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Part VI: Who’s Who In 2021 Zambia Presidential Elections


By Field Ruwe EdD

Bishop Trevor Mwamba President of the United National Independence Party (UNIP)

Ten Years after Walter

Walter curled his lips into a smug smile. “Lake Zambia that’s what we call your country. You guys are as stagnant as the water in the lake.” He said on my fateful flight from Los Angeles to Boston on New Year’s Eve 2011. “We come in with our large boats and fish your minerals and your wildlife and leave morsels—crumbs. That’s your staple food, crumbs. That corn-meal you eat, that’s crumbs, the small Tilapia fish you call Kapenta is crumbs. We the Bwanas (whites) take the cat fish. I am the Bwana and you are the Muntu. I get what I want and you get what you deserve, crumbs. That’s what lazy people get—Zambians, Africans, the entire Third World.”

The words stirred rage in many a reader, including a Zambian, Musonda Trevor Selwyn Mwamba who was the then Anglican Bishop of Botswana. When he read the story in its entirety one could tell each and every word had pierced his heart and that of Zambia’s literati. The American Walter had called Zambian intellectuals lazy, stating: “I saw with my own eyes a bunch of alcoholic graduates. They were at the Lusaka Golf Club, Lusaka Central Club, Lusaka Playhouse, and Lusaka Flying Club. Zambian intellectuals work from eight to five and spend the evening drinking. We don’t. We reserve the evening for brainstorming.”

The above stereotypical pejorative comment left a tinge of discomfiture in not only the aficionados of such watering holes, but all Zambian intellectuals, many who were calling for Walter’s head. They felt humiliated. Some were quick to defend themselves more so when Walter decried: “Poor and uneducated Africans are the most hardworking people on earth. I saw them in the Lusaka markets and on the street selling merchandise. I saw them in villages toiling away. I saw women on Kafue Road crushing stones for sell and I wept. I said to myself where are the Zambian intellectuals? Are the Zambian engineers so imperceptive they cannot invent a simple stone crusher, or a simple water filter to purify well water for those poor villagers? Are you telling me that after thirty-seven years of independence your university school of engineering has not produced a scientist or an engineer who can make simple small machines for mass use? What is the school there for?”

Bishop Trevor Mwamba responded in the affirmative: “Your article was brilliant in analyzing the political landscape with an insightful understanding of what is needed- viz, inspired leadership. This is vital in developing the country and uplifting the welfare of the people.” He did not end there. He sent me a copy of his address on leadership development made in Hertfordshire the June prior, titled “The Art of Leadership: Revealing God to Others” in which he quotes from his father-in-law the late President of Botswana Quett Masire’s retirement speech: “The older order changeth, yielding place to new; And God fulfills himself in many ways; Lest one good custom should corrupt the world.”

In Search of the Holy Grail

Greatly affected by Walter’s evisceration of Zambia’s literati, I took it upon myself to search for a transformational youthful leader—the Holy Grail; one endowed with the talent to look into the future; one possessing an unquestionable authority in economic and political events and in strategizing events on the ground—a JFK, Barack Obama, a creative producer of knowledge; a leader fined with a vision for change. All the while, my eyes were fixed on the 2016/2021 presidential elections.
My list included Hakainde Hichilema who was already a force to be reckoned with at the time, Elias Chipimo Jr., Miles Sampa, Clive Chirwa, Chibamba Kanyama, Kenneth Mwenda, Godwin Lewanika, Dambisa Moyo, Robert Sakulanda, Moses Banda, Mulenga Chibiliti, Killion Munyama, George Samiselo, Chuma Himonga, Charles Banda, Maurice Mubila, Kaluba Chitumbo, to mention but a few. I exchanged notes with some and remain in touch with them. I also added the current president of UNIP Bishop Dr. Trevor Mwamba to my list.
I first met Trevor Mwamba in 1976 in the ZBS television studio when I was a producer and he was a student at Kabulonga Boys. Growing up in Lusaka’s Northmead, Mwamba incarnated an exemplary adolescent leadership and an increasing commitment to education. A holder of a PhD, he has studied theology, law, and anthropology.
I have kept in touch with Mwamba since 2012. What has emerged out of our several discussions is an intellectual, god-fearing individual who believes Zambian politics require a different perception of the Office of the President; that it should not be simply providing political leadership, but should be the brain-room from which innovative ideas originate. The office bearer should be the practitioner of statecraft, the oracle to whom the nation depends. I was therefore elated to see him return home to participate in the forthcoming presidential election, even at the eleventh hour.

