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President Lungu urges political players to emulate late KK

Headlines President Lungu urges political players to emulate late KK

President Edgar Lungu has called on political players to emulate the late First President Kenneth Kaunda in upholding peace and unity especially ahead of the polls this year.

President Lungu recalled how late President Kenneth Kaunda joked about how the presidential position was challenging but that his leadership was inspiring and worth emulating.

Speaking in an interview at Dr. Kaunda’s funeral house, President Lungu said that it was a turning point for the country especially when various political players are competing for political leadership ahead of the 2021 general elections.

The Head of State urged political parties to reflect on the legacy and learn from the late President while sourcing for support from the Zambians.

In an effort to bring the best in the country, President Lungu indicated that politicians need to turn to God for guidance and move in the right direction.

He added that the only way to mourn Dr. Kaunda was to emulate him by picking a few things from his leadership and life.

“There are no exact words that can describe this man because he meant so many things to many of us, but for the majority of Zambians he meant a unit of love and peace in the country. So those of us that aspire to lead the country, let us emulate him,” President Lungu indicated.

He urged the nation to mourn the late President within the confines of adhering to the COVID-19 regulations, stating that the country has continued to record increased cases and deaths due to the pandemic.

President Lungu with Panji Kaunda, the first son of the late President Dr Kenneth Kaunda
President Lungu with Panji Kaunda, the first son of the late President Dr Kenneth Kaunda

Meanwhile, Democratic Party Presidential candidate Harry Kalaba noted that Dr. Kaunda as father of the nation left a legacy to build on.

Mr. Kalaba said that it was critical for Zambians to live by the one Zambia one nation motto which the late President initiated hence mourning him should bring people together regardless of their political affiliation.

“Dr. Kaunda knew no political parties that he belonged to and therefore in a period like this, what should bring us together is the love that he had for humanity.

He noted that the country continues to enjoy the peace and tranquility that Dr. Kaunda had for the country to safeguard what he preached.

He explained that Zambia is one of the eight countries in Africa that has never experienced a civil strife as a result of Dr. Kaunda’s message of love and goodwill.

President Lungu with First lady at the Funeral House of the Late President Kenneth Kaunda
President Lungu with First lady at the Funeral House of the Late President Kenneth Kaunda

And The African National Congress of South Africa (ANC) says it has learned with great sadness, the news of the passing of Kenneth Kaunda, the founding president of the republic of Zambia.

ANC has since described Dr. Kaunda’s death as a sad moment for South Africa and Africa as a whole.

ANC national spokesperson Pule Mabe, said the late Dr. Kaunda is a giant of the liberation struggle of South Africa who held a special place in the hearts of the movement, the country and the South African people.

Mr. Mabe said the gesture by Dr. Kaunda to open up Zambia as a home and headquarters of the ANC for over 30 years, was a demonstration of his belief that Zambia would not be free until sister countries on the continent that were still under colonial oppression were also free.

He added that the story of the liberation of Southern Africa would be incomplete without full acknowledgement of the central role played by Zambia and late president Kaunda.

Mr. Mabe noted that Zambia’s hosting of the ANC and other liberation movements including, FRELIMO of Mozambique, MPLA of Angola, ZAPU, ZANU of Zimbabwe and SWAPO of Namibia to conduct their struggles against colonialism and apartheid, came at a huge price for Zambia as the country’s economy was sabotaged, with clear intent of discouraging the Zambians from supporting the liberation movements.

“Dr. Kaunda was a great friend of our President Oliver Tambo with whom he worked to advance the struggle for freedom, at the ANC’s first national conference inside the country in 1991 and President Tambo related his gratitude to President Kaunda for his support when he suffered a stroke,” he said.

He further described the late Dr. Kaunda as a great internationalist, supporter and chairman of the Non-Aligned Movement from 1970-1973.

Mr. Mabe noted KK, as he was fondly known, had run his race and fought a good fight hence will be remembered for his humility, humanism, kindness, dedication to peace, the fight against HIV and AIDS and recently his dedication to the fight against the Covid-19.

“Dr. Kenneth Kaunda is the pride of the African continent, like his peers Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Agostinho Neto, Oliver Tambo, Nelson Mandela and a many others, their selflessness must inspire us to continue the struggle for an Africa that is free of landlessness, poverty and human suffering,” he said.

He has since extended the ANC’s deepest condolences to the Kaunda family, the Zambian government and all the people of Zambia.

President Lungu with First lady at the Funeral House of the Late President Kenneth Kaunda
President Lungu with First lady at the Funeral House of the Late President Kenneth Kaunda

Meanwhile, the death of Zambia’s founding president Kenneth Kaunda leaves an indelible mark on the history of the country and the growth of the labour movement in Zambia, Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) Secretary General has said.

Mr. Cosmas Mukuka said the union learnt of Dr. Kaunda’s passing with deep sorrow and regret.

Mr. Mukuka said Dr. Kaunda contributed immensely to the establishment of a strong ZCTU through an Act of Parliament, appointment of the executive board for the organization and donating the organization’s first vehicle for ease of mobilization activities.

