Finland funds project on use of human waste as manure


The Finish government is set to spend 1.3 million Euros on a project that will use human excreta as manure for agriculture under the Zambia Dry Sanitation Country Project.

Zambia Dry Sanitation Country Project Program Manager Sari Laurila said Finland is conducting fecal matter research after which the program will be done at a larger and commercial scale if the research results will be favourable.

Ms. Laurila disclosed that once the research report is done it will be availed to Zambia through the line ministry.

She was speaking when she paid a courtesy call on Copperbelt Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe today.

Meanwhile, Copperbelt Province Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe expressed confidence that the Dry Sanitation Project will be successful as it is also being researched on in Finland.

He noted that once implemented farmers in Zambia can have an alternative form of manure.

Zambia Dry Sanitation Country Project has initiated pilot projects in Ndola, Luanshya and Mpongwe on the use of human excreta as a form of manure to be used in agriculture.


  1. Lusaka people have been using human excreta as manure for agriculture for many years already. Just go to garden compound, the whole area smells like a pit latrine! They grow vegetables in the sewage and sell them all over Lusaka

  2. But it already is. Lusaka Water and Sewerage Co sells treated human waste as manure. Wht’s there to research?

  3. Do we need ‘Finnished’ money to do this really? What is wrong with us Zambians? This is so basic Science that it is done in Kenyan villages without a single dollar from donors!

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