Why Zambia needs Bishop Dr. Trevor Mwamba

In March this year, Mwamba left his home in Germany, and returned to the same Zambia Walter talked about ten years ago. The Zambian intellectual is still where Walter left him, on a bar stool in self-deprecation, living under the nominal sovereignty of Zambia, stunted by mediocre leadership. Highways built, bridges laid, airports renovated, buildings erected, not by him but the Chinese. His degree on the wall, he is unable to make a lifetime impression, create sustainable life for himself and the people around him.
Lusaka, the seat of the country’s future, the headquarters of Zambia’s intelligentsia and home terrain of some of the most talented people is a city of redundant ideas. Poor leadership has turned its residents into a non-productive people incapable of initiative; and the laissez faire culture has spread to all four corners of the country. Remove the Chinese infrastructure and Zambia is stuck naked—to the bone. If not careful, the Zambian intellectual together with his fellow citizens will be tenanted by the Chinese, and the country they call home—their only land will be lost.

Zambia urgently needs the likes of Bishop Trevor Mwamba. Nothing has cost us dearly than a non-transformative president. Last year, Zambia’s most notorious cabinet minister Bowman Lusambo said and I quote; “Because of Lungu, people now mistake Lusaka for Los Angeles.” Such are words of a lazy and improvident politician who is so unintelligent he is blinded by beauty in a devil’s dress. President Lungu himself basks in the Chinese infrastructure reaping where he did not sow and often sounding like Lusambo.
The visionary and transformative Mwamba believes Zambia has enough intelligent and skilled people who can band together to get the basics right and turn the country into an astonishingly successful modern nation. This is precisely what the Singaporeans did under the relentless guidance of Lee Kuan Yew. It is what the Jews did in their effort to build a modern and powerful Jewish nation. It is what Paul Kagame has done for Rwanda. With the direct support of the uneducated and the poor, the educated led the way in the building of their nations from the scratch.

Bishop Musonda Trevor Selwyn Mwamba’s journey to State House has just begun. It is clear that if he is elected president, he will excel where previous presidents have failed. He is a man of God sharpened by study and obsessed with success; he is not only a degree holder but also intrepid, creative, daring, cunning, self-denying, and self-devoted in a crisis; and yet august, generous, hospitable, modest, and commonly chaste in peace. He is a one-off charismatic presidential candidate who can convince marketeers, street peddlers, laborers, and the rest of the country, to join him on a painful but rewarding journey to recovery.

Why you should Vote for Bishop Dr. Trevor Mwamba

Celebrate not the Chinese infrastructure, it is not a Noah’s Ark, it is a paradise built in hell. President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has sold the country for a pound of flesh. The unredeemable massive debt of $12 billion is an incurable cancer rapidly spreading. We are at an inflection point in Zambia’s history where China could take over our assets for failure of redeeming the debt, and acquire full control of our lives. Mwamba, with the help of the Zambia’s literati can stop the cancer from spreading. “Integrity” is Mwamba’s key word. The word embodies what we believe in as Zambians—respect for others, kindness, empathy, and compassion. His role as a clergyman takes care of that. As president, Mwamba will stand for our poor and our middle class. He has taken over UNIP because he wishes to serve the country under the banner of “One Zambia, One Nation.” Come August, give him the vote he rightly deserves.

WHO IS NEXT? Hakainde Hichilema in Perspective


  1. Church leaders know nothing of running a country and should therefore stay out of politics.

  2. He is a very upright BUT he is also a Botswana citizen abd mayb British as well….Has he renouced other citizenships…

  3. People like field ruwe lead very sad lives abroad. These are unemployed people with nothing better to do. They have become experts in telling us or rather judging individuals that they have never met. How does an ldI0t who ran away from Zambia decades ago now become an expert in our internal politics. Field get a job and stop relying on your wlfe. Occupy your empty head with something. You tribal clown

  4. ECL has grabbed KCM and Mopane mine to make Zambia eat what they want, he has invested and he is investing in energy to make industries move, Agriculture has moved to another level -food security has been achieved and will be maintained, created internal market for cassava-the fuel for Zambia, built infrastructure and he is still building to attract investment and tourism. Dr history, we are not stagnate, we are moving, yesterday is gone and tomorrow will always be getting better and better. VOTE ECL, say NO to violence.

