Ivanka Bianca unveils ‘On a mission’ music video


Ivanka Bianca released the music video for ‘On a mission’ , that features Bow Chase. ‘On a mission’ is a hip-hop song talking about ones hustle on the way to making it in life. The video was directed by Ivanca Bianca and Fern. Shot by Ryan Sinyangwe & Fern media.


  1. THis so demonic and a mockery of God. This woman is displaying the signs of the devil with her hand and horns. We are no longer blind to the work of the devil through musicians to pass on demons to those that end up listening to their music. I condemn this mission may it fail woefully in Jesus name.

  2. We are in mourning and someone decides it’s a good time to release this nonsense. This kind of lack of situational awareness is not only disrespectful but shows a lack of basic decency.

  3. I highly recommend that people view this video on YouTube. It exposes what Freemasonry really is and the witchcraft behind it. It also tells you the signs like what this woman is showing that identifies them with satanic worship. I encourage Lusaka Times to watch and post this video so people can see for themselves who these people are in our mudflat in politics high society and music. The YouTube video is. X Factor winner reveals secret religion.

  4. LT, with due respect, remove this heresy from your sight.
    This presentation is insensitive and disrespectful to someone’s religious beliefs above.

  5. Thank you for posting the comment on the recommended video. Once people watch it for themselves they will see for themselves how this satanic cult called Freemasons is really witchcraft and exposes people that have sold their souls to the devil to serve him in taking power and ruling over people. It will immediately expose the top civil servant, an activist lecturer and activist musician as being part of this cult. Many others surround them locally and internationally by association.

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