Sunday, April 14, 2024

MMD President Nevers Mumba’s Full Campaign Launch Speech




On May 20th this year, I had the rare honor of filing in as Presidential Candidate in this year’s election. Many of our supporters have since asked as to when our nationwide campaign would begin in earnest. Today after thorough preparations, we are now confidently ready to launch a winning campaign towards the August 12th General Election. I also wish to re affirm that I am running for President of Zambia in these elections.


The opportunity to change the governance system of Zambia has finally come. A system which shall finally create a government of National Unity In practice.
This new government will not favor a particular political party or particular tribe, but a government for all Zambians.
It is a government that shall have no unruly cadres as all Zambians shall be treated the same.
It is a government where bus stations and markets belong to all Zambians and not to one political party and its cadres.
It is a government where people from both opposition and ruling parties shall have equal access to government contracts. Such a government needs a unique, patriotic and tested citizen to be President.

With the current high levels of poverty and discrimination, the Zambian people are anxious as to who their next president is going to be after August 12th. It is precisely for this reason that the New Hope MMD has decided to mount an exclusive Presidential campaign. We have had to consider the challenges we have faced in the last four years of being in court while other political players have been mobilizing. We have therefore not invested much into MPs and Councillors although we have several candidates on our ticket. We have realized that the next parliament shall be one of the most mixed parliaments we have ever had. Never in the history of our nation have we had so many independent candidates standing across the nation. This phenomenon alone, shall forever change the nature of our 2021 – 2026 Parliament. There shall be no exclusive “owner” of the house. It promises to be a hang parliament. It is such a Parliament that needs a unifying and tested President to navigate through the many interests that shall be represented in parliament. New Hope MMD has decided to run a Presidential campaign. All our energies and resources shall be spent of this exclusive Presidential Campaign.

In light of this new unity government, the New Hope MMD has decided to endorse, support and recommend a list of 156 candidates standing across the nation, including our own MMD candidates. We have considered their personal values and their suitability to sit in the next parliament. We have also considered their Christian testimony. These candidates who are already on the ballot shall be drawn from all political parties and especially the independent candidates. We shall present this list to churches across the nation as the preferred candidates. We shall also support those independent members of parliament on our list with finance and logistics and publicity to enhance their chances to win. Our Spokesperson shall be officially releasing our list of recommended MP Candidates to the nation in the next few days. We are further encouraged to note that several independent candidates have decided to work with us and support my candidature for President.

Elected President under this new outfit of leaders, we shall forever steer our nation away from politics of violence, blood letting, retarded development and perpetual tribal and political conflicts. I come as Zambia’s 7th President to repaint a new political dispensation anchored on national unity.
These measures and changes will give Zambia A FRESH START.


The vision of ZAMBIA SHALL BE SAVED has been my defining mission for 44 years. It has become convincingly clear that this is the year in which this dream shall be fulfilled.
As a young emerging Zambian Evangelist, I traveled around the globe preaching the Gospel in several Western Countries.

I noticed that many Africans that lived in these foreign countries considered themselves more fortunate that those back home in Africa. They carried an air of superiority over the Africans at home.

When I interrogated them as to why they felt that way, they were clear about the dysfunctional african government systems. They believed that the lack of order and functional institutions of government serves the most crooked and usually least educated malcontents who eventually ascend to political power.

It is this crop of leadership which has run most of african economies to the ground. Many enlightened Africans and Zambians in particular have therefore found it retrogressive to live in countries governed by those who instead of honoring the honest and hardworking, only honor the crooked and wayward people. They have therefore chosen to live in countries where order exists and the honest are rewarded and not scoffed at.

My long time vision of ZAMBIA SHALL BE SAVED is meant to save my nation from this dysfunction. Until this is done, Zambia joins the list of many failing african states.

I am running for President to become the torch bearer to forever change the politics and direction of our nation. This I promise.


In the first hundred days of the New Hope administration, we shall radically change the direction of our country by signing into effect statutory Instruments which shall guide the new policy positions we shall take. We shall also enforce the current laws and regulations which have not been enforced in order to effect the necessary national shift.
Our Manifesto entitled, A FRESH START is an expression of a down to earth dream of changing the nation.


Zambia today operates as the infamous animal farm, where some animals are considered more equal than others. The New Hope Administration is set to change the status quo. The Zambia of today prides herself in filth and institutional disorder as can be seen on the streets and the high levels of corruption in government institutions.