  5. The only fear you all have are the Chinese. I see “Sino-phobia” in the American educated interllectual Dr. Ruwe Field.
    Dr. Trevor has come home to rebuild his country while Ruwe chooses to remain a cadre. We want to sound so American that we even forget our home.
    Chinese debts carter for bridges, roads, pipeline, airports, railways are not rough with less interest rate and no collateral.

  6. When IMF tells you to sell mines to privatise and reduced public expenditure, the lenders are in possession of your assets until you pay the debt. China does things differently. How much did we owe China money on TAZAMA and TAZARA? How long time were we to pay back? China is not in a hurry to have their money back.
    Infrastructure is very expensive. Since this stage of rebuilding is almost over, the next five years will be reaping time.
    USD 12 bn is a curable disease, a pain before gain. Money does not grow on trees. It takes more ney to make Money. Lungu has not sold the Zambia in debt but prepares the country for prosperity tomorrow.
    Let’s bask in the Chinese infrastructure because they are ours and are coming from an all weather friend whom we know since independence.

  7. Another disappointing article. I don’t think these upnd bubble heads get it. It’s not about making PF and ECL look bad, it’s about what you have to offer the people, your policies, ideas. Lay them out.

  8. HH’s policies are not different from those under FTJ. They are more about inviting South African businesses to take over the running of the country’s mines. We hear HH would even want to see the hospitals the PF government has built across the country be privatised. There s nothing original about HH’s thoughts of how to run Zambia. If allowed to rule, he would reverse most of the good things that have brought about by a PF government.

  9. People like field ruwe lead very sad lives abroad. ACCORDING TO THE SEWERAGE MANAGER

  10. {1}. I agree with Field Ruwe that a Leader or President has to be an inspirational voice. That’s how Bill Clinton beat an established George Bush Sr.
    Tony Blair brought back The Labour Party in power after years in the wilderness. Barack Obama did the unthinkable to become President of the USA, with his – [ Yes We Can ] … message. They all turned the economies around because they led by example.

    But the onus and responsibility to develop a nation are for every citizen to own. From the article, I also agree that Zambians are lazy and have reckless drinking culture. It’s a truth.

  11. {2}. This culture of promoting individuals to be the answer for Zambia or waiting for a president to be the main game-changer is what has derailed and led us to stagnation. As educated as Field Ruwe is, with the exposure and experience he has. He is best or better off keeping the balance between penning inspirational/motivating articles and of course addressing national issues.

  12. [3}. I quote Ruwe in his article.

    Zambia urgently needs the likes of Bishop Trevor Mwamba. The visionary and transformative Mwamba believes Zambia has enough intelligent and skilled people who can band together to get the basics right and turn the country into an astonishingly successful modern nation.

    ++ A Republic is a Dream. Life is a dream. The Bible says: Without Visions & Dreams People Perish.

    For the most part, what we need is to start thinking objectively, come out from a lazy mentality and become thinkers who can act on our aspirations and dreams. That’s what will bring jobs and wealth to Zambia. And not putting the stakes in the hand of a single person.

  13. Only the lazy people are suffering in Zambia. The worst that PF can do on the election is fail to win in one go and allow for a second run with the ttibal party. All the same, field will be licking his poor arse.

  14. {4}. Education and Wisdom are just Equalizers. !!!!!

    Education by itself if it’s not put to use – is like a collection of dust. Unless if it’s put to practical use. Just like having money in a bank account is an illusion, unless that money gets put to use, then you understand the value it can do – such as buying a house, paying for college education, paying medical bills, a car, going on holiday

    Silicon Valley is a collection of brainstorm minds who are dreamers. Guys who abandoned the static way of thinking and pushed the boundaries to fulfil their dreams. They did not need a President of the USA to push them. They just dreamed and put aspirations into action. That’s what we need in Zambia.

