KK icon of peace – Prof Luo

Professor Nkandu Luo
Professor Nkandu Luo

Patriotic Front (PF) running mate, Nkandu Luo says the demise of first republican president, Kenneth Kaunda is a loss to Zambia when the country needed him most as he was an icon of peace.

Professor Luo said this today when she signed in the book of condolence of the late first republican president at the funeral house in State Lodge.

Professor Luo said Dr Kaunda was a pillar of peace that the nation looked up to whenever in need of wisdom and guidance in running affairs of the country.

She noted that the only way the nation can honour him is to stop perpetuating violence and promote peace in the country.

“We can honor the father of the nation by promoting peace, and stop acts of violence, this is the only way we can say thank you to him,” Ms Luo advised.

She added that the late leader always sacrificed himself for others and helped in the liberation of so many nations in the Southern African region.

“We cannot talk about liberation of the country and many other nations in Africa without mentioning Dr Kenneth Kaunda, he was the father of the nation, and fought our freedom,” she said.

Professor Luo lamented that the loss is not only for Zambia but the entire southern African region and the world over as Dr Kaunda played a huge role in the fight for independence.

Dr Kaunda died yesterday at 14:30 hours after a short illness at Main Soko Military Hospital in Lusaka.


  1. Ba chimona, he educated you, but you refuse and your party refuse to educate other people’s children. Shameful, you better start packing, your time is up

  2. PF your time is up ,even the late KK has left you with a curse so as he exits the world stage also PF will exit plot 1.

  3. Dr Kenneth Kaunda was reverred as an international statesman who pursued peace, justice and equality for all people’s. His unrelenting engagement against apartheid and Portugals fascism helped topple both Somoza and Vorster against the backdrop of the fiery voice of reason. Yet allowed Ian Smith to freely roam our skies while ZAF was grounded. Impervious to intellectual political discourse led to subsequent autocratic machinations that will cruelly be pinned to his legacy. Nevertheless, we owe him many thanks and must move forward with the lessons learnt. RIP

  4. Says the most urgly woman in Zambia twined with meno meno’s @sshole…. Urgly more than the word itself

  5. Profoundly rude, unethical, demeaning, narcistic and pure ignorance that you unfairly attribute to your mother and sisters. It is one thing to put forth a critique, yet another to display your total ignorance by launching an assault on women. I do not know her, or her policies, yet I find it offensive that YOU, think have the right to denigrate women. Perpetuating this narrative about women, is wrong ! You did it with Dora and others. You are so hollow, get a life! Curtail tribal biases, advocate for girls all over the country to aspire,. be what they can be in Math, Science, tech, Med, etc. Put your focus on real issues, maybe if they fail they can f.. ank you later! There are greater issued sir.

  6. In what capacity is Ngoshe Luo Mukote speaking? Luo’s government has already disappointed Zambian culture by shunning announcement of KK death… It is too late to correct.

  7. We will for ever remember Super Ken for his personal sacrifice and contribution to mother Zambia, Liberation of Southern Africa and global peace efforts such as intervention of border dispute between Kenya and Somalia, in Collaboration with Julius Nyerere and other factions Kicking out Idi Amin from power in Uganda, Biafra War, We are still researching on the good and bad side of the UNIP Regime. This will be to make a good account of his strictly public life. How he handled the UNITA /MPL situation in Angola, Mobotu, How he dealt with the British on the issue of majority rule in Rhodesia and South Africa. Super Ken was huge figure on the global stage and how he handled the Israel / Arab 1973 War, Sadaam Hussein and Iraq down fall. The situation of the Zambian economy between 1964 and…

  8. ECL and PF must learn something from the passing of Dr. Kaunda. That no matter how you can take advantage of people, your time will come when people will rebel and revolt against you as we did against KK and UNIP in 1986 riots and in 1991 to usher in a new democracy.
    Nonetheless KK helped most of us to become who we are now ( free education). KK was made for Zambia and Zambia made him. We continue to mourn.

    So to PF and its leader, your time is up sooner rather than later. August 12 is good bye. Twanaka naimwe ba mambala imwe. This time people are voting for HH period. I can see, forsee and I can feel it too.

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