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African Development Bank approves $1.4 million grant to improve household food security in the wake of Covid-19

Economy African Development Bank approves $1.4 million grant to improve household food security...

The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank has approved a $1.4 million grant from the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program to reduce malnutrition among Zambia’s most vulnerable households.

The Mitigating Impacts of Covid-19 on Household Food Security Project will create about 150 permanent skilled or semi-skilled positions and 40 part-time unskilled jobs in crop, livestock and fisheries value chains.

The project will supply inputs for crops, livestock and aquaculture enterprises to promote good agricultural practices and increase food production. There will also be a capacity building component.

“The agriculture sector is an important source of livelihoods, employment and GDP in Zambia. Increased food supply resulting from additional grant funds will lead to more jobs, improved quality of life, and reduction of malnutrition in many impacted communities,” said Martin Fregene, African Development Bank Director of Agriculture and Agro-industry.

The project provides supplementary funds to the ongoing Agriculture Productivity and Market Enhancement Project, a $32 million grant-funded initiative also from the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program, which has been managed by the Bank in the Sinazongwe, Gwembe, Chongwe, Rufunsa, Serenje and Chitambo districts of Zambia over the past five years.

Global Agriculture and Food Security Program administrators said the six districts were selected based on poverty levels, food insecurity and malnutrition prevalence.

However, with this funding and program, these districts have the potential for economic growth, and to promote crop diversification. Some 5,000 people, including 3,750 women and 1,000 youth, will benefit.

Some 5,000 people will also benefit indirectly along the commodity value chains.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, Zambia has implemented bold measures to protect the health and economic well-being of its citizens.

These steps included a nationwide program to scale up agricultural diversification.

The Bank’s Covid-19 Response Facility launched in 2020 has been a lifeline to member governments by providing resources to tackle the pandemic.

“The facility will consolidate the Bank’s support for Zambia’s economic diversification and impact mitigation against Covid-19,” said Mary Monyau, the Bank’s Country Manager in Zambia.

The Zambian project is in line with the Bank’s High 5 strategic priorities, specifically, Feed Africa, Industrialize Africa, and Improve the quality of life for the people of Africa. Similar Bank projects have been successfully undertaken in Malawi, Niger, Liberia, Senegal and the Gambia.

The Global Agriculture and Food Security Program was established as a response to the 2008/09 world food price crisis, following a commitment by the Group of 8 nations (G8) in September 2009 to mobilize up to $20 billion for agricultural development and food security.

The World Bank supervises about half of the project portfolio of the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program.

The African Development Bank managed about a quarter in December 2019, and the International Fund for Agricultural Development, 11%.


  1. How exactly will this money be spent after the country has just announced a bumper harvest? How come there’s hunger whn there should be so much food to go round? Will it be income support to the unemployed so that they buy food? Will it be to create jobs so that people hv the means to buy food themselves?

  2. That’s 1.4 million dollars in the pocket of the most unproductive and corrupt PF government and its thieving president Edgar China Lungu!

  3. SENDS emissaries to Egypt ???
    Knowing this Government is a stranger to the truth I doubt that very much
    the truth shall be revealed in the near future i’m sure,
    While this is not the subject we still need to know

  4. Meanwhile Lazy Lungu uses such amounts as pocket change on his weekend visits around the country to bribe voters

  5. Rumour monger’s are always suspicious. Busy tracking the aeroplane to find some gossip. And when they hear of a bank cheque, their eyes pop out wishing for money to be theirs when it’s for retouching agrarian programmes

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