  15. @Ruwe@Independent observer
    “Zambians are lazy and have reckless drinking culture.” Well, it looks like you have been away from Zambia for many years to appreciate the fact that there is currently a crop of hardworking Zambians in the construction, export and import trade, livestock farming, aquaculture, transport haulage, small scale mining and crop farming. You only have to enter the showgrounds from behind and get to the livestock section and see how hardworking some young Zambians driving 4x4s and buying farming inputs have become. Some of them have as many as 5 houses. Therefore to call Zambians lazy with a reckless drinking culture is to making a sweeping statement that is detached from the reality on the ground in Zambia. There are many hardworking Zambians today. The Zambia of…

  16. {5}. Lastly, Field Ruwe knows Bishop Trevor Mwamba has no chance of becoming President of Zambia in August 2021, by using any mathematical formula. It’s simply not possible. Therefore, is this article about influencing the Bemba to vote for UNIP and hoping it will dent PF so that his preferred candidate HH, becomes the winner?

  17. I would rather listen to INDEPENDENT OBSERVER than DR FIELD RUWE. One is objective, motivating and successful zambian who leads by example in london. the other is a mourner, critique and frustrated educated loser living in the USA. frankly this is self promotion, and job seeking from hakainde hichilima

  18. INDEPENDENT OBSERVER- Why do you write your own bullet pointed article in response to Field Ruwe it seems you have a lot to write everytime you see his articles. You can even have a hundred bullet points because you learned chaps love them…also swift to knock down fellow professionals; a common Zambian trait.

  19. Dr. Trevor Mwamba may be a good man, but he stands little chance of winning in this election. He first needs to sell himself and be known to Zambians. Secondly, he needs to put in place a nation-wide campaign machinery to sell his ideas. You only have to go round the country to appreciate the absence of opposition parties in outlying areas and the need for resources and a groundswell of people’s good will for you to make it in politics. As things stand, PF will carry the day come August 12. UPND is already shooting itself in the foot with the brutality it is exhibiting in Namwala against PF members and those who come from other parts of Zambia other than Southern Province. A sight of the UPND roadshows is beginning to make Zambians in Lusaka run for their safety after the beatings of…

  20. @ Kaizar Zulu – Digital health record BKZ.200.199 shows that blogger Kaizar Zulu was diagnosed with substance abuse at the age of 26 and was on several occasions chained to the hospital bed to contain his biting syndrome. Under severe psychotic attack, blogger Zulu would soil his pants, foam from the mouth and bite any one in his way. In addition to hallucinations, and delusions, substance abuse can cause violent behavior and hypoglycemia. Once a year since 2001, Zulu has to report to the hospital to control serious complications that develop in him time and again.

  21. @the Observer. I see how a lack of education has sapped the genius of Zambians and stunted the development in each member of it. You can’t take pride in small-scale business many years after independence. It’s time to go big, technology is here. It’s time to build your own infrastructure, and like Dr. Ruwe points out, a transformational leader will take you in the right direction. Stop these personal attacks you lazy people.

  22. Field Ruwe research the impact on the Zambian economy of selling KCM for a song by MMD TO AN INDIAN FIRM. You will understand the reason for Copper belt province to go for ECL. Decisions SATA and ECL made are in the interest of Zambians. Copper belt province has the reason to massively vote ECL and PF. ZAMBIANS REMEMBER TO FOLLOW HEALTH GUIDE LINE PROTOCOL AND SAY NO TO VIOLENCE.

  23. Observer 17

    {1}..You seem to fail to look at things in context. That’s yours to own. Yes, I do know Zambia has sons and daughters who enterprising, hardworking in all those sectors you have listed in your post. I fly to Zambia at least 4 times a year and visit both the urban and rural areas. And have done so in the last 28 yrs.

    Unless if you don’t hear the drum beats of noisemakers of Zambia. The noisemakers are people who find an excuse at every level to blame the system or the government. They fail to appreciate how rich with resources and peaceful our nation is. You read their comments at Lusaka times every week venting anger and blame games. If you live in a nation full of naturals resources and peace. Then excuses must not be the norm. You just aim to…

  24. {2}…The gospel I am preaching is that it’s the Private Sector that makes a nation developed and wealthy. That’s how all western developed nations have managed to be developed. The more people come from their comfort zones and take risks, the better we become. Because without taking risks in life, you cannot develop. Every business idea is a risk. But for a determined person, failure is another life lesson.

    Finding is always reserved for the Searchers !!! And those who keep Seeking, Knocking and Asking, they always find it. So become part of the Zambian Enterprise. You will one day create 1000 jobs that will be a blessing to yourself and Zambia.


