Political violence unsettles Hope for Human Rights Association


The Hope for Human Rights Association has implored the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to explain to the nation what constitutes a road show in relation to the banned rallies.

Hope for Human Rights Association Executive Director Smart Chanda said there is need for clarity on what should constitute a road show because what is being observed are crowds of people, some of whom carry offensive weapons.

“Are those road shows about which political party has got the best muscle men or those who can threaten the most?’’ he asked.

Mr. Chanda said in a statement to ZANIS in Lusaka today that Hope for Human Rights Association condemned in the strongest terms the violence being committed by political party cadres.

He said the same people being threatened by cadres are the voters.

He said this situation might lead to voter apathy.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chanda has noted that despite the Electoral Commission of Zambia banning rallies some political party players have still gone ahead carrying out mass gatherings, putting the electorate at risk of catching the coronavirus pandemic.

“It must be realized that you are just risking the people to the Cocvid-19 pandemic. Covid-19 is real and political party leaders need to be responsible enough to guard the electorates jealously otherwise there won’t be anyone to vote for them,’’ he said.

He observed that mass gatherings do not suggest popularity during an election period in that there have been leaders who pulled masses but still lost elections.


  1. Wishing Ba Edgar a quick recovery. HH and other 17 presidential candidates need to show love by visiting Ba Edgar wherever he is receiving recovery. Campaigns won’t be interesting with President Luo.

  2. Hope for Human Rights Association, you have just shown a photo, it is not enough. From the photo HH could see people exposed to convid-19 and his supporters carrying offensive weapons. Tell HH, it is not good leadership only to seek their votes and not to care about their healthy. PF have opted to discuss issues but UNPD has chosen violent. HH SAY NO TO VIOLENCE.

  3. Bantustan party is so evil.UPND was formed to impress one tribe .This is a fact.Violence just to make sure he goes to state house.HH has only employed 30 at his farm from one tribe.nooooo this party is a danger to the peace of this nation.Let UPND find another candidate you didb’t come though tr—i–ba–lism.Look at what PF has done but our friends from one province just insult.Nooo this so dangerous. Why u chaps from eastern supporting such a party which divide this country.

  4. Smart Chanda should not just talk for the sake of being heard. He must realize that campaign time comes once every 5 years and people must be allowed to attend by observing social distancing. How can people those aspiring to stand for various positions be heard. This non holding of rallies is disadvantaging MPs especially the new news both ruling and opposition. On Road Shows and displaying MUSCLE men is a new culture and there is nothing that can be done. In fact those MUSLE men seen leading Road Shows is part of the campaign strategy. To some extent they also attract would be VOTERS and a warning to those who intent to disrupt the road show. Imagine HH moving around without the Boys as part of his protection UNIT what would have happened, the PF guys would have pounced on him. Ba Smart…

  5. Sata was real PF abashala nimbwa nembushi. He could term his cadres nicely. How many PF cadres were arrested for murdering UPND sympathizers. Kaizer shot to death a UPND member. Was he arrested? Mapenzi Cibulo was shot dead and that was not called violence because the one who died was not PF? Recently a civil servant was harassed by known PF cadres. Is that not violence? And the president never issued any directive when he has the authority to declare anything.

  6. Ati yoo! No campaigns due to corana so that you disadvantage others just because you have ZNBC (Patriotic Front National Broadcasting Cooperation). See now, you are also affected.

  7. I hear you Mr. Chanda. This violence started in UNIP time by vigilantes. When UNIP fell out of favor and MMD came to power, MMD Cadres became violent. When MMD fell out of favor and PF came to power, violent PF cadres came into existence, Initially UPND cadres was not violent before the party had expanded. But PF cadres continued beating UPND Cadres. As UPND continued to grow, whenever PF cadres attacked UPND cadres, UPND cadres defended themselves by hitting back. Now that PF cadres and UPND cadres are almost same size in numbers, one party will not start violence and go scot free. I hear President of New MMD saying MMD is not a violent party, it is not true. The reason is that MMD has no numbers just like UNIP. If MMD cadres were attacked by any party they will defend themselves. Think…

  8. I hear the President of New MMD saying MMD is not a violent party, it is not true. We saw how Bowman Lusambo treated Mr. Kachingwe by dragging on the road. The reason is that MMD has no numbers just like UNIP. If MMD cadres were attacked by any party they will defend themselves. Think of what happened in SInda, where PF cadres fought with cadres of an independent candidate. Zambia spirit of violent cadre needs to be dwelt with for good. This spirit has been passing to ruling parties.

  9. The Zambian have spoken and the message is loud enough.They want PF and Lungu out come Augast,2021.Any maneuvers to rig will be faced with strong force.We shall beat them on the streets and in the ballot box.This Kuyabebele.

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