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ECZ strongly condemns campaign violence perpetrated by both PF and UPND

Headlines ECZ strongly condemns campaign violence perpetrated by both PF and UPND

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has noted with serious concern the escalating campaign violence ahead of the August 12, general elections, especially in Lusaka and some selected parts of the country.

ECZ Chief Electoral Officer, Kryticous Nshindano says if the vice is left to escalate, it will undermine the credibility of the elections and also the stability and peace of the country.

Mr. Nshindano has noted that the perpetrators of violence are mainly the Patriotic Front (PF) and United Party for National Development (UPND).

In a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today by ECZ Corporate Affairs Manager Patricia Luhanga, Mr Nshindano has reminded the two political parties that the Code of Conduct which their leaders swore oath to, applies to this period of campaigns and must be adhered to without exception.

“The Commission would like to categorically state that it will not hesitate to invoke the Electoral Process Act and suspend indefinitely all manner of physical campaigns for the two political parties should these violent acts continue,” he cautioned.

He added, “The Commission further reminds all political players that violence undermines the credibility of an election and our call to the leadership is that they should prevail over their supporters.”

Mr Nshindano further called on the police to swiftly arrest and present for prosecution all those that will be found in breach of the Code of Conduct.

“We call upon the police to perform their duties in an impartial and professional manner. The Commission will not allow the country to degenerate into lawlessness during this period in the name of electoral activities and further calls on the electorate and political party supporters to desist from engaging in violence as it is not worth dying for any political leader,” he emphasised.

The Chief Electoral Officer further advised the two political parties that they are risking their respective parties against applicable sanctions in the law, including disqualification.

“From now henceforth, the Commission will be following the activities of both the PF and UPND with keen interest and should this continue, both parties risk being suspended,” he said.

Mr. Nshindano has since encouraged all political players to be tolerant and promote co-existence as they are some of the key ingredients of a maturing democracy and the conduct of peaceful elections.


  1. At least ECZ has started speaking and reigning in matters they are mandated to by our constitution. Campaigns must go on peacefully and in accordance with the provisions of the law in the spirit of One Zambia One Nation One people. It is up to us to keep the peace we so dearly value and cherish.

  2. Don’t be silly. The violence is coming from upnd. Is it not them who killed James banda a pf cadre? Just today they have damaged a pf bmw car. Ba police can you deal with these upnd monkeys before I commande all commanders to take action. The choice is yours

  3. PF has failed to work and the economy is on its knees even before covid came, UPND has not proved themselves and may fail if given any chance, so why doesn’t the toothless ECZ disqualify these two violent parties

  4. Toothless ECZ failed to condemn police brutality in Chingola.

    They’re abit relaxed just because of eligibility case in court. We know whom you’re supporting. PF thugs loaded with stones yesterday were dealt with people not UPND.

    We want to change this country for better and turnaround this dead economy for everyone to enjoy and live peacefully.

    PF must go!


  6. Uboma mwibala ,alya mwibala – Edgar Lungu . With such pronouncements why wouldn’t he also encourage violence?

  7. Edgar Chagwa should release these three people from the party they add no value at all. these are: Kaizer Zulu, Lusambo, Kampyongo. these are blood thirsty beings whos legs are swift to shed blood. Now to these three I say to them that, the blood of each person you have shed under your commands, is testifying against you. Remember what the bible say, when Cain killed Abel? The bible says that and God said to Cain that, the blood of your brother Abel cries out to me against you. The blood of many Zambians including those you gassed cries out to God against you.



    HH you now have to face the man you fear so much. Can someone check on hh before he commits suicide

  9. Instead of beating about the bush Mr Nshindano should tell PF to restrain its violent Cadres,Militias and Vigilantes from interfering with UPND Alliance Roads shows and Campaigns. The PF are threatening to beat up the Police following the Mandevu clashes. The PF Cadres have been threatening to attack the UPND Alliance Road Show in Matero.The PF Cadres are on record for beating up Policemen on duty at Lusaka Central Police Station. Recently the PF Cadres had a fracas at the PF Secretariat. We know that PF Cadres and thugs are violent and PF Leadership should discipline their Cadres. PF Cadres should stop interfering with UPND Campaigns.

  10. PF does not exist anymore, neither on social media nor on the ground. It was proven on a radio phoenix program today than upon assuming office by Ramaphosa in South Africa, the exchange rate instantly gained, mark the word instantly

  11. Indeed thats why the rand is still so strong after Cyril was elected…..indeed we know someone who believes no Zambian can ran a mine and intends to sell all remaining parastatals…never mind that you can pension advance against your pension…oh never mind that the vx is so expensive to run we must be happy with a corolla to drive kwa haye…but he will continue to ride the Mercedes…oh we also intend sell the presidential gulf stream…oh and the civil servants are too many we shall fire them until we have half the current number…..

  12. Equally disappointing is the silence from the so called opposition parties who are supposed to offer an alternative to these two kaponya parties. UNIP where are you? where is your voice? If these two get suspended, we need an alternative. Stop dreaming and start offering people hope. We are sick and tired of these selfish people trying to set this country on fire atase!

  13. Mr Nshindano is barking but he is just a toothless bulldog. We know he can’t suspend PF thugs,Militias and Vigilantes. Its always PF attacking and UPND Youths defending themselves. We have never heard of UPND Youths attacks PF Cadres. There is just too much lawlessness in PF. There are too many Rival Groups within PF. Hence that intra Party fracas at the PF Secretariat last month. The Panga Family must discipline its Cadres.


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