  25. {3}..If you work hard on your job, you make a living. If you work hard on yourself you make a fortune. And when you make a fortune everyone benefits. You do that by making yourself available to the Market-Place. And Zambia has a very large Market Place to tap into.
    Enjoy The Day And Keep Debating…

  26. All the bad parts of Zambian character are on display here, as his denial of the truth, his dependence on others, his ability to destroy the messenger, his “if it’s not me, it’s none” syndrome, insults, most of it springing from an education that has cowed him. No treatment is better calculated to remedy than tackling laziness, weakness, jealousness, and above all, appreciating innovative advice and ideas. I lived in Zambia and have visited the country as recent as two years ago. Nothing to show off really. Chinese? Nay, that ain’t your ideas.

  27. @Kaizar Zulu. Ba Kaizar nabo at Ruwe empty head. Surely who is an empty head between the two? The chap can’t read Ruwe’s writing, he has not read it. Ichisungu na chi mupita. Ena ni nsele fye all the time. The fellow is a thug. Aba ebaletusebanya fye ma Zambians. He is the one who has no job at State House. Tell me what is his post? Some one please tell me. He was shunted to blogging nokutuna. Ba LK censor this chap.

  28. Tarino Orange # 22

    Intelligent People don’t get offended when they are being challenged intellectually . Field Ruwe does not get offended by my comments. If at all Field Ruwe feels that I knock him down when I respond to his articles, as assumed by you, then Ruwe should not be penning articles for the Lusaka times, expecting a free pass.

    Ruwe has point-of-views and it is his right to do so. That’s fine and healthy. Just like if people don’t agree with me, that’s also fine and healthy.
    I have agreed with Field Ruwe and praised him in the past. He has been writing articles for years. So I am not sure where you are coming from. Unless something is eating you that you have opted to defend Field Ruwe. Whatever it is, let it go. It will kill your Creative Mind and…

  29. Ruwe’s article appears to promote a top-down, elite, constrained (or “polyarchal”) democracy. This is the democracy where the elites get to decide the candidates or questions suitable to go before the people—and always limiting the choices to what the elites are comfortable with. Then, once the elites have made their decision, THEN the people are presented with the “choice” that the elites approve. This is the major reason President Rupiah Banda despite running the economy well lost the election in 2011. Before 2011, indigenous Zambian businessmen were consigned to supplying paper clips and stationary while while the educated elite (Ruwe’s favourites) gave out billion dollar contracts to foreigners. Where is the fairness for the illiterate and uneducated Zambians? HH has made it…

  30. The history of Zambia tells a sad tale of the continual placement of leaders that have little to offer. I was in Zambia when Chiluba became was elected as president. There was little hope at the very beginning, then the true colors of Zambians emerged—stealing of government funds, corruption, and wako ni wako. Two terms of Chiluba yielded nothing. Mwanawasa was haunted by Galedou, Rupiah Banda yielded nothing, Sata and now Lungu worse. Now someone on this forum is comparing IMF to Chinese loans. Read the history of how China intends to displace countries like yours. What’s wrong with you guys!

  31. What you Zambians don’t know, especially the ones found here who are attacking the author is that each race is fighting for existence—the White, Asian, Latino, Black, Africans, and natives around the world. Those who are a notch ahead have created think tanks that learn from their own people. The Silicon Valley tech gurus have benefited from the sound government of Barack Obama who opened the doors for them to share ideas with him. That’s what the author here is referring to as “transformative leadership.” Kenya is doing the same and so are the West and South Africans. Zambians are busy attacking and insulting a person who is sharing ideas with them! My Lord, what planet are you? See comments in the New York Times and the Washington, they are about a rational discourse (debate).

  32. Some people want to put it like China and Chinese effort is nothing. The way America and China “antagonise” each orher makes others put China a second class citizen.
    The way UPND don’t like it being looked down upon by PF is exactly the same story there is between Capitalism and Socialism. China is second world power, but people only want us to praise American effort especially if these people have emigrated there

  33. Dr. Ruwe says: Remove the Chinese infrastructure and Zambia is stuck naked—to the bone.

    The West is helping Africa and Zambia how to deal with Bureaucracy, management, educating and sustaining institutions. We laud them for that.
    China is aiding in infrastructure building. Great North road was constructed by Chinese and have worked for Zambia a lot. Only time Zambia started vilifying China was when in 1991, FTJ swept away and dusted everything to do with Kaunda to pursue Westernism as opposed to Communism.
    Rebound of Chinese influence was sought by Mwanawasa during 2008 financial meltdown where only China was most moneyed the whole world over
    Let me point out to Dr. Field Ruwe that, without Western democracy, justice system, education, etiquette, dressing, et cetera, Zambia would…

  34. Let me point out to Dr. Field Ruwe that without Western democracy justice system, education, etiquette, dressing, et cetera, Zambia would be ashamedly naked to the bone. So the West and the East are both helping in their own way.

