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K150 per bag maize floor price for the 2021 maize marketing season is not economical-Cornelius Mweetwa


United Party for National Development (UPND) National Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa says the K150 per bag maize floor price for the 2021 maize marketing season is not economical for the people of the Southern Province and other regions that were subjected to two bags of fertiliser per farmer.

And Mr Mweetwa has appealed to the people of the Southern Province and Mbabala Constituency in particular to remind the PF of the hardships they encountered in the last five years as they go canvassing for votes.

Addressing a mobilisation meeting at Lugwalo Village of Ncheembe ward in Mbabala,Mr Mweetwa said there is nothing for the farmer to celebrate over the maize price as it was not economical compared with other regions whose farmers were given 8 bags of fertiliser during the 2020/2021 farming season.

“Our farmers were given 2 bags of fertiliser with the third one having been bought through the K400 share contributions.In other regions,farmers were being given eight bags of fertiliser meaning that the farmer here in the south had to dig deeper by selling his animals in order to fund his farming activities.But the PF decides to announce a uniform floor price for both farmers.Who among the two farmers is being cheated. We need to rise and show the PF that we are not happy and will not allow to be cheated anymore.Now they want to come to you and seek for votes using Chitenge materials and the same money which they failed to buy your farming inputs”,he said.

The National Spokesperson who is also Choma Central Constituency aspiring candidate told a campaign trail which included Mbabala aspiring candidate Joseph Munsanje and Choma Mayoral candidate Javen Simoloka that the PF has in the last five years committed a number of dehumanising atrocities such as the failure to give the people during the 2019 famine hence the need for people to rise and speak through the ballot.

He reminded the people which included village headmen as well as a member of the Mapanza Royal family of the unexplained gassing incidences as well as the numerous times that they were made to buy one bag of maize regardless of family size using an NRC.

He said these and many other atrocities such as poor animal disease control mechanisms and the continued arrests and character assassinations of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema should anger the people of Southern Province and Zambia in general into rising and kick out the PF on August 12th 2021.

He assured the people that the UPND government under the leadership of Hakainde Hichilema has already set out an economic recovery plan which include the agriculture sector as it is the bedrock of the people’s wealth.

Mr.Mweetwa has so far held mobilisation meetings in Kazungula,Livingstone, Moomba, Bweengwa,Mbabala and Choma Central Constituencies and is soon expected to leave for the Northern and Eastern blocks of the country in the party’s quest to leave no-one behind with its message.


  1. I totally agree mother.
    , some one sent this to my inbox, what do you all think:
    1. Vincent Mwale
    2. Kaizar Zulu
    3. Given zayelo lubinda
    4. Bowman lusambo
    5. His excellency edgar chagwa lungu.

    1. Stephen katuka
    2. Hakainde hichilema
    3. Nalumango

  2. It calls everyone “mother” as it was raised in a busy brothel…it longs for motherly love it didn’t have!!

  3. This is where UPND get everything totally wrong with their childish rants…yes the floor price is low so what are you going to do about it if it were you? Their usual answer would be increase it BUT where are you going to get the monies? If they had any brains at all they would be quizzing how fertilizer tender and procurement is the most flawed and corrupt process there is. Commercial farmers hardly plant all their fields with corn as they know its a loss before they even sow…most only plant it for animal feed.

  4. The most useless Political Party UPND . You have nothing to offer to the people the only things you are good at is condeming and oppose everything without providing a solution. You Mwetwa you have no wife, no Children no family no wonder your thinking is not uptodate . Learn to appretiate when your friend doese something good.

  5. Tarino Orange, the issue raised by the UPND spokesperson is that while in Southern and other provinces farmers were provided with 2 bags of fertiliser bags, in other provinces the farmers were given 8 bags. So for sure the price of k 150 per 50 kg of maize for farmers in Southern and other provinces who were only given 2 bags of fertiliser bags instead of 8 bags is too low compared to those farmers who were provided 8 bags of fertiliser. We are dealing with small scale farmers who qualify for FISP. For sure apart from this discrimination in dealing with support to small scale farmers in different provinces, there is need to address corruption in the procurement of fertiliser.

  6. So UPND plan to increase mealie meal prices! The more you pay the farmer the higher the price of maize meal will become. Kaya, kwiji…………

  7. Ngoma Yamaano – Where is this evidence of Peasant farmers in SP being provided with 2 bags? Where was he when these bags were being distributed why didnt he raise the issue in Parliament.

  8. The question is what do you do in the parliament. For 5yrs in the parliament, what have you been doing? This is the song of the vanquished/ losers to be.

  9. This is regionalism.
    K150 per 50Kg bag is fine in Bembaland, but outrageously peanuts to the people of Southern Province. Mweetwa is just vindicating Kambwili’s tribal narratives.
    Mweetwa also says for the last 5 years government treated Tongas unfairly unlike Bemba’s. (sic)

  10. There is no way government can segregate in this manner. Mweetwa is politicking, lying and advancing regionalism. Can someone educate him about fair and intelligent selection of words that will make his party more refined than what we perceived it?

  11. Tarino, I have atleast been to Southern province and farmers there complained bitterly when they realised that in some other provinces farmers were given 8 bags of fertiliser. So if you also want the evidence, visit the various provinces. Tarino, what evidence do you have of positive response when opposition MPs raise complaints in parliament? If complaining about discrimination in the provision of fertiliser to farmers required a two third majority of MPs perhaps the opposition would have taken it up!! Let us be more serious. People from all the 10 provinces pay tax and there should be no discrimination in provision of FISP inputs to farmers!!!

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