UNIP President Bishop Musonda Trevor Selwyn Mwamba remembering KK


UNIP President, Bishop Musonda Trevor Selwyn Mwamba features on the round table talk, Remembering Kenneth David Kaunda Edition with Nakiwe Simpungwe.


  1. I can never trust a man with a collar as a Politician its like missing oil and water….just look at that smooth talking fraudster Bishop Chomba yesterday he was PS today he is standing on PF ticket.

  2. Shameful Bishop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go back to the word of God and leave politics alone. KK is died so as UNIP is history, stop wasting that energy which you are suppose to use for God’s work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mambilima is dead, so who will speak at KK funeral??? Inonge is sobbing too much on death of her husband friend KK, she has lost voice.friend
    What! Luo to give speech at KK , are you styupid?

  4. KK was a man of his word…and though they demonized him in 90….called him old munshunfwa…todaythey are tripping all over themselves to be seen to mourn the most

  5. The resurgence of the Chinese economy has proved wrong those chaps that told us that only a free market economy can thrive. This is a good ground for UNIP to use as a launch pad to its come back to be a serious contender in our elections. Fred M’membe is trying to fill in that void. So Bwana Trevor if you try to thrive on KK’s legacy you’re bound to fail. There are many people that want to interact with UNIP but they don’t where to start from. Don’t be like Tilyenji who spent the whole of his politics managing UNIP assets. Come out of your cocoon and interact with the people, you don’t know how much support UNIP has. Soon people will be crying to have UNIP back into power

  6. Ayatollah – China is one of most capitalist country out there dont be blinded by communists facade…really laughable.

  7. I still remember Bishop Abel Muzerewa how his shortlived govt called Rhodesia -Zimbabwe killed a lot freedom fighter inside Rhodesia and In Zambia and Mozambique. I never expected the Rhodesian Air Force to fly at that far into Angola, North Western Province, Zambia near Mahemba Refuge Camp to bomb camps in broad day light. Who can trust a color man with political power? Even today we have been deceived by declared Zambia a CHRISTIAN NATION but what goes on the ground one can’t believe it. Its completely the difference. Only those in power and a selected few clergy see REAL Christianity.

  8. China has established its own capitalism. Its not what the West would want to see but it works for the communist -capitalists of Beijing. Who says everything we do should follow Western paths along the anus? Invent your own ideology. Thats why Africa is a failure because all its citizens know is to parrot others.

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