Zambia’s first President Dr.Kenneth Kaunda has died

First Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda

Zambia’s first Republican President, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda has passed away, his son Kambarange Kaunda confirmed.
“…I’m sad to inform, we have lost “Mzee”.Let’s pray for him…” Kambarange said.

Dr.Kaunda was 97 years old. He was admitted to the Maina Soko Military hospital earlier this week.

Dr.Kenneth Kaunda was first the President of Zambia from 1964 to 1991. He was at the forefront of the struggle for independence from British rule and one of the pioneer leaders of a new Africa, as countries threw off colonialism in favour of independent statehood. Dissatisfied with Harry Nkumbula’s leadership of the Northern Rhodesian African National Congress, he broke away and founded the Zambian African National Congress, later becoming the head of the United National Independence Party (UNIP) to become the first President of Independent Zambia at the age of 40.

Music had been a life-long passion for Kenneth Kaunda from the time he was a teenager in Chinsali when he discovered the guitar.On his lonely assignments to drum up support for independence, the lanky young man spotting a Zonk-hair cut would ride long distances with a guitar slung across his shoulder. He would hold meetings and sing to his audience his own compositions.When he ascended to power, it was a common feature to see him strum his guitar singing a patriotic song or a love to song dedicated to his late wife Betty. A song Zambians will fondly remember Dr.Kaunda by is “Tiyende Pamodzi nimu ntima umo” which is a song of unity.

In a statement UPND President Hakainde Hichilema said we have learned with deep sorrow, of the death of Zambia’s first President and our founding father, Dr Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda. He passed away peacefully in Lusaka today, after a short illness. We express our deepest condolences to the Kaunda family during their bereavement and pray for strength as they come to terms with this sad loss. Bashikulu KK will be sorely missed by all Zambians and the rest of the people on the African continent. Rest in peace gallant son of Africa.


  1. Rest in peace, KK. You ran your race. We’ll remain forever grateful for the role you played in liberating our country from colonial rule.

  2. Simply LEGEND! Go well and thank you for giving us an identity. We should celebrate this hero by declaring a public holiday on his birthday.

  3. The sage of Zambia is no more. He’s the last of the 4 Chinsali childhood friends who participated in the liberation struggle: Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, Robert Speedwell Kapasa Makasa and Malama Sokoni. They were all influenced by the Church of Scotland teachings. Chinsali will mourn its most famous son and Zambians will join them to ensure that he gets a befitting send-off. He did his best to fashion a nation without a manual on how to go about it.

  4. A big tree has fallen! KK a well respected states man in Africa & across the globe. A true leader who united Zambia under an umbrella of One Zambia One Nation. Leader who left office without self enrichment. Current leadership has alot to learn from the father of the Nation. Till we meet again RIP ?

  5. God why? RIP father of the nation. You did a lot for us all and for that we will ever be grateful. In your honour I have forgiven all those who wronged me, including our friends in opposition and I ask that anyone offended by me forgives him. Let us show appreciation by practicing one zambia one nation.

  6. God rest his soul HE Kenneth Kaunda,Zambia’s 1st President and forefather, Sincere condolences to all the Family and people of Zambia??From The Bridges Family in the UK ?? May he have eternal peace, One Zambia One Nation ??

  7. 3 years chabe 3 shy of a Century years old. I was actually praying that he hits that mark and I was to folloe suit.
    One of the last if not the last of those great tip top freedom fighters that managed to make Southern Africa the way it is. He shaped Southern Africa.
    He gave alot to all Nigga countries surrounding Zambia. He dug our copper and used the proceeds to help liberate our neighbors. He was one of his type and incomparable under the sun.
    KK was fun through out to his death. He was and still will be the greatest Africa ever put to bed. God gave us for 27yrs he ruled, God has taken. What a selfless individual.

  8. The only Zambian President that I know….i left Zambia when he was still President…may his Soul Rest in peace

  9. The only Zambian President that I know..i left Zambia when he was still President…He didn’t start Politics because he was the richest and felt entitled to rule Zambia like HH nor did he amass wealth like bandit President Edward Chagwa Lungu…MHSRIP

  10. @Anonymous-Let us mourn KK and give him the respect he deserves. Those attacks on ECL are below the belt, just like the way people like you destroyed FTJs name. Every president must be respected as each one plays their part. Umucinshi chikankala.

  11. Rest in peace big man, ‘ba mudala’ ba KK. At least you educated a lot of Zambians who have made it in life today. You also cared so much for the health of the nation. Yours was a success in terms of the values you gave to Education & Health.

  12. It is with deep sorrow that we have learned about the passing on of our dear father and the First President of the Republic of Zambia. He liberated our country from colonialism and led our country for 37 years. We are praying for the family he has left behind to find peace and strength in God. I strongly believe that Zambians and other nationalities are sharing their grief at the loss of this great son of Africa.

  13. @Zambian Citizen…the truth hurts…..i will vote for Dr Kenneth Kaunda a million times before I cast a single vote for entitled Politician HH and Bandit President Edward Chagwa Lungu….Zambia was a much better country when Kaunda was President…we were fooled by FTJ….

  14. Tikki you are one of 7 billion people on earth. So thank you . I am sure others will rise above your hate. Thank you for your message regardless

  15. My president, I salute you ! Rest in Peace…… you will be missed.
    One Zambia ….One Nation! Amen.

  16. @15 Zambian Citizen
    I have no kind words for fake Politicians who’s main interest is to amass wealth and cause suffering for million Zambians….am mourning Dr Kaunda….but I can still vent my anger towards greedy and entitled Politicians….KK had a heart for Zambia…unless you don’t know Zambian Politics…look at DR Kaunda’s first cabinet and you will know the true definition of One Zambia one Nation…Tiyende Pamodzi…

  17. Thank you Dr Kaunda for uniting the Zambians through the one Zambia one nation slogan. If indeed incarnation is for real, then in my next incarnation, I’d be happy to have you as my President again. May your Soul Rest In Peace Bashi Panji.

  18. My initial instinct (I don’t care what anyone thinks) when I heard the news, was; why wasn’t he protected and looked after in a way that would not have put him at risk of Covid? He was 97 but healthy and fit – with a few people around to look after him. He wasn’t up and about – but got infected. Sad.

  19. At least KK lived his remaining life with dignity and humility. The man showed no lavishness nor boasting of being wealthy unlike the corrupt thief who has amassed billions in 7 years.

  20. Go well KK MYSRIEP… I said it not so long ago, those of you who took my words casually as mare ranting, now you believe. I said it, that God will allow Kaunda to depart and then there will be healing and cleansing in the land, once this process has taken place, there would then be a change of government whether you like it or not, you supporters of PF please get it… It’s not about EDGAR LUNGU or HH or MMembe, etc, It’s about God allowing his will to be done in the land of Zambia. For far too long we the people of Zambia have endured a curse, and God has heard the cries from the land of Zambia, and has remembered his people . To you PF let me be honest with you, If you think that I’m just hallucinating watch this space, you will soon agree with me even in disagreement, that indeed…

  21. Dr Kenneth Kaunda has Run a good race and fought a good fight for our beloved continent, My condolences to the family. MHSRIP!

  22. Mzee Kaunda R.I.P you did great .The independence era leaders Jomo Kenyatta,Nyerere ,Azikiwe,Toure ,Kamuzu and Lumumba you outlasted them all.

  23. Rest in Peace Great one.
    I was praying you would stay with us to see Zambia emerge from the current state of despair.

  24. THANK YOU … For what you gave Zambia. A true leader who put the nation’s interest first and fought tirelessly for other nations to get Independence.

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