  35. President Lungu has sold Zambia to China for a song
    President Lungu is reaping where he did not sow….

    In Dr. Ruwe’s intelligent mind, ECL has auctioned Zambia. I doubt if he would say the same thing if we were talking about Western lenders. The questions to ask is what was the borrowed money used for? How has government planned to pay back the debt? Are there other African nations that have more debt than what Zambia has?

    By saying ECL is reaping off side, he is saying he did not fight and therefore not fit to be Zambia’s president. Let me remind Ruwe and others that PF fought for presidency from MMD and the party has the rightful person in the name of Lungu. Didnt be jealousy and malicious. HH also found a party from Mazoka Kambela. Is HH also reaping where he didn’t sow?

  36. *Don’t be jealousy and malicious. HH also found a party from Mazoka Kambela. Is HH also reaping where he didn’t sow?

  37. @ Mulongoti Macahyi. I am desirous to respond on behalf of Dr. Field Ruwe since I see he does not care to respond to comments. I wish to ventilate some of the points you raise. The West and China harbor different motives and agendas. The West which at some point in history enslaved and colonized Africans no longer wants Zambians to be a Western semi-detached dependency people, they want to assist with infrastructure and developmental projects using Zambian manpower from top to bottom and leave the country after the project is over. The Chinese on the other hand, have a land hunger, as well as a love for petty traffic, and they have found a country in which to gratify their appetite. Since their infrastructure program started, thousands of Chinese have arrived to make Zambia their…

  38. @MulongotiMachayi, [continued from above] The natural capacity of the Chinese to open businesses is to contrive to establish themselves as a better class, and penetrating various institutions of interest, including the police force is not mere assistance, but doing what they do best, making a permanent home wherever they reside. I wish you were using your real name, I would ask for your details, keep in touch with you and see where Zambia heads from here. For Dr. Field Ruwe, I am glad you are able to ignore some of the nonsensical attacks. Like I have said, some of the attacks are from people you know who out of sheer jealousy want to frustrate you. I tell you, you really do not know the impact of your articles. I discovered you recently and I like you already. Keep up with the good work.

  39. @Sad Muzungu
    It is understandable that a grandson or granddaughter of our European colonisers would want to assume moral high ground on this site and pontificate to Zambians with cheek-in-mouth as to which foreign countries they should forge relations with. Tazara was built by the Chinese after westerners told us it was not a viable project. Simple reason being they did not want to support the ideal of the Frontline States to dissociate themselves from a racist apartheid South Africa. The Tazama pipeline also came about with the support of the Chinese, and not westerners! The sadness of the Muzungu may be understandably arising out of Zambia’s continued demonstration of independence in who it chooses to relate with on the international scene and that they cannot continue to have access…

  40. …. to our resources. Sad Muzungu is hurting. But if he does not like Zambia’s way of doing things, as late President Nelson Mandela used to say, “Let him throw himself in a pool of water”.

  41. This article deserves an ignoble prize. It is extremely well written. But the subject in question is known only by the writer himself. The scriptures say, (paraphrased) ‘But how can they vote for him of whom they have never heard’ (Romas 10:14). I was beginning to have some adoration for the analytical skills of Field Ruwe, until now. This article is confirmation of another confused intellectual living on Mars

  42. @ the Obsever. I remember you sir. I have come to the conclusion that you are part of the group that is plundering the country’s wealth. You try very hard to sound rational, but any learned person can read between the lines. You remind me of Trump’s MAGA lunatics at the center of conscipiracy theories. They see a house burning and tell their followes the fire is a mirage of red roses and the smoke is Trump on cloud nine. At least MAGA crazies have little money in their pockest. You sir you want to give the impreesion all is hunky dory and yet the morgue is filling up. What heartlessness. What selfisheness. What a disaster of characters like you. As long as I believe I am human and love your country, I will support any one like Dr. Ruwe who is fighting for a better Zambia.

