Davies Mwila describes blanket ban as unfair and launches a scathing attack on Zambia Police


The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Mwila has said that the decision by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to ban PF alongside the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) from conducting political campaigns in Lusaka, Namwala, Mpulungu and Nakonde is unfair and unjust.

In a statement released to the media, Mr. Mwila said that the decision against PF is unjust because PF is actually a victim of the UPND reign of terror and violence.

Mr. Mwila went on to say that UPND has gone on a rampage, burning vehicles, beating and even killing our members in places such as Nalikwanda, and therefore unfair and unjust for the ECZ to punish PF for the violent crimes that the UPND have been committing.

“The Electoral Commission of Zambia should punish the perpetrator and not the victims of political violence,” Mr. Mwila said.

Mr. Mwila also took a swipe at Zambia Police for the poor handling of the violence and describe their failure to enforce law and order as lamentable.

“We also want to register our utmost disappointment and displeasure with the manner in which the Zambia Police have been handling the issue of political violence, ” he said.

“The police have lamentably failed to enforce the law on UPND cadres who have been unleashing violence on innocent Zambians in full view of the Zambia Police, ” Mr. Mwila said.

Mr. Mwila accused Zambia Police of turning a blind eye to acts of violence and described Zambia Police as unprofessional and ineffective in the manner they have been handling issues of violence that have been caused by the UPND.

“Instead of arresting the violent UPND cadres, the Zambia Police have decided to turn a blind eye to such acts of violence,” he said.

” We want to stress that the Zambia Police have been unprofessional and ineffective in the manner they have been handling issues of violence that have been caused by the UPND,’ Mr. Mwila said.

Mr Mwila concluded by calling upon the Electoral Commission of Zambia to rescind its blanket decision and instead ban the UPND who he described as the culprits of political violence and not the Patriotic Front which has been a victim of political violence.


  1. Is Kalimanshi PF or UPND?
    Today when I see a PF flag, all that comes to my mind is a Panga or an axe.

  2. PF is violent, I have first hand experience. UPND has just joined them in what they say is self defence. Their leaders should control it before it becomes uncontrollable.

  3. Imwe ba Davies Mwila , It takes two to tangle. You should all be banned for your immaturity. ZP must be neutral and sort out the culprits. Complaining like this you want to put undue pressure on the ZP.

  4. There were many warnings, but the same crying said they would be nothing
    Dr Sishuwa was even reported to the police for sedition.He was right

  5. So says the thug who is on audio recording urging PF caders to take over public spaces and steal council plots……..

    PF is a violent party from head to their thugs who are terrorising and extorting money from Zambians in markets and bus stops. ……

    And ECZ are only acting on orders from statehouse because of the growing numbers following HH……..

    To include PF in the ban is only to dupe Zambians…….the intended target of this ban is the growing crowds HH is attracting…

  6. The police have a duty to maintain law and order. We have enough police officers to curb the violence provided they are deployed to those needy areas unlike seeing Police officers standing in ambush the whole day looking for traffic offenses .
    Policing violent crimes is certainly more important in this crucial election period than some of those very minor traffic offenses.
    The Authorities need to look into this matter seriously.

  7. Don’t be duped Zambians……..

    If lungu and his PF police wanted , they can stop this violence in 1 week…….

    But they can not , because the perpetrators of the violence is PF thugs who control the police and lungu knows PF can not win any free and fair election.. Now ordinary Zambians are Turning on them in the streets

    Lungus only solution is to ban all crowds…

  8. Iwe chimbwi Mwila, you and your PF party are responsible for making Zambia police useless. How many times has your known PF cadres attacked and killed innocent Zambians without police arresting the thugs like Kalimashi ? I have a list and pictures of Zambians who died of beating from PF cadres without police arresting PF cadres.

    Now Zambian have decided never to be intimidated by PF thugs again. If Zambia police fails to stop PF cadres disrupting UPND activities then the peace loving Zambians will take charge and defend themselves.

    Any rigging schemes will be met with full force and wrath of the Zambians who want change. Soldiers are also sick and tired of PF s disrespect. If PF rings elections they will act.

    PF and Lungu must go.

  9. Bwana SG this is the difference between Bye Elections and General Elections. During Bye Elections you threw into a constituency all state resources, DMMU donations and security resources linked to Ministers, VP, HE and in the process intimidated everyone. Now in a General Election you cant be everywhere at the same time with state resources, you are now facing the raw anger from hungry unrestrained Citizens

  10. ” We want to stress that the Zambia Police have been unprofessional and ineffective in the manner they have been handling issues of violence that have been caused by the UPND,’ Mr. Mwila said.

    KANGANJA, What is your comment? Simply put, Davies is saying, its high time you lost your job, it’s now 6months of your contract.
    I think the mess has not been cleaned up, no one knows if Police actions are fair to both the Opposition or Ruling party as both sides continue to complain. VERY confusing.

  11. I told you that if you see a ruling party (PF) crying foul over campaigns and yet they’re the perpetrators of violence, just know that those are the last kicks of dying elephant.

    Zambians are set to remove PF whether campaigning or not. The Zambian people made that decision long time ago.

    Quite often, Zambian politicians don’t understand our people, you call us docile and the day comes when we say power belongs to us. Ask Kaunda and Rupiah Banda who are still breathing. You saw what happened with Chiluba.

    Apa tulebikako Bally, even him must not sleep on duty. We shall remove him.