Within the first 100 days in office we shall clean up the streets, walk ways and enforce all nuisance laws. There shall be no selling on the streets except in designated places with operational toilets and running water. There shall be no throwing of litter, urinating or spitting in public spaces except in designated areas. Bus stops shall be decongested and modernized and public passenger vehicles (Mini buses) shall not stop anywhere at will. All approved compounds must have running water and proper sewer systems.

The creation of this social order shall help to improve public health and eliminate hygiene related illnesses like cholera, diarrhea, malaria even pandemics like COVID-19. In turn this will reduce the mounting pressure on our fragile health sector.

The next order we shall establish is adherence to the rule of law, whether in neighborhoods, on the road and work places. We shall ensure an orderly way of life based on first come, first serve basis. Zambia under the New Hope government shall not belong to the powerful only but to every Zambian. The law shall be applied equitably.
These measures shall give Zambia A FRESH START.


The New Hope Administration shall seek to balance the National budget.

Within the first hundred days we shall put a policy mechanism in place which shall ensure that we start to live within our means as a nation. Our budget expenditure shall not exceed that of our income as a nation.

We shall suspend borrowing and embark on clearing our national debt.

This shall be achieved by ensuring that fiscal discipline is maintained and public expenditure restricted until the debt is cleared. This is not the first time we shall be part of a team that shall eliminate our debt burden. I served under the amazing leadership of President Levy Mwanawasa when we zeroed the $7.2 billion debt at that time. We shall do it again.

We shall also declare our natural resources like gold, diamond and emeralds as national strategic assets dedicated to paying off debt.

We shall stop the exportation of raw materials and only export processed goods in the mining, wood and agricultural sectors. This will trigger the establishment of numerous manufacturing industries and consequently create jobs.

We shall reduce all tax brackets in order to strengthen the business community and encourage spending at household level. Placing more disposable income in people’s hands.
These measures shall give Zambia A FRESH START.


Within the first one hundred days, we shall put policy mechanisms in place that shall aim at eliminating the vice of corruption at least by 80% at the end of three years and almost zero by the end of our first term of office.

We shall strengthen financial controls in all public institutions with a goal of eliminating the pandemic of corruption. While COVID-19 remains a devastating pandemic, corruption has claimed more lives and continues to do so. It is therefore a greater danger to Zambia than even COVID-19. If there is any need for a vaccine in Zambia it is a vaccine against Corruption.
To completely stamp out corruption, we shall employ maximum penalties on those convicted on corruption charges. They shall serve not less than 30 years to life sentences in prison. This will be one way of putting away the bad seed of society and end the long era of corruption.

These measures shall give Zambia a FRESH START.


Good governance entails that every Zambian participates equitably in all affairs of the nation. Every Zambian must be treated equal before the law. Every Zambian must enjoy all basic God given rights of freedom of association, speech and movement.

Zambian democracy has become anemic, dysfunctional even dangerous. It favors only the powerful and mostly those in power. It segregates against the opposition. Until the God given freedoms are fully restored, Zambia could soon degenerate into the category of african failed states.

In the first one hundred days in office, the New Hope administration shall put in place new policy mechanisms to restore democracy. All media, both private and public shall be free to operate without political interference.
These measures shall give Zambia A FRESH START.


The MMD project of declaring Zambia as a Christian Nation is not an isolated event. In 1863, at Chitambo mission, David Livingstone prayed a profound prayer..”On these my bended knees……. this land shall become a mighty Christian nation and a beacon of light to the rest of the World…”

I feel spiritually connected to this prayer as I was born at Chitambo Mission and I later declared that Zambia Shall be Saved. In this election, there is no party that qualifies more to implement the vision of the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation than the New Hope MMD. It is our party which made this declaration. There is also no presidential candidate in this election who clearly understands both the origin and intent of this declaration than myself. The body of Christ in the nation understands this and I remain optimistic that the Church shall cast the determinant vote in this election.
Once the church decides to upset this election, then Zambia shall be set on a path to A FRESH START.



I dedicate these last remarks to those who love and pray for Zambia. Those who care to know the place of Zambia in the plans of God.

This season to me represents the end of my long journey of preparation. As an individual I have walked in the shadow of the valley of death for forty four years. My personal journey has been characterized by pain, hate, betrayal, abandonment, false accusations and imprisonments.

My story however is not a unique one. It is paralleled by many historical accounts. Joseph in the scriptures is one of many. He was hated by his brothers for his dream of leadership. At the age of twenty one, the Lord gave me a dream of Zambia Shall be saved. This evoked hate and betrayal from some of my own brothers in church. Joseph was abandoned, sold and later accused falsely in a strange land. He was unfairly imprisoned, until his day of the fulfillment of his dream came to pass. His journey was painful, lonely and seemed like it would never come to an end.