  43. @Sad Muzungu,
    For your own information I have lived under Dr. Kaunda, FTJ Chiluba, Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, Rupiah Banda and now Edgar Chagwa’s rule. I personally know most opposition leaders and shared political discussions with them and know where they stand. I do not seek to derive any personal favours from my relationship with them. But when consulted, I charge my consultancy fees on the basis of the expertise I provide. I have been invited before to join the political party structures of current parties and have always resisted this because my calling for now is not partisan politics. The problem I have with Field Ruwe is when he criticizes some politicians as having no stature to be in government when they have nothing to show for for what they did in their personal lives. He…

  44. @Sad Muzungu,
    …. himself knows he is in the US and did his doctorate because of the support of his medical doctor wife. If he had something to point to that he did for himself, he would have acquired his doctorate much earlier.

  45. @sad Muzungu,
    I know Field Ruwe from as far back as when we were growing up on the Copperbelt. I even know the Form 5 Cambridge results he got. But it is not for me to try and be personal. He himself should desist from being personal in the way he writes.

  46. @Kaizar Zulu. This is a sick animal that should not be allowed to blog. Now I believe what Ruwe wrote about him. He needs treatment. For Lungu to have this fella as his advisor is more than worrisome. He is sick, really sick.

  47. @the Obsever, that’s utter lunacy sir. You must be ashamed of yourself. Don’t treat Dr. Ruwe’s wife as if it is an object or a pill of intelligence. First and foremost that is his wife. I take it you are married and you and your wife are bound in holy matrimony. What that means sir, it that you are but one. What nonsense is this about Dr. Ruwe benefiting from his wife. Don’t we all!! Except you? What rubbish is this Zambians! You want to peep into his private life as if you are a saint? What a low thinker you are sir. You are hiding under the mask of evil to harrass a person who is out there trying to help your country move in the right direction and there you are behaving like the parasite you are. Form 5 Cambridge Certificate my foot! I thought you were making a little sense. No!…

  48. @the Observer, yes you’ve gone too far. Come out in the open and show your results and his. From what I have read, you have little to show off. He is a doctor of education. What are you? If you have a doctorate degree come out and show it to us. Better still write an article about him of the same quality. Also display Ruwe ‘s Form 5 Cambrdge Certificate that is in your possession and tell the world how you got it. Don’t hide. Let’s know who you are. We ndoshi we. You are unfit to be advising people. Ivi vi bantu ati! That’s why tilowana. Choka apa.

  49. @ the Obsever. Zambians also, you think you have a friend you are growing up yet he is your worst enemy. He even has your Form 5 results. How he got them only God knows. It is the most bizarre thing I have heard from a blogger. “I am your childhood friend, I know your Form 5 results, and I hate you for becoming a doctor.” Incredible! Field Ruwe is lucky this guy did not poison him. How come the people Field Ruwe critizes are not complaining? Work hard and become like Field Ruwe you faggort. I have been reading your blogs little did I know you are a jelous kambwanga. Field Ruwe always look over your shoulder, your childhood friend is dying to stab you in the back.

  50. I unconditionally support Bishop Mwamba.
    INSPIRED leadership was our intention by developing simulation models for alternative development strategies to provide the holy grail as evidence-based prognosis. As playing with versions of possiblies futures was stopped not by facts of relativity but uncontrollable complexity of production-consumption relations, the “human model” of growth became rather silent until prove of needed sustainability gave it voice again. Without model for prognosis I consider Bishop Mwamba Zambia’s best choice for balanced successful development.

  51. @Reinhart Dreves, Agree with you entirely but where is the Bishop when the country is crying out for his leadership skills?

  52. First, you agree, good and thank you, so we are at least already two; and you have never seen or met me, you agree without me being present – right? The power of the word does not come from shouting it out to a crowd but from its epitome of truth, understood truth, you “feel” it even when you don’t understand in the tacit part. Are we talking about communication? In a broadly virtual world? Emission and reception of messages, concepts, information, believe? We shall come back to this point.
    2. And leadership is not dictatorship, is not so much hierarchical, top down, but among equals, here equals of Zambian being tired of always being told “next time you too”. And, by giving spirit to the word by example, by prove of knowledge (wisdom?) and quality; doing or fighting for the right things…

  53. @FutureZed, my last comment was meant as response to you; sorry forgot to adress.
    @editor: regarding the flags: I am German, posting from Ecuador.

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