistake. It only reiterates that this corrupt PF government doesn’t pay its workers, retirees and suppliers. And rather gives “empowerment” to its criminal cadres. Voters want to keep this horrible government and its thieving president in power? Nah!!!!!

  7. It’s oky to demand for what is lawfully due to you. But in doing so, one has to ensure follows the process , is truthful and respectful. Sampa missed all these steps on top of it he lied on the recruitment. Then he made demands by squeezing government by u ltimatums to a government that did not refuse to address your concerns. Secondly he did not address these matters to the Labour ministry and carried out the association as a Labour Union. That Association is not registered as a Union because essential workers are not allowed to form Labour unions, he forgot about this problem he created. So his firing was just pending action.

  8. How can he be fired for being absent when his licence was revoked meaning he could not legally attend to patients during that time.Do we have people with brains in government? Can Dr.Jonas Chanda please issue a statement because he used to be President of the RDAZ and he too was involved in fighting or the rights of doctors. PF is an evil government.How much money was spent educating this doctor just to throw away that investment for political reasons. Its the people of Zambezi district who will suffer because you have fired their doctor but we know Government doesn’t care about North Western Province. I hope Doctors will stand with Dr.Sampa,he needs his licence reinstated so that he can find a job in a country that appreciates doctors.

  9. The young man should have avoided being misled and tried to have done the right thing. Even when you fight for what you are entitled to, do the right thing! He should have stuck to the instruction of his Hippocratic oath to “Do no harm” by not withdrawing labour as an essential worker. There are so many public servants who served, and some still in service with, government and are owed monies. Some even started work earlier than Dr. Sampa. Besides, problems of pending contractual obligations for workers did not start with the PF. The backlog of unpaid dues has been with government from the time of MMD under FTJ Chiluba. Dr. Sampa should have encouraged his colleagues to continue working whilst pressing for what is due to them. He is now out of a job. He has lost all he has worked for…

  10. … and he is now by himself with his family. His practising license has been withdrawn and is now confined to a life of destitution. What is it that he has achieved with this sad ending?

  11. Since when did Professional body’s leaders become unionists? How can the EIZ President for example ask Engineers to go on strike?

  12. PF and coward Lungu intimidation tactics…they tried this with John Sangwa. You can not fire someone from civil service from such reasons without hearing him out

  13. We understand that medical doctors work under very difficult conditions. But they have a duty to show compassion towards their patients. It is indeed appreciated that medical doctors undergo very rigorous training that takes many years. But they should also bear in mind that their training has in most cases come about through the contribution of so many Zambian tax payers. For this reason they have to balance their demands for what is due to them with meeting the health needs of their clients with compassion.

  14. I said he would be and I recommended it. You cannot break civil service oath just because you are paid by opposition, and then expect government to welcome you with open arms. Which planet does he live on? Hh has promised to employ him as milk manager on his farm

  15. It’s fine. Grown men are doing this to each other at the expense of the greater good. This guy is actually standing up for the injustice of an employer that happens to be a government’s health department abrogating their labor laws. Like we say, all is fair in love and war. Tizamuonani kusogolo.

  16. ULTRA VIRES. Just get a good employment lawyer and you will have your job back, but Oh, sorry, you have to go to a PF court unfortunately. So, go to Namibia. It wants doctors.

  17. Sometimes even if you have a grievance please do not play to the gallery…leave trade union mentality to the trade unionists….you are a professional and behave as such….well you are a doctor …go look for a job were your demands will be met….and you will be judged accordingly…the diaspora is attractive but it has very high standards…..all the best mune….and welcome on board

  18. He has been fighting for a just cause. The lord Almighty has a way for him. He has been steady fast, truthful, respectful and ably represented all the doctors with all his mighty. A young man full of wisdom, very militant, truthful and principled. There will be always those brave ones who will die for others. All the best young man, Zambians are with you all the way.

  19. Instead of acknowledging that the doctor has exposed the usual inadequacies of the PF government to pay civil servants their dues to budgetary constraints due to over borrowing and reckless management of the economy, ati due to absenteesm. Strange Christian nation this one

  20. Its sad the way some comments are said above. Those who have fired Dr. Sampa took the matter too personal. In the absence of the cabinet, the permanent secretaries should have looked into the problems of doctors holistically. This case of doctors, doesn’t deserve anyone to be fired. Even the permanent secretary of the ministry of Labor and of Health, would not like to be fired. This is something we do to other people in the name of the party in government. God bless the doctors and may God bless Doctor Sampa. Check yourselves who hiding under the law to commit violence on your brothers. Do not to others what you would not like happen to you.

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