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Lungu to solve the Kapoche School Water crisis after being told the school has had no water since 2013


President Edgar Lungu has expressed sadness that Kapoche Day secondary school in Katete district has been operating without water since 2013 when it was constructed.

President Lungu described the lack of water at the school as, ‘a shame’. He noted that the situation was one of the contributing factors to female pupils dropping out of school.

ZANIS reports that the President said this when inspecting Kapoche Day Secondary school today.

President Lungu has since assured the school administration that he will send his Special Assistant for Project Monitoring and Implementation Andrew Chella to the school to assess the situation and find a way forward.

And during the meeting with chieftainess Kawaza whose palace is near the school, President Lungu assured the traditional leader that government would soon attend to the challenges the school faces.

“I can promise that I will send a team to come and see what can be done to address the problem of water and electricity at the school,” the President said.

The head of state said all the failures of the previous members of parliament should be forgotten but stressed the need to focus on bettering the future of the school.

He said his government has adopted a style of listening to communities to hear their developmental needs and implement accordingly.

The President explained that different parts of Zambia have different needs hence the need to listen to local communities.

He thanked chieftainess Kawaza for acknowledging government achievements.

Earlier, chieftainess Kawaza thanked the President and his administration for the many achievements scored in various sectors in Katete district.

The traditional leader however appealed for the provision of water and electricity connection at Kapoche Day Secondary school.

“You have done well and completed the larger part of the project. We just ask you to do the minor issues that are remaining such as water, electricity and laboratory equipment” she said.

And school head teacher Benjamin Phiri said the school has no electricity, a situation that is posing a serious challenge to the pupils and teachers.

Earlier, President Lungu paid a courtesy call on paramount chief Kalonga Gawa Undi of the Chewa people in Katete district.

The head of state also met with chief Mbangombe of Katete district.


  1. Where have you been since 2013 mwe bantu? Now that it is election time, you have all of a sudden discovered that the school has no water?
    pf what a shame!

  2. What have the MPs, councillors and even the Chieftainess Kawaza herself been doing over the past few years to address the water problem at the school?

  3. That’s my boss right there. Fixing the nation. A man with a big heart unlike that bush pig hh who cannot even help his own relatives. How eviI

  4. This desperate man has no shame at all…he doesnt want others to campaign but he is busy meeting Chiefs every week …since when have you been concerned with schools. Where have you been?

  5. Selfish woman. She likes screwing up people in her entire life. Didn’t she screw up Chief Chitimukulu and GBM had resign? This woman is evil from head to toes. I don’t know if she has an beautiful part oart on her body. Abipa umutima kwati nipamenso yakwe.

  6. @Uncle Tembo. Our traditional leaders are also beggars. These guys need to be the movers of development but they only have time for witchcraft and boot licking.

  7. Where have they been since 2013 ???

    ………borrowing , stealing , looting , organising thier violent caders and dancing

  8. Lungu & his Shameless Criminal Enterprise of a Government on another Covid Super Spreading mission this time in Eastern province.
    There no Corruption money to made in developing the school ,so they turned a blind eye .7 weeks to Election Day ,all of a sudden Lungu cares .This is total desperation,where are you going next week Chagwa?
    Probably off to Kapompo to officially open some public toilets & a bicycle shed.

  9. Ku Malawi Chakwera, manje mu Zambia, Chagwa. Let him solve the water issues for all Zambian’s not a selected few.

  10. Lack of planning, no vision, no governance acumen. Just an appetite to spend and spend national funds on themselves and then during election time come up with these to ‘ma appeasement’ measures which have no guarantee of implementation. A regime now groping in the dark for relevance.

  11. Harold Muna- The man is so useless that he doesn’t even know how govt functions all he knows is the huge sums of unaudited money allocated to State House hence he is able to direct a Special Assistant for Project Monitoring and Implementation who deals with national issues to go and deal with water issues at a school…its really sad …that this man still plans to waste 5 more years of the country’s time.

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