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KK’s death global loss-President Lungu

Feature Politics KK’s death global loss-President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu greats Zambia’s First Republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda during the celebration of his 97th Birthday at his residence in Lusaka
has described the late Zambian First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda as an iconic Pan-Africanist and a global statesman.

And President Lungu has observed that the death of Dr Kaunda is not only a loss to Zambia, but the entire Africa and the world at large.

The Head of State says Dr Kaunda will always remain cardinal in Zambia’s history because of the significant role he played during the liberation struggle of Zambia from the colonial masters.

ZANIS reports that President Lungu said this when he visited the funeral house of the late Dr Kunda to offer his message of comfort to the bereaved family and sign the book of condolences.

President Lungu stressed that Dr Kaunda’s ideas of humanitarianism, founded upon his strong Christian values, defined his leadership qualities.

“I call on Zambians to celebrate the life of the First President by holding firmly and embracing the one Zambia one nation slogan as a basis for the nation to forge ahead,” President Lung stated.

“Let us keep Dr. Kaunda alive in our hearts and our deeds. Let the life led by Dr Kaunda shape our destiny and remain indelible in our identity as people,” President Lungu urged Zambians.

President Lungu further said Dr Kaunda, projected noble ideas on the international stage while seeking the best for mankind.

And family Representative, Tiliyenji Kaunda thanked President Lungu and the nation as a whole for the support that has been rendered to the family especially during these trying times.

Mr. Tilyenji Kaunda who is also Dr Kaunda’s son, said his father’s legacy was premised on peace and love and should continue to live on.

He assured that the family will remain united and continue preaching peace and love that Dr Kaunda preached about.

“He has left an example of his life, his motto was love and peace for one another. As a family, we will try to emulate his steps because peace and love is the foundation of everything,” Mr. Kaunda indicated.

He thanked the health personnel at Maina Solo Medical Centre for their efforts to save the late President’s life but that it was time for him to rest.

Mr. Kaunda added that the family was grateful to God for sustaining their hero with 97 years on earth adding that he lived a productive life.

President Lungu was accompanied by First Lady Esther Lungu who committed the bereaved family in prayer.

Mrs Lungu prayed for continued peace in the family and the nation at large.

Officials that visited the funeral house were Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet Patrick Kangwa, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary, Amos Malupenga, Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) National Coordinator, Chanda Kabwe and Patriotic Front (pf) National Chairperson, Ngonga Mukupa among other government officials.

President Lungu’s message of condolences read: To KK our father, you have run your good race, we are proud of you by celebrating your life. We will emulate you.

Dr Kaunda, Zambia’s First Republican President, passed away peacefully yesterday June 17th, 2021, at Maina Soko Medical Centre in Lusaka.

Commonly known as KK, ruled Zambia for 27 years from 1964 to 1991, he died at the age of 97.


  1. What global loss the man did hid best during his time and came a point time when no one could take his advices anymore Edgar Lungu included?

    97 years is not joke perhaps I should ask one of his closest family members to give me the recipe for longevity.

    RIP KK!

  2. And yet you couldn’t even announce his passing yourself or suspend your foolish campaigns for an illegal third term. When you die we will get President Muliokela to announce your demise, mambala number one Jameson wena!

  3. That’s f a k e news using old pictures, He should say it on National Television, like Thabo Mbeki, Cyril Ramaposa and Leaders across Africa . Has he even gone to the funeral house yet or is he still dizzy in a foreign hospital?

  4. “President Lungu stressed that Dr Kaunda’s ideas of humanitarianism, founded upon his strong Christian values, defined his leadership qualities”

    The above quoted could have been correct if “strong Christian values” was substituted with “strong satanic values” because that’s what Mr. Kaunda was, a Satanist. Any one remember David Kaunda Temple at state house? Do Christians operate temples?

    Perhaps it’s not appropriate time to say such things about the departed former dictator but I felt I should rebut immediately the insinuation that KK was a Christian, he wasn’t.

  5. Shameful, go on TV and share the grief with Zambians. Listen to Julius Malema’s poem ending in ‘KK mulale muchibote’ and yet no word from the person who is a great beneficiary of the sacrifices of KK

  6. We put it in God’s hand.

    Mzambia f00Is like you with no respect, die young. You won’t live long with that attitude. I can promise you that

  7. Hello, I have been struggling with something colleagues. I love HH so much that I wouldn’t mind him become my president when time comes. My fear is that there are certain tribes and personalities behind him who seem to be so bitter and aggressive, who might not respect other citizens when HH comes to power( my only fear). It’s this fear and experience with certain colleagues that makes me hesitant to change the current govt. Sorry but i feel every tribe has its own traits & certain traits may not be good for all of us. I don’t know friends how best to express myself on this. I am not tribal, infact I live with Bemba, lozi & Tonga under the same roof. Just a concern friends.

  8. Seriously the failure by ECL to address the nation on the death of KK is an epic failure. If and when it does happen, it will be coming too late. Also it does not take 4-5 days to plan a national funeral….dont give us excuses. We want to hear sooner than later that a programme is in place. Be mindful many international dignitaries will want to attend KK’s funeral. Don’t embarrass us. How befitting if the new KK airport was already operational…but as will everything it is running months behind schedule.


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