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President Edgar Lungu flags off Crop Marketing Season

Headlines President Edgar Lungu flags off Crop Marketing Season

President Edgar Lungu says he gives prominence to the role agriculture plays in the country’s economy.

“Kaoma District in Western Province is unique in contributing to the food basket of Western Province and the country in general,” he said.

President Lungu stated that he was touched by the commitment towards the growth of the agricultural sector by traditional leaders in Kaoma, Western Province and the country at large.

“I urge citizens to emulate the traditional leaders like you Your Royal Highnesses and I further promise that I will support you all,” he said.

President Lungu explained that the PF Government had continued making a favourable environment for business to thrive which resulted in increasing the maize floor price from K110 to K150 per 50 kilogram bag of maize.

“I call on citizens to diversify the sector by growing other agricultural products such as wheat, soya beans and cassava so that we become more enterprising,” the Head of State said.

He was speaking during a courtesy call on traditional leaders in Kaoma District, Western Province, today, before proceeding to the flagging off of the 2021 National Food Reserve Agency (FRA) crop purchasing programme.

Meanwhile, President Lungu said political campaign dynamics had totally changed in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic which had claimed many lives.

“Your Royal Highnesses, political leaders need to be decisive as they risk losing the very people that would vote for them and who will they rule? I further urge you, our Royal Highnesses, to use your influence to promote peace among political parties as opposed to violence which has recently characterized the Zambian political landscape,” he said.
President Lungu said he consistently called for peace by emulating the One Zambia One Nation motto.

And Chief Mwenemutondo praised President Lungu for his commitment to the improvement of the agricultural sector in Zambia and Kaoma in particular.

“Farmers in Kaoma have performed beyond expectation and no other government has shown commitment to the agriculture sector like the PF has done,” he said.

Chief Mwenemutondo said all farming inputs were already in place way before kicking off the next farming season.

“There is no room for any farmer to fail because farming inputs were delivered on time and I personally have taken a lead in producing more food to donate as opposed to me receiving from my subjects because of the favourable PF agricultural policies,” he said.


  1. “I urge citizens to emulate the traditional leaders like you Your Royal Highnesses and I further promise that I will support you all,” he said.-LT

    Please vote no to top-down leadership.

  2. There it is still campaigning and expecting the opposition not to do the same.

    These are the people enabling covid to claim many lives in the country.

    Clearly this one does not care for the lives of citizens, not that you needed to be reminded.

    Vote wisely.

  3. “With a top-down approach, not only do you run the risk of missing out on great ideas that go unheard, but you also risk demoralizing your team. It’s hard to come to work and be fully engaged when you feel leadership doesn’t listen or value your opinion”

    Modern Zambian Generation is leaning toward green leadership. For them to compete on global Stage.

  4. Modern Zambian Generation is leaning toward green leadership. For them to compete on global Stage.

  5. Rest in peace big man, ‘ba mudala’ ba KK. At least you educated a lot of Zambians who have made it in life today. You also cared so much for the health of the nation. Yours was a success in terms of the values you gave to Education & Health.

  6. ECL is campaigning thru these Working Visits while he has banned Rallies and Road Shows for Opposition Political Parties. This is not fair. However we believe that due to the Hard Economy, PF Corruption, PF Cadres and Militias Violence, high cost of living, stealing a Third Term etc Zambians will not vote for this Violent, Corrupt, incompetent and clueless Lungu. Another 5 years of ECL Rule assisted by PF Cadres, Thugs, Militias and Vigilantes will be life threatening to Zambians. ECL and PF are a disaster and should be shown the Exit Door on August 12. Our hope and help will come from HH and UPND Alliance. HH aka Bally will fix it.

  7. Kali busy mu campaign even when we are mourning our founding father, come back and put off the campaigns till we bury the old man.,

    Didn’t you hear our noble brother Dr Eric K Masisi of Botswana has declared 7 days national mourning?

    Let’s mourn the big man peacefully.


  8. Brainiac it’s *Israel* not Isreal
    In Israel just aborting a pregnancy which Zambian women can DIY using cassava leaf stem, costs US 2000 dollars what about treating chakolwa’s failing liver from drinking kachasu and whisky?

  9. This man’s advisors are really mishandling the optics very, very disastrously. This is what happens when you surround yourself with incompetents and praise singers. Muzakasewana so cabe.

  10. This chakolwa should just start digging his grave at NAKAYOMBO CEMETERY

  11. The farming system in Zambia is highly politicized, it has been govt intervention from from UNIP to PF and next will be UPND. There is no proper strategy to treat farming as a serious and profitable business where govt only should come in terms of natural disasters like draught or floods. When are farmers going going to waned from govt support so that such resources are channeled to other needy areas such as social services and infrastructure development, maintenance, human capital development etc. Maize farming has been always been politics. Why can’t present and future govts channel such resources towards development of livestock and fisheries farming as they can be easily waned from govt support in a phased manner or time frame. We used to have NAMBOARD whose role was well defined,…

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