    PF is a pary of cry babies, you’re enjoying the incumbency and why panicking.

    Wherever UPND goes, you’re following them trying to disrupt their campaigns, nosense.

    PF must go!

  12. So the dog has bitten the master.
    Pf complains about ZP when ZP don’t do Thier dirty work
    Pf and so are one and the same
    We want change

  13. Wonders
    Sometimes I keep thinking I have never seen a political party or persons naturally try so had to de-campaign themselves.
    I mean with the majority of the population being terrorised by PF affiliated people be it ku ma bar olo ma tender even driving on the road then you claim to be the victims kwena awe mwandi.
    Because now its the very people you instilled fear in that are standing up to you and you cry victim.

  14. Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Is this guy confused which party he belongs to? Is this the fairytale we were told by our forefathers of a ‘crying wolf’ or ‘crocodile tears’… look them up, I’m [email protected] this guy is not for real!

  15. What type of a party is this PF? Your cadres wearing army uniform and then Edgar Lungu is watching cadres doing all sorts of crime to an extent of using American flag for their stupidity. What kind of a leader is Edgar Lungu?

    Use another of another country is an attack on its sovereignty. Imwe tu PF ichindikeni mwaunfwa ka!

    We want to bring sanity right away through Bally. Mwanawasa sorted out this cadrism and it was brought back by Rupiah Banda and worse under this third term seeking individual.

    PF must go!

  16. @ Madilu System. U make very interesting observations. The other Day Kennedy Kamba was blaming PF Commanders for allowing UPND to carry out Roads in Mandevu and other Townships. Kamba revealed that the Commanders in each Constituency should block UPND Alliance Road Shows. So these PF Commanders are the Aggressors and Perpetrators of Violence. State Captured ECZ is not able to bring them to order. Unless PF Cadres,Militias and Vigilantes are disbanded there will not be peaceful Campaigns in Zambia.

  17. GRZ and ECZ flexing its constitutional muscle.

    “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”
    Winston S. Churchill

    “Separation of powers, therefore, refers to the division of government responsibilities into distinct branches to limit any one branch from exercising the core functions of another.”

    Hard Pill to Swallow for PF and UPND.

  18. Last I checked, UPND indicated that ECZ is toothless and banning public gatherings is unconstitutional. When is the lawsuit/petition coming through?
    Is it true that this year’s elections are something else without public gatherings/rallies?
    Kambwili also complained about elections devoid of rallies!
    While ECZ has evoked the law, it’s up to players to tame their members to perhaps restore road shows.


  20. Mr Mwila ECZ is the referee so he knows who
    Is the victim and who is the perpetrators.
    Just the way you are complaining is the same way UPND will complain.So let the
    Referee do his job.

  21. This ban is simple. You needed to stay out’a each other’s lane.
    So in other areas where you are not banned here is the antidote:
    1. Stay out’a each other’s lane. It is preposterous to want to deliver opposing views to the same audience and at the same time.
    2. You know that kids – University kids who have not prepared well for exams always want cause trouble to disrupt University exam calendar; same here, perpetual losers and messageless kids know what they are doing.
    3. Stop giving shallow minds beer and drugs or don’t accomodate drunken individuals in you campaigns.
    I have strong convictions that under normal circumstances the affected parties can move above pettiness differences and launch civil behavior in their campaigns. ECZ has launched…

  22. Sadly there is no leadership today in Zambia both in State House and opposition everyone of them can not do with brainless cadres…the worst case scenario for PF is no incidents as that will mean sober national debates about the economy but the opposition are easily disrupted to realise this!!

  23. Lack of education is now showing in PF.

    Now you are condemning the police.

    That is surely an own goal!

    Vote wisely.

  24. The police were forced to do this because if they only banned the perpetrators who are all upnd, they were going to claim that this is a plan to give pf unfair advantage. So let them ban us so that when we win these motherfcukers have no reason to cry like constipated pigs, just as they did during last election. Should they claim any illegality when results are announced, I will personally drive to hh house and grab him by his small balls and squeeze hard until he suffocates from pain. You dogs

  25. KZ the UK based troll is making empty promises as usual. You are just like Edgar China Lungu: lots of promises and zero delivery. Normally speaking citizens would bark on a president lying, but on August 12 we will all be delighted that Edgar China Lungu doesn’t deliver! Bye bye KZ we will see you in Bellmarsh prison!

  26. Ba fyanta PF especially that it is already a very unpopular party. Why did we even remove MMD in the first place when the economy has now collapsed. The economy collapsed way even before Covid came

  27. This violence thing , a PF MP from Kabwe even told Police to break peoples bones, and he was never questioned

  28. ‘It is necessary to be a fox to discover the snares and a lion to terrify the wolves.’
    (Machiavelli, Niccolò)

  29. Well done ECZ good job. Now if only Lusaka Times and ZP could join hands to also ban this violent chimbwi known as troll KZ.

  30. No Corruption …. – Really laughable indeed …they will accommodate him in Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) Belmarsh…they have PCs there as well to troll around.

  31. IG should just pack his clothes for diplomatic post in August either way if he lucky as he is working for dull chaps ..he is doomed if he does his job as his masters are crooks!!

  32. @ Benson Moono
    Clearly you are a new SEX PREDATOR,WOMAN ABUSER AND CHILD MOLESTER, who has joined this forum. Maybe hired by PF to start attacking innocent people. Therefore, I reserve my comments.

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