He noted that it was during the reign of Dr. Kaunda and his desire for a strong labour movement that ZCTU grew into a strong crusade as his government organised members into unions, thereby enabling to turn ZCTU into a strong and effective organization of influence and impact.

“Through government intervention, the ZCTU constitution demanded for one union, one industry and workers automatically became union members immediately they joined an institution as an employee,” he said.

He further said Dr. Kaunda, who through his untiring efforts tried to unite the country, will be remembered as father of the nation by all Zambians, sought to unite the country under the ‘One Zambia; One Nation’ motto.

Mr. Mukuka added that the movement would also remember Dr. Kaunda as a dedicated pan-Africanist and a political hero who played a crucial role in the liberation of southern African countries and ending colonial rule in Africa.


  1. Why can’t Lungu show himself live on TV like other Africans paying tributes to former President Dr Kennth Kaunda are doing? Is he in coma or still dizzy??

  2. Why can’t Lungu show himself live on TV like other African presidents paying tributes to former president Dr Kenneth Kaunda are doing? Is he in coma or still dizzy??

  3. Walk the Talk Mr President. U are the Commander in Chief so tell your PF Security Wing to stop perpetrating violence against Opposition Supporters. Withdraw all your Militias whom u have deployed in all Townships and the Streets to stop provoking Opposition Parties for a fight. The fish rots from the head downwards Mr President. Restrain your PF Cadres, thugs, Militias and Vigilantes so that we have violent free Elections in honour of KK our founding father. U must emulate KK in calling for “One Zambia One Nation “. We urge u!

  4. Edgar China Lungu is mourning the first president of the country, while he is responsible for his death: KK was never given a Covid-19 shot, while 97 years old and in the risk group of catching the virus. And now he is DEAD from Corona!

  5. Why can’t Lungu show himself live on TV like other African presidents paying tributes to former president Dr Kenneth Kaunda are doing? Is he in coma or still dizzy??


  7. This should start with u Mr President. Walk the Talk and disband your PF Security Wing which is perpetrating violence against Opposition Supporters. Remove PF Militias and Vigilantes from the Townships who are causing all this Violence. Charity begins at home Mr President.

  8. Very wise words by our president. Those with ears and eyes will listen . Those who think with their tribe will as usual argue and criticize. This is what ignorance can do. No matter how far the upnd diasporans move to, they remain ignorant and tribal.

  9. They start by telling us that Zambia is inflating Covid19 statistics; that there actually is no corona virus; that government is weaponising the disease and no need banning rallies or closing schools. If KK died of Covid19, a none prevalent disease in Zambia, is a paradox even worse that he was killed by an invisible hand!

  10. You are at a funeral, stop misusing it as a platform to attack your opponents, iwe ECL! You are just exposing yourself.
    The say, the fish smells from its head !
    If you are NOT doing what you preach, your words are worthless, and it’s illusional to expect others opposition leaders to do what you want, without you doing the same as the incubent leader

  11. There is the absentee President who is afraid of addressing the nation…what a shame he wants to give us 5 more years of this mediocrity. Where is his Press secretary?


  13. This man in the name of Lungu is a disgrace. I wish he would speak to himself before he speaks to the nation.

  14. Why are people keep asking Lungu to appear on TV, Do you want what happen last week on freedom statue to happen again? The man is not 100% health, remember that was the second time for the president fall. Thats show that the man is not health!

  15. This man called ECL must learn to council himself before he could extend his council to those who need it less.He doesn’t connect his brain to his mouth or walking his talk in short.He just talks for the sake of talking so that people like KZ can hear the rubbish and say mudala nalaanda nonsense!
    Next time you try to advice the nation or your fellow political opponents try to speak in front of a mirror glass while looking at yourself how you open your mouth whether its necessary or not.

  16. @FutureZed

    He will get a modest befitting send off. 21 day on 21 gun mortar thundering salute.
    Why do you sound apprehensive? Don’t forget he is a tourist attraction himself. His memory will live longer than his age of 97 years. KK needs our cheers

  17. Lungu never means what he says. In fact his actions are always the opposite of what he says. What shameful fool.

  18. First enactment of the next parliament after the August 12 elections is Kenneth Buchizya Kaunda Memorial Day and to be a national holiday as no one will ever substitute the work and contribution of KK!

  19. At every funeral except for the deceased’s family the genuine heartfelt mourning is borne by the common people. For many among the affluent it’s crocodile posturing! KK indeed ran his race and offered counsel in his private life from politics! All successive presidents had clear understanding of where KK stood on issues of national harmony thus his ‘Humanism’ policy, One Zambia One Nation slogan and close to the national anthem the “Tiyende pamodzi ndi mutima umo!” rendition. Those calling out ECL to “silence is golden” should not be vilified for the befitting funeral may not be accorded!

  20. Very long discourse. The take away from KK’s disciplined march through life is: He knew when to call it in. He worked hard to rise above partisan politics. He allowed Opposition to have space when multiparty politics was ushered in. Most importantly he overcame polarization and became an all-encompassing statesman who was sought after long after he had left power. This is what politicians in the country including the incumbent should emulate.

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