ZIFLP gives community forest group K800, 000 for bee-keeping


The Zambia Integrated Forestry Landscape Project (ZIFLP) has given 800,000 Kwacha subgrant to the Malambalala Community Forest Management Group in Kasenengwa District for bee-keeping.

The sub grant will be used to procure beehives for honey production as an alternative source of livelihood that is less destructive to the environment.

ZANIS reports that Chipata District Forestry Officer, (DFO) Emma Sakala, has confirmed the disbursement of the funds.

Ms Sakala said the community group has already procured 350 beehives after receiving 25 percent of the sub-grant from ZIFLP.

She disclosed that community members from 25 villages surrounding the 466 hectares of Malambala forest, were trained in forestry management and bee keeping, sensitised on the consequences of indiscriminate cutting down of trees and are now contributing to managing the forest.

She said following the ZIFLP empowerment, the community group is now promoting efforts to stop indiscriminate cutting down of trees and safeguard the 466 hectares Malambalala community forest.

Ms Sakala explained Malambala has in the past experienced a lot of tree cutting for charcoal burning and some agriculture practices that were harmful to the environment.

“Some of these activities that were done by the people from Malambalala area led to some wild animals running away from the forest,” she said.

She stated the training in forest management and bee keeping has somehow reduced destructive human activities in the local forest and that there are signs of some animals returning back to their repaired habitat.

“This safeguarding of the Malambalala community forest will greatly benefit the local people a lot,” Ms Sakala said.

The District Forest Officer is happy that the community members have adequately accepted the initiative that ZIFLP has undertaken in the area and they are protecting the forest reserve based on the best guidelines of forest management.

“The community is ready to take care of the forest in Malambalala area, the initiative of the forest management is backed by the Forest Act Number 4 of 2015. The benefits from the community forest will be divided among the members of the CFMG in Malambalala area,” she said.

And Emmanuel Banda, a member of the Malambalala Community Forestry Management Group, is happy about the drastic reduction in charcoal burning attributed to conservation efforts being undertaken by the forest management team.

He said the area is currently receiving good rainfall because the trees in the community forest are protected.

Mr Banda commended Chief Madzimawe of the Ngoni Speaking People in Kasenengwa District for his role to ensure the community forest is protected from any harmful human activities.

And Malambalala forest management group treasurer, Olipa Phiri, said 50 people were trained in bee keeping and are now ready to venture into the activity.

She said the community forest management group has a target to supply honey to all parts of the country and beyond, adding that bee keeping is a viable business that can earn someone a lot of money than charcoal burning which only contributes to destroying the environment.


  1. Why do you give money and not loan it so they pay back…they are a business and its how you instil fiscal discipline this is why Zambian govt is in serious debt!

  2. @LT please respect @TarinoOrange, you can’t always be checking his mouth for dirty words…
    We all praying for Ba Edgar

  3. This is an old and classic method for honey production, and it is environmental friendly as well. Glad that ZIFLP took this step.

  4. It shows that if we have a vision and good intention then anything is possible. This could only possible under #ECL.

  5. Under President Lungu’s administration, the work runs systematically. They not only implement projects or distribute funds, but they also give proper training and ensures that the said project is benefiting the people.

  6. Glad to know that no trees will be cut down and we can preserve our Malambalala community forest. We need more such initiatives to safeguard our forests

  7. True, many trees have been cutting down by the villages illegally. I think this is a smart move by ZIFLP in order to protect our forests.

  8. Forest is a home for several wild animals and unintentionally some village people were harming their homes and making animal’s lives miserable. We need to protect our forests, our animals in order to protect our environment. This is a great move!!

  9. The community is ready to take care of the forest in the Malambalala area. This is what our President trying to teach Zambians that unity is power. We all need to work together to attract growth.

  10. We are witnessing environmental challenges. And, if we want to keep our environment balance then protecting our forest is a must!

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