Without stories like Joseph’s I would not have understood my own story. Joseph was being prepared. At the end, the dream was realized and his first response was to cry in Genesis 45.

At a personal level, I believe God is giving me rest and A FRESH START. Like Joseph, I have come to this season of my life with tears in my eyes not because it hurts but because I don’t feel the hurt anymore. ITS A FRESH START to take up the role for which I have been prepared for.


The Movement for Multiparty Democracy as a political vehicle has faced its own relentless battles, but I shall limit my statement to the last ten years since it lost power in 2011. It was plundered and abandoned by many who could not live with the idea of being in the opposition. Many of its leaders were accused of theft and taken before Magistrates. Insurrections were funded from both within and without. In the past ten years, the Party has suffered great damage at the hands of those funded to remove it from the political space. Damaged but not destroyed. The hardships the MMD has gone through have not killed it but strengthened it. The good news is that after all the vicious relentless attacks on the party, it’s still here and has now regrouped under the New Hope banner. To all our members nationwide, these ugly experiences of the past ten years which characterized our journey have only made us qualified to become the trusted party of choice in this season. These experiences have given us an opportunity for A FRESH START.


At national level, the past ten years has left us more divided along political and tribal lines than ever before. The last ten years has left us with depleted national coffers. The last ten years has left us a national debt unheard of since independence. The last ten years has left us with the weakest currency since independence. The last ten years has left us with the most expensive essential commodities against the back drop of depleted jobs and less income amongst our people.
Against this back ground the New Hope MMD promises A FRESH START. We shall rebuild our lost fortunes. Together we shall overcome these obstacles.


A FRESH START demands for courage to abandon the status quo which is what has brought us down on the floor. We must be courageous to abandon the current political set up which can only sustain the current levels of national pain and lack among us. If the choice for the future is left between the PF and the UPND, then we should brace ourselves for another cycle of more politics than development. More divisions than unity.
The New Hope MMD offers Zambia A FRESH START.

I thank you


  1. The dawn of the new era of the new MMD is inspired by the Malawians. But Malawi is different from the Zambia in the Sun.
    Much more to be desired.

  2. Trying to balance the debt will only lead to massive unemployment, unfinished projects and more poverty. How we in Canada did it after WWII was to grow our GDP so that our debt ratio shrunk. In other ways, you have to continue investing in vital area like energy and transport to woe investors to all areas of the nation.

  3. Levy Mwanawasa did not zero the national debt without the debtors CANCELLING it under the Jubilee 2000 initiative by NGOs and Mr Bob Geldof. If anyone knows Dr Mumba, they will know that he is very stubborn and while he may support these MPs now, once he gets into power he will do his own thing and treat them like he has always done with his junior pastors. What Nevers should have done in this election is to formally join an alliance and be humble enough to serve in a junior role. But, he thinks that having been VP he cannot be less than President, forgetting that he was NEVERs elected but appointed to that post.

  4. We are sick and tired of these hollow political and religious prophets from Chinsali. All they know is “kulimonesha ta”, and thieving. This is the chap who stole furniture from our mission in Ottawa and forced his driver to drive from Ottawa to Vancouver, a distance of 4 358,6 km taking 86 hours return while he flew business class. This was just to have his official car in Vancouver flying the flag around as though any Canadian there gave a damn. So ka Nevers iwe, foesek kachi.kala ka muntu wena.

  5. We are sick and tired of these hollow political and religious prophets from Chinsali. All they know is “kulimonesha ta”, and thieving. This is the chap who stole furniture from our mission in Ottawa and forced his driver to drive from Ottawa to Vancouver, a distance of 4 358,6 km taking 86 hours return while he flew business class. This was just to have his official car in Vancouver flying the flag around as though any Canadian there gave a damn. So ka Nevers iwe, foesek kachi.kala ka muntu wena.

  6. Nevers Mumba stole Embassy furniture in Canada and Mwanawasa fired him for insubordination….and now he is spoiling HH’s votes……the opposition will share votes….PF bandits as a ruling party have their solid votes enough to win the elections

    Am non partisan…..

  7. Never is stealing from the PFools Bembastan block, he is actually helping HH. As for Kainyokolola Zulu, “wabe tole palinso, katombolilo wena!

  8. Another useless chap who thinks you just need a few colours to reinvent yourself, add new to your name and all will be forgotten. Nevers iwe please vacate this seat and give others a chance. We know your character and no one will ever vote for you so please with all due respect, return the MMD to it’s rightful owners, the people of Zambia.

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